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Would Dragon Ball Super been better if it happened after the ten year time skip?

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  • Would Dragon Ball Super been better if it happened after the ten year time skip?

    Don't get me wrong, my dudes, but even tho I like Super

    The fact that Goku and company are fine after 10 years while super happens during it just kills the tension. So, do y'all think it would have been better if Super was after the time skip?

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    Yes, I think it would've been a lot better. It would've been great to see adult Goten and Trunks too.


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      With Oob there... maybe. Maybe. I dunno, to be honest. It could've been worse for all I know.

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      "Just us, monsters."


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        Yeah, probably. Toriyama said it took place during this time because this was apparently when everyone was the strongest. But that isn't necessarily true either.


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          it never had tension to begin with. but we all covered whether it was good or not long ago.

          but if there is one thing they did right with super was placing it before uub appearance, why ? because its important to tell the story of how they got to that point before telling the story of what happened after.
          when dragon ball z ended, we were told it was all complete peace for 10 years until goku too uub and left. but we dont know why or how in the blue hell goku decided he wants to be a teacher or where would he take uub. how did he even know of his existence. super is apparently placing the seeds for that new chapter to begin.
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            The Oob chapters were left open-ended in terms of power. All we know is that Goku was impressed with Oob's raw display of power which means he's *probably* close to Pure Boo in power. He still acknowledged that the kid needed training. I think it's fine that Super takes place in the 10 year gap, we don't need another GT. What I did not like was that they skipped 5 years entirely for the sake of introducing Pan and Bulla as characters, it really shows how rushed it is and how whack the power-scaling is because of it.


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              There's no guarantee of a post-ending series having the kind of consequentialism or cast originality that some fans are hoping for. While it would leave the door open to such a possibility, plus Uub would have a greater chance of being made into a viable fighter, my opinion is that fine folk at Toei would likely feel inclined to continue producing content that they feel is more "safe" and marketable.