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Should Super Adopt GT Concepts?

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  • Should Super Adopt GT Concepts?

    They already redid Broly.

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    Broly is pretty much rolling with a reimagined ssj4.

    I'd definitely bring back bebi, I'd probably not have him take vegeta tho. This story and character does not need much changed, he is by far one of the best villains. I'd also throw in Hatchyack into the fry.

    I'd definitely bring back the shadow dragons only 4 tho. But I'd have it be Salama behind it since he created them. I'd have him corrupt the super dragonballs which in turn corrupts U7 namik dragonballs, U7 earth dragonballs, and U6 Namik dragonballs. The reason for this is because they are fragments of the super dragonballs. In the end the main dragon reabsorbs it's lost pieces of itself becoming stronger.

    I would not do super 17, but if I did android anything I'd have cell return to absorb 17 and 18, unlocking some weird mutation of Golden and God/blue mixed form.

    no kid goku. I'd actually make pan similar to caulifa but friendlier like her grandpa, I'd have her inherit the ultimate form.

    I'd have Majin buu unlock Uubs Majin powers within him, which would give him the powers and body of a Majin. He would still look like uub he wouldn't turn pink, just his body acts like buu.

    I'd replace rildo with Bojack.

    I'd have it span U6 and 7, like how they traveled the galaxy in GT in search of the black star balls, they would be looking for Super dragonballs, say some villian Bojack, bebi or whoever destroyed the two set of U7 balls, so they need SDB to wish there's back. Say they try U6 Namik ones but it's beyond that dragons power.