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If You Could Change Anything About GT...

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  • If You Could Change Anything About GT...

    What would it be?

    Honestly, I would omit the Super #17 Arc.

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    Preferably erase it from existence along with Super.

    But if I had to rewrite it, I'd kill Goku off with the wish that originally turned him into a child. Goku's story already ended with him defeating Boo and he became a Roshi-like figure who wants to raise and train the next generation, no need to sour all of that by turning that into Goku Time. I'd instead get Piccolo in on the journey to gather the BSDBs since it was technically his fault that the balls came into existence. Other than that, I'd also get rid of the Super 17 arc and expand the scale of the Shadow Dragons arc to cover all of the universe, including corrupting the Namekian Dragon Balls so that the heroes don't just have a get out of jail free card in case they lose.


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      Yeah, I would also make Goten, Trunks, Oob, Pan, and Bulla all the main characters. I would turn Bulla into a fighter too.


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        I would make it canon.


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          I think the pacing of the series could have been done better, most notably the Super 17 arc. I suppose you could just try to omit the entire saga, like someone else said earlier. However, if you have to have it, I think it would be best for it to be more of a fleshed out saga, because to me it felt about as significant as the Garlic Jr storyline in the anime of DBZ. I think with another set of changes GT could have certainly been more of a celebrated series and such.


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            The Garlic Junior Saga was far better than Super #17 though, and it was even better than GT, and by extension Super.


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              imho its perfect i wouldnt change anything about it.


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                Yeah, I'm normally the kind of reader and watcher of Manga and Anime that wouldn't change a single thing about the source material. But like I said in the opening post, I would only omit the Super #17 Arc, as that is one of the worst Story Arcs in any Manga or Anime.


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                  Goku being a kid again, hell I would've just gone the route of Goku being wished out of existence by Pilaf, then everyone else has to step up and be Earth's protector. I also would've changed how most of the Evil Shenlongs turned out because they just turned out to be more of a monster of the week sort of thing, instead of being really interesting. The only real interesting ones were Ice, Nova, and Syn. I would've taken away Syn's spikes and shortened his horns by several inches, and then given him all of that once he absorbed the Dragon Balls. I remember making a Thread like this many years ago, way before going to Tapatalk.