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Super Bebi 3 vegeta?

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  • Super Bebi 3 vegeta?

    We all know they had some bullshit excuse not to make bebi turn ssj4. However I have found some designs that people made and they all fall under the same mistake. They give his ssj4 form white hair. I'm not sure how many people know this, but when bebi takes over vegeta he has the same base form as vegeta just with the marks on his face, he does not get the white hair until he powers up and gains it along with ssj aura. Now we know ssj4 takes the base sayains hair color, so that means a ssj4 bebi vegeta would have the same hair and fur color as vegeta does. The only thing bebi changed was some physical features, ssj hair color, and hair style. Now this begs the question why was his great ape golden and not white.

    so what do you think he would look like as a ssj4, and how powerful do you think he would have gotten if they let him transform.

    here is my ssj4/super bebi 3 vegeta design.
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    Super Baby 1 =/= SS2
    Super Baby 2 =/= SS3

    Baseless fan theories stating otherwise have never been relevant. We've gone over this in the past, so I know there's no convincing you, but you're still always gonna be wrong on this.
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      He would have been half as strong as base Cabba.


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        I used to create fan theories all the time back on the Neoseeker Dragon Ball Forum.