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Are GT Goten & Trunks stronger than they were in the Buu Saga? If so, how much more stronger are they?

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  • Are GT Goten & Trunks stronger than they were in the Buu Saga? If so, how much more stronger are they?

    There was mention of them slacking off in EoZ/GT but I am curious to know if they slacked off enough to be slightly weaker than their Buu saga comparisons.

    Power scaling with other Z-fighters and/or villains would help.
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    They would have to be a ton stronger to even be irrelevant in GT, let alone relevant in some sense. Trunks grew stronger with Goku and Pan during their space travels, and Goten was relative to Gohan, who definitely became stronger over the years.


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      Based on their performance in the series they're definitely much stronger than they were in DBZ.


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        In the guide books I'm pretty sure it was stated that Gohan kept up with his training, and learned to go ssj again (in GT his ultimate state was permanent as it was before supers retcon). So we know Gohan grew stronger then his Buu saga counterpart, and goten and trunks were comparable to Gohan during the bebi stuff.


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          I dont think they got any stronger. I mean they were left out of action


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            Doing a bit of mix canoning. Super's manga has Goten and Trunks finding a good match against Cell Jrs. We do see atleast in GT though that Trunks is willing to go on adventures that involve fighting so he probably turned it around. Goten likely got a huge time assist through Bebi as far as getting more powerful goes. Strenuous also pointed out that the guidebooks say that Gohan kept training so he'd have to be stronger as well.


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              I would say they are stronger by virtue of getting older. Now I know Gohan got weaker as he got older, but as a kid he had been training and fighting a great deal. I'd also imagine Goten and Trunks were also sparring against each other, too.


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                Goten and Trunks were only slightly weaker than Fat Boo in their Base Forms at the End Of Z. So it's only logical they kept up their training during GT as well.


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                  It should have been done differently.