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Fake Interviews, Guides and Misconceptions

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  • Fake Interviews, Guides and Misconceptions

    (Original thread by EMIYA)

    Like the thread in the DBZ section, this is to point out the fake guides, interviews and misconceptions that seem to prevail throughout the community involving the DBZ movies.

    Many people were posting such things in the DBZ section so might as well get this topic started right now. Please remember to:

    Provide the name of the fake guide/interview/misconception
    Correction: Why said point above is wrong
    Source: Provide any sources that will help clarify this mistake if possible.

    Fake Guides/Interviews:
    Spoiler Alert!
    Fake Guide #1:

    Correction: This was apparently a new guide involving Beers the God of Destruction and an entry of Broly, indicating things like Broly could potentially be above Beers in power among other, clearly incorrect assessments.

    Source: http://www.kanzenshuu.com/forum/viewtop ... =8&t=25112

    Spoiler Alert!
    Non-Canon Informal Guide #2: Cooler, Broly and Super Gogeta in V-Jump.

    Information: At some point, V-Jump added what was assumed to be powerlevels for the characters of Cooler, Broly and Super Gogeta as part of the hype for the upcoming Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3 game. The numbers put were:

    Cooler: 470,000,000

    Broly: 1,400,000,000

    Super Gogeta: 2,500,000,000

    Besides the fact that these numbers do not seem to be given by Toei themselves, they're very nature is contradictive. By it's own nature, the difference between Cooler and Broly is only about 3x and even more jarring, the difference between Broly and Super Gogeta was only about 1.7x difference.

    Herms of Kanzenshuu had this to say:

    wrote:"It does seem that those are scans of an actual feature that ran in V-Jump, to hype up Coola, Broli, and Gogeta's inclusion in the game DBZ 3/Budokai 3. The 1.4 billion battle power for Broli was also later used in this scouter-centric video game/toy thingy that was only released in Japan. Whether these are supposed to be the characters' "real" battle powers or only applicable to those games is open to interpretation."- Herms
    Regardless, care should taken as not only is the numbers contradictive to itself, but there does not seem to be much evidence to support these numbers as being approved by Toei.

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