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Things you liked about Dragon Ball GT

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    I haven't seen it be discussed here yet, but I was having a discussion with some friends yesterday and a few weeks ago about the way GT goes about combat. Instead of focusing on a fast paced style that emphasizes the speed of combat. You'll find that in GT they opted for a slower pace, there's more emphasis on singular strikes, couple this with some really meaty sounding fx for impact, it makes GT overall feel more powerful in the sense of outright fighting. Where punches from these guys absolutely feel world shattering. Which isn't to say Super doesn't have any moments like this but they're few and far in-between and you end up with the narrator or side characters having to tell you something hurt after a quick barrage rather than actually showing the pain in that moment.

    Here are some examples in GT that I can remember.




    Obviously there are more like the tons of battles during the Shadow Dragons arc and such. I kind of hope once the anime returns that they might consider slowing the pace down juuuust a bit? It'd be nice to have some power shown in the combat beyond spending copious amounts of time fawning over a single punch's effects from annoying side characters or spending half an episode showing shockwaves.


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      I guess I like Toriyama's design for the spaceship and his early concept art of the characters in alien worlds. If only the actual show had matched the tone and style of those illustrations in any way...


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        I liked the ending, especially that, well, there was one. Ending on GT would have been better than continuing on as a shambling corpse. But I like the idea of Goku trying to take responsibility and deciding it's his time to go for the sake of keeping Earth safe.

        I like the idea of Baby and for a race genocided by the Saiyans getting payback.

        I like the idea of the Black Star Dragon Balls; that something that the heroes have grown dependent on has turned on them and reaping what you sow.

        Like regardless of the execution, they're great concepts for drama.

        I like how Gogeta is very playful. It made his fight entertaining.

        I like having another Dragon Ball hunt. It was treading old ground, but it'd be such a long time that was it was still fun and refreshing.

        I like the music. The Japanese GT soundtrack is excellent.

        SSJ4 is more visually striking and distinctive than a new hair color. It also has a nice thematic element, tieing back into Saiyans as a concept and the original transformation of the series.


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          The only thing that i really like about IT it's the fact that they actually tried to show the characters as more mature than the ones in DBZ.

          I mean, if you look at DBS it's clear that they have simply taken the most "popular" character design (Vegeta during the cell saga, Krilin when he was bald, Tunks and Goten during the Bu saga) not caring about the timeline and the age progression.


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            I loved every bit of DB, DBZ, DBGT, DBS I've always been a person to not compare one to another because that just ruins the experience for you. Just enjoy the entertainment for what it is!!! Shareit https://get-vidmateapk.com
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              The general aesthetic I've always really liked. It's so 90s.
              Super Saiyan 4 is to this day my favorite form.
              Baby is really cool.
              Piccolo's farewell to Gohan was touching, and him being stuck in hell to keep the peace is something that thematically I really enjoy. The other side of the coin as to what Kami was doing for the entirety of DB.
              Super 17 looks bomb imho. No comments as to how good the arc actually was. :P
              I liked that Nappa was ready to avenge his own death against Vegeta only to get blasted away in an instant... felt like he would have put up a fight had this been in Super.
              The Shadow Dragons, as many have stated before me, is quite possibly the best concept for a final arc in DB. The only shame is that they squandered it by having Goku take care of each and every one of them... could have had way more characters get involved in the battles.
              Gogeta SSJin 4 was amazing. The Prank Kamehameha is hilarious.
              The ending is a masterpiece.

              Also, DBGT was never afraid of changing the status quo. Piccolo being stuck in Hell, Earth being destroyed, Majin Boo disappearing for good to get absorbed by Oob... it felt like the things that happened actually had some sort of weight.


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                GT was complete shit, only slightly better than Super overall and inferior to it in terms of entertainment value and quality of fight scenes (which is honestly the main reason I watch shows like DBZ any way)

                That being said, I liked the following:

                - SSJ4's design

                - Baby's POTENTIAL to be a sympathetic villain whose race was annihilated by the very same race of the heroes. This was executed very poorly though.

                - Dragon Ball usage having consequences. This too was handled poorly.

                - The ending providing closure to the series. I didn't like the Goku-central aspects of it after the entire series had degenerated into a giant Goku wank, but it was a nice conclusion for what it was.

                That's about it really. GT was a bunch of poor concepts like that ripoff of Oolong, fighters like Redjic and Rild showing themselves to be formidable only to amount to nothing, the SSJ2 form being entirely forgotten because Toei apparently didn't deign to remember that there were 3 forms in Z, extremely bad fight scenes and no sense of urgency at any point after the Baby arc until Syn showed up - and even that soon became just a rehash of the latter half of the Boo saga before long.

                GT was shit.


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                  The ending.


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                    The english opening, what? It's hella catchy!


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                      Thanks for sharing the article. As a new website visitor, it helped me a lot.