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Things you liked about Dragon Ball GT

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    I haven't seen it be discussed here yet, but I was having a discussion with some friends yesterday and a few weeks ago about the way GT goes about combat. Instead of focusing on a fast paced style that emphasizes the speed of combat. You'll find that in GT they opted for a slower pace, there's more emphasis on singular strikes, couple this with some really meaty sounding fx for impact, it makes GT overall feel more powerful in the sense of outright fighting. Where punches from these guys absolutely feel world shattering. Which isn't to say Super doesn't have any moments like this but they're few and far in-between and you end up with the narrator or side characters having to tell you something hurt after a quick barrage rather than actually showing the pain in that moment.

    Here are some examples in GT that I can remember.




    Obviously there are more like the tons of battles during the Shadow Dragons arc and such. I kind of hope once the anime returns that they might consider slowing the pace down juuuust a bit? It'd be nice to have some power shown in the combat beyond spending copious amounts of time fawning over a single punch's effects from annoying side characters or spending half an episode showing shockwaves.


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      I guess I like Toriyama's design for the spaceship and his early concept art of the characters in alien worlds. If only the actual show had matched the tone and style of those illustrations in any way...