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Things you liked about Dragon Ball GT

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  • Things you liked about Dragon Ball GT

    Since there's one for DBS, I might as well make one for GT.

    Especially since there's plenty to like about GT.

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    Super Saiyan 4, of course. I thought Goten was pretty cool in GT, but there is a lot I wish they did better with him. Well, not just him but all of the half-saiyans. They were fodder and could've given so many more opportunities. Gogeta was pretty good too. I also thought GT had some pretty good humor throughout too. Hmm, I think that's it. Well, the ending was pretty good.


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      -The Ending


      -Vegeta's motivations

      -Showcasing the world of dragonball a bit more

      That's about it though, definitely one of the shows in dragonball that had me sleeping through some of the episodes.


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        - Vegeta's development was top notch and actually kept consistent with who he was at the end of Z.
        - Super Saiyan 4, especially when Goku busted it out against Baby.
        - Evil Bulma.
        - Ten Times Kamehameha.
        - The ending.

        I suppose that's about it.


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          the way Vegeta was handled in GT was an embarassment. Made him into a pathetic loser and stripped him of everything that made him the prideful Saiyan warrior we know and love.

          I liked basically the entire Baby arc of GT, and the ending. Otherwise, it isn't really worth watching IMO.

          Originally posted by Darker View Post
          Especially since there's plenty to like about GT.
          .....yeah going to have to disagree with you there.


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            There's a lot of things I like about GT, but the one thing that sticks out is how it's a non-canon look at how things could've been. Exploring the universe to save Earth and to find stronger opponents always seemed like the right choice after the end of Z.


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              -Super Saiyan 4
              -Super Saiyan 4 Goku's introduction
              -The concept of the evil dragons
              -The 4-Star Dragon not being strictly evil
              -The ending
              -Vegeta's characterization
              -No. 18 and Goku teaming up to defeat Super No. 17
              -The Black-Star Dragon Balls. I like the idea of the child of Katatz creating super powerful Dragon Balls before he split into God and Piccolo. I also like the monkey's paw-eque aspect to it.
              -I like that Piccolo is basically Hell's bouncer. Piccolo is a fighter and was originally a demon, so it feels appropriate.
              -I like that Goten actually became his own character. The womanizer aspect of him is amusing.
              -I like that Rilld was the Planet M-2 itself.
              -Super No. 17 has an excellent design.
              -The One-Star Dragon has an excellent design.
              -It had the balls to permanently off characters. Boo is permanently merged with Oob. Piccolo is staying dead to destroy the Black-Star Dragon Balls
              -Mr. Boo's farewell to Mr. Satan was great.
              -Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta
              -Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta's introduction
              -Vegeta suggesting fusion
              -The Universal Genki Dama
              -Vegeta's final stand with Goten, Trunks, and Gohan
              -The melancholic nature of the series gives it its own identity.


              • #8
                Ssj4 as a concept as well as the look being quite cool. Bringing back the significance of the tails.
                The Dragon Balls having consequences
                Family man/protector of Earth Vegeta


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                  I enjoyed how they tried to bring it back to earlier more light hearted times in terms of tone, and story with the Black Star Dragon Balls. Though, I dislike how blandly they executed it, and how unoriginal it was. Reusing Oolong with minor twists had to be the worst thing in it, though I did enjoy that because the original gags were funny, and had been carried over with minor changes. The Big Planet world was the absolute pits, I don't even know why it was there.


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                    Super Saiyan 4, Dragon Ball usage having consequences, and the final episode. The final episode showed that, no matter how much of a disaster/trainwreck GT could be, it was really made by actual fans of Dragon Ball who held true love and passion for the series. They just... basically wrote a mediocre to downright awful at some points fanfic.
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