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What can they improve for FighterZ 2?

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  • What can they improve for FighterZ 2?

    While there's speculation that we're getting season 3, it sure ain't guaranteed and we may just be getting FighterZ II.

    Dunno when the sequel will be coming but it's definitely happening. Probably coming in 2021 after Xenoverse 3 (which is long overdue).

    Another question is what can they improved?

    Here's some suggestions I have:

    -No autocombos on whiff.
    -Nerf Super Dash.
    -Assist move for each team member can be chosen.
    -Vanish cancels outside sparking.

    -Make the main menu a normal main menu and keep the hub world structure exclusive to online mode and/or Story Mode.

    Story Mode
    -A difficulty curve.
    -Get rid of the board game setting. Keep it simple by only focusing on battles with cutscenes in-between... just anything but the board game.

    Arcade Mode
    -Difficulty spike based on progression and the computer actually becoming harder rather than getting beefed up stats.
    -Each character has their own courses and their own ending after completing their arcade playthrough.

    Online Mode
    -Better netcoding. Duh.
    -Penalties for ragequitting.

    Everyone except possibly #21. #18 and Majin Buu are now sectioned with the good guys.

    Goku (Ultra Instinct) *
    Master Roshi *
    Mr. Satan
    Caulifla (w/ Kale)
    Toppo *
    Kefla *

    * = Assuming they don't make it in hypothetical season 3 of the first game.

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    Tbh everything needs improvement. The game becomes essentially pointless if you have already done all the offline stuff and don't have an online subscription. Anyways, a Season 3 is pretty likely and I don't see a FighterZ 2 coming out anytime soon, nor a Xenoverse 3. They're gonna just keep on pumping out DLCs for XV3 for a while now it feels. Idk if I'll pay for Season 3 for FighterZ as I haven't played in like half a year. I felt like my money got wasted by buying Season 2. Broly and Gogeta look like the only good things to come out of it.


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      If they made it more like Budokai 3, with the FighterZ fighting engine, that would be great. Playing FighterZ I found myself missing transformations a whole lot and when it happens you're limited to only one form and you have pretty much no control (can't turn off ssj ex.)


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        This may sound random, but more Androids. Android #21 peaked my interest, personally.


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          They should cancel it.


          • #6
            On the subject of more Androids, maybe they could introduce the rest of the 21 Androids.


            • #7
              Xenoverse 3.