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Favourite Game-only Content?

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  • Favourite Game-only Content?

    Sometimes some of the video games will feature stuff that wasn't in the show, be it in their stories (like Cell's nightmare in the first Budokai or the different stories involving Boo and Janemba in the Shin Budokai games) or during gameplay (like Babidi's capacity to fight in Budokai Tenkaichi 3), and there's a lot of this I really like. What about you?

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    The Time Patrol or Android 21 are both pretty awesome


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      There were some dope what if Budokai Tenkaichi 2 had

      I remember the Raditz becoming good and the Zarbon ones


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        Also, I forgot to mention in the OP, Budokai 2's more unique Boo absorptions, such as Freeza, Cell and Yamcha/Tien.


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          That reminds me of some exclusive fusions too. Such as Yamcha and Tien (Tiencha).

          Also, what-if stories were always great. My favorite was probably the one where Raditz loses his memory moments after fighting Piccolo.


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            Also the one from BT3 where Akkuman is the one that stops Freeza when he arrives on Earth, and is super effective thanks to how evil Freeza and his men are.


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              I love the entire script of Attack of the Saiyans. Legacy of Goku 2 had some cool quests too.

              As far as individual specific scenes go, I enjoyed seeing Goku and his kid self interacting in Budokai Tenkaichi 3 (on the menu screens if I remember right). I don't remember any of the What If stories.

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                The Fu/Mentor missions in XV2 were pretty cool. Easily my favorite was Ginyu body swapping with Goku Black.


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                  Definitely Android 21... Especially Majin Android 21.


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                    Actually i do consider that it is a normal thing when the content is a bit different in a game or a movie compared to the original series. As the developers have to insert something made by themselves in the story, to give it some individuality. I haven't actually played a lot of anime related games to be honest. I do remember the first game i ever played, was Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm. I found out about that game while i was on the best online casino ever, playing some poker. A certain guy was also an anime lover and he told me about it.
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