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Video Games Based On Super

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  • Video Games Based On Super

    Who would like to see some of these? I know they created some video games about GT in the past for example.

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    I will definitely buy one. I just don't know why is it so hard for them to develop it in a timely manner. Member the good all days I'm looking for a dragon balls around the world on my PS4 with Goku and I have to say I miss them. The fight in the whole gameplay were very well-designed and they really remind me of how well EA has done with the latest NFL 21 Madden game release. It really keeps me as excited as a Dragon Ball game and I even started buying coins https://www.muteamgo.com/madden21-coins-ps4 What is the prices are really low when I can build a team that I really like for my online multiplayer games.
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      I'd love to see a Legacy of Goku game that adapted DBS


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        Originally posted by Greeny View Post
        I'd love to see a Legacy of Goku game that adapted DBS
        Those were made on the Gameboy Advanced though. There would be no point in making a sequel about Super this late in the game.


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          I would buy everything haha. When it comes to gaming, I am pretty much addicted to finding anything new. I have recently bought a gaming computer and let me tell you that I've been spending lots of time trying to find new games. From time to time, I am playing Minecraft with my friends on ggservers.com and we are having a wonderful time. Gaming is more fun when you are doing it with others. Now, since everything is closed, the majority of people are staying inside browsing the web or playing different games, so I am happy when I am playing with someone else
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