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Video Games Based On Super

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  • Video Games Based On Super

    Who would like to see some of these? I know they created some video games about GT in the past for example.

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    I will definitely buy one. I just don't know why is it so hard for them to develop it in a timely manner. Member the good all days I'm looking for a dragon balls around the world on my PS4 with Goku and I have to say I miss them. The fight in the whole gameplay were very well-designed and they really remind me of how well EA has done with the latest NFL 21 Madden game release. It really keeps me as excited as a Dragon Ball game and I even started buying coins https://www.muteamgo.com/madden21-coins-ps4 What is the prices are really low when I can build a team that I really like for my online multiplayer games.
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      I'd love to see a Legacy of Goku game that adapted DBS


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        Originally posted by Greeny View Post
        I'd love to see a Legacy of Goku game that adapted DBS
        Those were made on the Gameboy Advanced though. There would be no point in making a sequel about Super this late in the game.


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          I would buy everything haha