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Freeza's Backstory

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  • Freeza's Backstory

    I wrote this over 5 years ago on Shinden No Fukkatsu and Dragon Ball Makai when the latter was still open, but I decided to post it here. I may or may not continue this...

    The Introduction:

    Long ago, before the dictatorship of the Cold family, there was once a kind leader and king of the Planet Winter, he was King Frost.

    Although there was a monarchy in Winter's political system, King Frost cared deeply for his planet, so he also formed a democracy. He formed many connections between other planets and made Winter very wealthy and successful. He was not only considered one of the best leaders to have existed on his own planet, but in the entire universe as well. He was also known as the strongest being in the universe at the time by far, with a power level of 1,500,000,000.

    He had two sons and a wife by the name of lady Shiver. The older was named Frigid, with his only child and son, Ice, as well as his wife Glacier. The younger was named Cold, with his two sons Freeza and Cooler (based on the non-canon Cooler so he looks exactly like him except younger and with a much different personality), and his wife Polar.

    Frigid was somewhat arrogant due to his upbringing, but had a sense of justice, and while he wasn't as devoted to his planet as his father, he overall cared for it.

    Cold on the other hand had rather sinister intentions. No one but his own father saw the darkness within him, and even then, Frost did all he could to ignore his son's evil tendencies.

    Freeza was considered a child prodigy in martial arts as well as political science. Cooler and Ice did all they could to keep up with his level of talent, and while they weren't by any means lost causes, they simply could not measure up to Freeza.

    Due to this, Cold and even Polar favored Freeza over Cooler because of this. Cooler saw the level of attention Freeza had in comparison to himself, and thus, eventually felt much closer to his extended family than his parents and even his brother.

    Frigid's family was much more lighthearted. Frigid would love his family no matter what and was very close to his son Ice in particular.

    As for the in-laws... Their ideals and personalities were mostly shared with their husbands. Shiver and Glacier were both kind women, while Polar had darker motives shared with Cold and eventually Freeza.

    Chapter 1:

    King Frost was sitting on his throne thinking to himself "I'm getting old, and it'll just be under one Winter year left until I pass on my legacy to Frigid.".

    "I've made this Planet very successful... I should be proud of myself. I'm sure Frigid will also do a fine job at maintaining its peace and prosperity.".

    Meanwhile, in the Cold home...

    "Polar, I believe it's time.". Polar looked up saying "For what?". "You know." Cold stated with a dastardly grin. "Oh ho ho, so it's finally come to this!" Polar laughed maniacally. "I'll put on my scouter and inform both of them individually." said Cold, picking up his Scouter.

    A while later, Cold sent Ice on a mission with a soldier from the Planet Winter to a small, uninhabited satellite orbiting another planet to gather minerals only found there for Ice's home planet. Little did Ice know what he was in for.

    Ice leaped out of the Space Pod stating "Alright, we made it!". The soldier opened up his Space Pod and quietly approached Ice. Ice then stated "I almost forgot the shovels in the Space Pods.", but as he turned around, the geologist was shown with ki in his palms, aimed directly at Ice's back.

    "SHIT!" both of them yelled in unison. The soldier almost blasted Ice, but Ice dodged the attack in time.

    "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TRYING TO PULL, BORIS!" Ice yelled furiously. "I have no business telling you Ice, except the name's not Boris.". Your name's not Bori-?" before Ice could finish, "Boris" sucker punched him in the face. Ice fell to the ground, but leaped back up and almost headbutted "Boris", but "Boris" blocked it in time.

    "You're not strong enough to defeat me, Ice, give it up!" "Boris" said, as he threw Ice by his head and blasted him.

    Ice was lying on the ground severely injured by the blast, "Boris" chuckled, and was about to finish him off. But before he could get the job done, Ice screamed "I have a final request!".

    "Boris" stopped running toward him, and stated "Depending on your answer, I see no harm in fulfilling your request.".

    "It's clear I'm no match for you, but I have questions I'd like answered before I die... Who are you? Why are you doing this? And why did you say your name wasn't really Boris?".

    "... Very well, I have no problem fulfilling this request, although you'll be quite shocked at what you hear. My name isn't Boris, it's Ginyu, and to be quite frank, I'm tired of that silly code name. And I'm not really a soldier, that was a cover. I'm in fact an ultimate lifeform that can become immortal by switching bodies with other lifeforms, created by your Uncle Cold in secret to assassinate you. This is also my original body.".

    Ice looked up at Ginyu, speechless at what he was hearing. There was a moment of silence until Ice finally asked "Why... WHY WOULD COLD DO SUCH A THING?!".

    Ginyu answered "Very well, I'll tell you more. You see, Cold wants the throne, but can't inherit it by default because your father is the eldest sibling, a tradition carried on in the Frost Monarchy.".

    "No... NO!", Regardless of Ice's injuries, he got off the ground and flared an aura. "THIS CAN'T BE TRUE!" He yelled at the top of his lungs, throwing punches at Ginyu, but to no avail... Ginyu was dodging all of the attacks.

    "So this is what I get for granting your final request? How ungrateful!" Ginyu said, before he punched Ice in the stomach, elbowed his head with his other arm, making him fall to the ground again, then Ginyu leaped into the air and slammed his knee into Ice's chest, killing him.

    Ginyu then blasted the corpse and called King Cold on his scouter.

    "Mission accomplished.".
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    Does anyone want to see me continue this?


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      Originally posted by Guest View Post
      Does anyone want to see me continue this?
      ..... Well?