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Dragon Ball Universe Role Playing Game 

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  • Dragon Ball Universe Role Playing Game 

    Over the past twelve years, we've become the internet’s number one Dragon Ball pen and paper role-playing game. We have been in and out of the online community ever since we started back in 07/08’. Six years ago we decided to go big and make a standing presence online with the launch of the DBZxRPG webpage. Two years ago we launched the DBZxRPG discussion group & discord channel. With the enormous support, feedback, and backing of our community, we have grown a lot over these six years. We faced a major setback when our main Facebook page was taken down last year, but we recovered and are back better than ever!

    This year we have launched the newest edition of the DBZ role-playing game, "Dragon Ball Universe". With a new website, updated discord, and a complete online rule database.

    "When we started this project is was a modified version of d&d d20, with custom races and classes. It needed more, and we made the first DBZ RPG with d&d e3.5 and e4.0 as the core structure of the game. After a time, we change the structure to that of the white wolf’s d10 successes system. Which we modified, tune, change, and manipulated over the years to suit the needs of the game and the feedback we received. As we approach current times the heavy modifications began to show with grammar issues, copy and paste issues, structure, and continuity issues. We aimed to fix these issues and many more when the newest edition of the game. Dragon Ball Z RPG Paper Attack. The system was a huge success! We evolved from the success of Paper Attack to our next edition. Streamlining rules, cleaning up overly-complex language, and rules sets. Best yet we have added even more community suggestions and ideas. Truly making our newest edition the best yet!"

    We are happy to announce that today the Dragon Ball Universe Pen and Paper Role-playing Game!

    The project is the first full-fledged open community build of the game. We released chapters as they were finished for feedback and criticism. We will take those responses and use it to make the best game possible, to continue making our game the number one DB, DBZ, DBS, DBGT on the net.

    DBU has d&d 5e as its structural core with the elements of DBZ Paper Attack v3.0.5 as supports. We will be made a myriad of changes to simplify and correct issues with the game mechanics as well as the grammatical and continuity issues.

    Your training is completed! Head over to our website and check out Dragon Ball Universe!


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    Can I play as scooby doo?