Hi everyone! I don't know how many people will still remember me. Heck, it seems even this website doesn't cause I couldn't log in to my previous account. Apparently it doesn't recognize my old email, or maybe I totally forgot my login details lol. Anyway, hi

Still alive and pretty well...also still disabled but I enjoy life quite much as it is Of course, I never stopped being a hardcore Dragon Ball fan; in fact, I recently started working on a new project I wanted to let you all know

I contacted Gozar himself and started co-working with him on remastering his long-forgotten ARDBZ series. For those who are new with this term, ARDBZ stands for Alternate Reality Dragon Ball Z, which is an old parody of the famous DBZ anime made a long time ago ( around 2006 ) by Gozar, when TFS Abridged didn't exist yet. It's a really funny parody, I definitely recommend for the new fans to check it out. And for the old fans to rewatch it cause now we are remastering the 240p episodes into HD 1080p format so you can view it without hurting your eyes

So far, only five episodes have been made, but there are more to appear every week two or three times. You can watch the remastered versions here, starting with episode one> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Icnlae8qmMg

I hope you will all enjoy the work I'm doing. You can also thank Gozar personally on his Twitter account: https://twitter.com/SSJGozar

And maybe with a little encouragement, he will finally make the two-part finale he promised to make all those years ago, or maybe make even more episodes, maybe make a parody of DBS