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Check out my replacement for DBS/GT fam!

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  • Check out my replacement for DBS/GT fam!

    >Takes place right after the end of the original manga and primarily focuses on Goku training Oob.

    >No new transformations, no new Saiyans, no new Namekians, no new members of Freeza's race, no new Gods, no new demons, no new aliens, no new robots, no new cyborgs, no new synthetic life forms, no new universes, no new Dragon Balls, no old villains coming back at all, etc.

    >Gohan, Goten and Trunks have all slacked from their training. Goku and Vegeta are incredibly stronger, rivaling Pure Boo in just their base forms; Vegeta also has SS3 now and both he and Goku have mastered it. Bra can easily turn SS1 like how Goten and Trunks could, but as she's not a fighter, she only uses it for gag scenes like when Vegeta won't take her shopping. Bra would be a child genius and take Bulma's role as the smartest character.

    >One year into Oob's training, a tropical illness plagues Oob's village. Dende tries to upgrade the Dragon Balls to cure it when Oob pleads, but due to how the Dragon Balls were already overused over the years, this causes the negative energy inside of them to overflow and corrupt the universe's atmosphere. Making matters worse, the corrupted Shenron has now seemingly taken over the body of the strongest being in the universe, Goku, and will use him to destroy the universe and create a better one in its place.

    >Gohan, Goten, Pan, Vegeta, Trunks, Boo and Oob train to surpass the seemingly corrupted Goku. Goten and Trunks achieve SS2 and Pan achieves SS1. Goku defeats all of them except Oob, who has assimilated Boo. The powered up Oob fights and defeats the seemingly corrupted Goku. Then, it turns out that Goku was never actually possessed by Shenron; in order to purify himself and the Dragon Balls of their negative energy, Shenron needed the power of the strongest good person in the universe, who was Goku. With Goku's sheer amount of positive energy, Shenron can purify himself and the Dragon Balls of their negative energy. They would also need to disappear inside of the Dragon Balls to complete the purification process; during that process, the Dragon Balls cannot be used. Goku agreed to this, but before leaving, he wanted to motivate the other Z Fighters to protect themselves without relying on him or the Dragon Balls, as well as have his final fight with Oob. Satisfied that Oob has surpassed him and can protect Earth, Goku happily leaves with Shenron, promising to return one day. Oob and the other Z Fighters all vow to get stronger to protect Earth themselves, in honor of Goku.