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I turned the Future Trunks Saga into a full length movie.

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  • I turned the Future Trunks Saga into a full length movie.


    Last week me and my friend were talking about and comparing the newest Dragon Ball anime movies. Eventually I brought up something I'd always thought, if Dragon ball Super hadn't been a thing then the story involving Goku Black and Future Trunks would have been a good movie to follow Resurrection F. My friend agreed with this and said that maybe someone has put something up on Youtube like that.

    Later on I took a look and no they hadn't, there was a 70 minute video that started half way through the saga which jumped around and had completely different music placed over it that droned out he dialogue but that was all.

    So I thought...why don't I try and make one? But if I wanted to make a movie, then I didn't want to make a 6 hour movie or 4 hour movie, I wanted to make a realistic 2 hour movie, no more than 120 minutes. The whole saga without all the intros, outros, previews and eye captures was roughly 7 hours long which meant cutting out almost 70% of the story and still have it make sense.

    Ultimately I made almost 180 cuts but could only get it down to as low as 124 minutes.

    Now this was the very first video I've ever edited, not even a little 2 minute clip so it took me some doing. I didn't replace the backing music and it's certainly not perfect so the music can jump in a little at times but I did the best that I could, I went through it over and over to make it as smooth as possible. There's probably some holes in the plot I may have missed but I watched the whole thing and yeah it mostly works.

    I uploaded it to Youtube, there's several copyright claims on it obviously but it's available to be watched everywhere except France and some nearby smaller territories.

    So I hope that people at least give it a little watch, it is the English dubbed version, and tell me what you think because I started this and thought it'd be a day long thing but I put a lot of effort into it and spent a week on it.