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Dragon Ball What-If Story.

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  • Dragon Ball What-If Story.

    I actually fully planned something out for once, with Paramountcy I didn't plan anything out and just wrote what came to mind. With this I actually planned this out most of the way.

    This is a What-If story made up of several What-If's, which covers all of Z, Super and GT. These are the What-If's I'm using so far, I'll be updating my list when I get to Super, then GT, but that is what I have so far.

    1. What-If: Piccolo became an ally at the end of the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai.
    2. What-If: Goku married Bulma.
    3. What-If: Gohan and Goten were twins.
    4. What-If: Raditz turned good.
    5. What-If: Kami wished for his youth and trained.
    6. What-If: Goku killed Frieza on Namek.
    7. What-If: Maron was canon, but she ended up with Vegeta.
    8. What-If: Trunks was born two years earlier.
    9. What-If: Mirai Trunks still showed up.
    10. What-If: Bulma took King Cold's ship back to Capsule Corp. and used all that technology instead of destroy it.
    11. What-If: Frieza's Galactic Empire, turned into a Galactic Trade after King Cold's death.
    12. What-If: Goku took the Heart Virus Medicine when he was supposed to.
    13. What-If: Bulma takes all of Dr. Gero's blueprints, spare parts, and other non-active technology back to Capsule Corp.
    14. What-If: Bulma reprogrammed No.16.
    15. What-If: Gohan learns and controls Ascended Super Saiyajin before the Cell Games.
    16. What-If: Goku didn't die at the Cell Games.
    17. What-If: The cameras didn't break at the Cell Games.
    18. What-If: Shin confronted everyone before the Tenkaichi Budokai.
    19. What-If: Fat Boo wasn't the Boo that was released.
    20. What-If: Gohan still became Ultimate.
    21. What-If: Events in Z that were changed in Super, instead happened exactly the way we were told in Z instead.
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