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Dragon Ball What-If Story.

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  • Dragon Ball What-If Story.

    I actually fully planned something out for once, with Paramountcy I didn't plan anything out and just wrote what came to mind. With this I actually planned this out most of the way.

    This is a What-If story made up of several What-If's, which covers all of Z, Super and GT. These are the What-If's I'm using so far, I'll be updating my list when I get to Super, then GT, but that is what I have so far.

    1. What-If: Piccolo became an ally at the end of the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai.
    2. What-If: Goku married Bulma.
    3. What-If: Gohan and Goten were twins.
    4. What-If: Raditz turned good.
    5. What-If: Kami wished for his youth and trained.
    6. What-If: Goku killed Frieza on Namek.
    7. What-If: Maron was canon, but she ended up with Vegeta.
    8. What-If: Trunks was born two years earlier.
    9. What-If: Mirai Trunks still showed up.
    10. What-If: Bulma took King Cold's ship back to Capsule Corp. and used all that technology instead of destroy it.
    11. What-If: Frieza's Galactic Empire, turned into a Galactic Trade after King Cold's death.
    12. What-If: Goku took the Heart Virus Medicine when he was supposed to.
    13. What-If: Bulma takes all of Dr. Gero's blueprints, spare parts, and other non-active technology back to Capsule Corp.
    14. What-If: Bulma reprogrammed No.16.
    15. What-If: Gohan learns and controls Ascended Super Saiyajin before the Cell Games.
    16. What-If: Goku didn't die at the Cell Games.
    17. What-If: The cameras didn't break at the Cell Games.
    18. What-If: Shin confronted everyone before the Tenkaichi Budokai.
    19. What-If: Fat Boo wasn't the Boo that was released.
    20. What-If: Gohan still became Ultimate.
    21. What-If: Events in Z that were changed in Super, instead happened exactly the way we were told in Z instead.
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    "13. What-If: Bulma takes all of Dr. Gero's blueprints, spare parts, and other non-active technology back to Capsule Corp."
    Y'know, I really like this one. I think it depends on the type of technology she has, I think she could make a couple androids with some of the spare parts and non-active technology. But out of all of these I feel that, knowing how smart bulma is she could try to read the blueprints and take all of the bombs out of them, and try to reprogram them to be good.
    As for the other questions, I'd need to think about them.


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      Well, all of those What-If's are part of a large What-If story that I'm writing, but some of them could very well change because I don't think the stakes are high enough for it to be believable after a certain point.


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        These are all fairly interesting What Ifs, especially 2. In most other stories, you'd think that's how the story would've turned out. Male protag meets and bonds with female protag? Love ensues!


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          Yeah, and at the end of Dragon Ball, Toriyama did sort of plant the seeds with Bulma's reaction to Goku all grown up, and how she kind of lingered on it, and had she not waited around and just said something to Goku when she realized how she felt, the Chi-Chi revelation would've had a completely different outcome.