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English translation of Gogeta-Vegito comparison from 1995 Shonen Jump

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    I was just thinking how cool it would be if Kid Boo was finished off by Gogeta after Goku powered down from SSJ3, instead of being finished off by a Spirit Bomb.


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      To me they will always be equals in a sense, because elder says fusion is based on who fuses not on the fusion method. He even downright insults kabitoshin for thinking potara was the root of vegitos power(tho most tend to ignore this statement lol).
      how else can you make fusion work with it constantly changing.

      weaker then God, now base is stronger. These characters barely get stronger while these ones get obscenely powerful. This fusion got stronger yet it's two components did not. These two weaker components make a fusion equal to a fusion of two stronger people. This fusion is as strong as it's strongest fighter. This fusion made a weaker fighter ect....

      fusion is based on who fuses, in other words it's totally plot based so no gogeta is not weaker then vegito and vice versa.
      they are the same person anyway so it does not matter, this is confirmed when gogeta talks about being vegito and not in a way that sounds like he is speaking about someone else.


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        Yeah, wasn't it also stated that Goku and Vegeta got a far stronger boost in power from fusion than Kaioshin and Kibito did because they were rivals?
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          Yeah, the Manga itself does everything but have Elder Kaioshin stand there in a clown suit and a sign with running lights, saying the Potara Fusion is stronger than the Dance. The Boo Arc does that a lot, where it does everything but outright tells something while telling you what's being implied. But that's just me.


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            Would any of you have liked to see Gohkan instead of Vegetto?


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              It's very cool, and I didn't know about it until now. In general, lately, I had to learn English quickly because I decided to move from Romania and I needed a fluent English. I admit that it was very difficult for me but in the end I managed to reach quite beautiful results. At first I used different verb worksheets and learned new words to increase my vocabulary and gradually I began to understand them better and better. I am proud of myself and I hope to come to understand English perfectly.
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                Originally posted by Jasonz View Post
                It is very cool.
                What is very cool?


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                  I would've liked to see it, but that opens a whole new can of worms of belief, a guidebook, and how certain lines are presented...so I'll just leave it at that here because this Thread is about Gogeta and Vegetto.


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                    Who do you like better, Vegetto or Gogeta?

                    I actually like Vegetto better because we get to know him better. Plus, if counting GT, Gogeta is a literal manchild.