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Any IT professionals or Hobbyists?

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  • Any IT professionals or Hobbyists?

    This category is rather stale. I'm a linux systems engineer by trade so this has to change haha.

    So what is your specific hobby or profession relating to IT?

    I'm a Linux systems engineer and I work as part of an integrations department for a Government agency on basically a video game. I Distribute releases. updates, troubleshoot, and anything in between. My title is Engineer but I'm more of a half breed Developer/System Administrator.

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    I've never been very good at computer technology.


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      Hello, I don't work in the IT domain, and I'm not a professional of this kind. However, for some months, I've been working daily with https://guidedhacking.com/threads/ff...v-hacks.17471/. They are a nice platform that can teach you a lot of nice stuff regarding multiple domains. If you are looking for people with a vast domain in this domain, they are the best for you. Since they teach a lot of tips and tricks regarding many viral games at the moment, they are perfect for you.
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