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Any IT professionals or Hobbyists?

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  • Any IT professionals or Hobbyists?

    This category is rather stale. I'm a linux systems engineer by trade so this has to change haha.

    So what is your specific hobby or profession relating to IT?

    I'm a Linux systems engineer and I work as part of an integrations department for a Government agency on basically a video game. I Distribute releases. updates, troubleshoot, and anything in between. My title is Engineer but I'm more of a half breed Developer/System Administrator.

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    Hi! I work in los Angeles IT services company https://www.generationix.com/los-ang...d-it-services/. That is very interesting to read about your job there, especially it is interesting to me that someone’s still using Linux. We are using windows, though I prefer macOS actually. This is a very good and simple operating system. How’s your job there, by the way? Because when I’ve started to work, I didn’t even imagine how hard this work will be. That is a very responsible company and because of that we are working really hard. On the other hand, they pay us very well so I can firmly say that I am happy with what I am doing. What about you? Are they treating you as good as you deserve to?
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      I've never been very good at computer technology.