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  • Device Preference

    Social Media, Emails or even Applications.. What devices do you prefer using majority of the time? I'm an Apple Ipad, Custom Laptops and Android interfaces are my fave. Can't forget the Kodi and Android box

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    My PC. 2nd is my Galaxy S3


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      PC, or graphic tablet if I'm in the mood to draw, though I've always liked drawing on paper better.


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        I'm generally on a tablet. I think it's the perfect in-between a smartphone and a computer. It's already fairly slow though due to time of use. Hope to get a new one by the end of the year.


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          PC desktop, laptop and smartphone. I've never owned a tablet.


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            PC is definitely number 1. It's just so much more efficient, so you can flow better and get more done, plus there are some things you can only do on a PC. I only have a phone at the moment though.

            Tablets are good for reading manga.
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