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Second Contact

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  • Second Contact

    Felicity opened her eyes, and found her hands and feet bound. “W-what...”She looked around, before quickly realizing something. The room was dark with the exception of a lamp a bit too bright for her eyes. She was sitting in a chair, and in front of her was someone in shadow... With the light pointed straight at her, she could barely make out the person, before she heard a young woman’s voice. “You’re finally awake.” Her eyes squinted trying to see who this person is... Ah to hell with it, she can find out once she’s- “I wouldn’t do that if I were you, Felicity of the sixteenth Regiment.”

    “...How the hell did you know that?” It’s not like they carried IDs Last she could recall they were ambushed, unless someone survived and then blabbed, how she know it? “Oh, don’t worry, about that.” She said, “My name’s Kinikia Jackson, I work for an organization called Equilibrium. We keep the balance in the multiverse. A balance you’ve been screwing up as of late, conquest, colonization, a lot of nasty stuff as of late. Where ever you’re empire goes, trouble follows.” She leaned into the light, and I saw her face, brown eyes and blond hair as she looked me in the eye. “So. What are you doing here?”

    I simply stared her in the face, the hell I was going to talk. Still, the way she immediately knew my name and where I was assigned. It wasn’t enough to talk, I immediately began to think back to a few memories I had of my childhood, closed my eyes. Playing with Edith, as children, lying by her watching the stars. Things like that.

    Kinikia eventually relented. “Well, I didn’t expect to get much out of the first day. We’ll see how talkative you are after some time in the cell.” Damn it... I did not have time to be stuck in a cell damn it. Alright, soon as the bounds are rel- “I wouldn’t do that Felicity.” I... Hadn’t even moved, my eyes were closed, it’s not like my eyes could’ve flicked over, I know I hadn’t moved any other muscles... “Do what?” I responded. “There’s nothing you can do that’ll surprise me. You were going to pounce on me the minute your restraints become free. Now put that thought out of your head or your bracelets will stop your heart with a shock.”

    ...I opened my eyes, there she was pointing a remote at me, as my leg restraints came off. She put her remote back into her pants and walked out of the room, motioning me with her hand to follow. For now I would, I needed to find another method to escape. A few vents, it’d be cramped but I could get through the- “I wouldn’t try the vents either.” Again, it was as if she could read my mind. “...You’re a telepath aren’t you?” She looked back at me, an eyebrow raised. “Not exactly. But I’d consider what I am a bit more valuable than a mind reader. But I think it’s suffice to say, I’ll know your plans before you make them. By the way, you don’t want to try anything when we get to the elevator.” I didn’t bother responding to this smug bitch. So damn sure she knows what I’ll do...

    Still, thinking back... The way we got ambushed, we barely even made waves, how did they know? Alright Felicity, try to dig for something. “So... Was it worth it?” “Hm?” “Capturing us. Fighting tooth and nail, no matter how big you are, you can’t replace your losses like we can. For everyone we lose, we can replace them a hundredfold. What do you have?” She seemed to chuckle at that. “Actually, this operation went pretty smoothly. No one died. If you thought this was going to be a hard fight for us... Well I don’t think we’ll have much to worry about.” She said, walking on unabated.

    I didn’t know if she was telling the truth, but either way it couldn’t matter. I had to get out. Walking through, we walked outside, I looked out... The city was so damn close too, and yet I’m here. With this woman, looking around, I could see a lot of soldiers, talking. They didn’t look too tough, but what I heard...

    Laughing, singing, all sorts of stuff. They were celebrating victory. Laughing at us. Meaning she probably isn’t lying... This didn’t make sense. Even with advance knowledge, a traitor or such, I shouldn’t be hearing this. This camp was too jubilant. As we crossed the building, I had to tune my ears into something... The plan, Jackson’s plan. No plan could’ve been that perfect though, remembering back. They knew exactly where to strike. Who to hit first. And hearing them talk about “Zero casualties, not even a stubbed toe.” Maybe this person was lying but... No plan could be this perfect, even telepathy couldn’t work, they didn’t seem like a hive mind...

    But I kept hearing something ‘seer Jackson,’ or ‘Our oracle.’ Considering how badly we were beaten... Then maybe... It’s rare but maybe...

    This woman in front me can tell the future... If that were the case... How the hell was I going to get out of this?

    Okay. Felicity. Don’t panic. I... Need to come up with a way out. Thinking back, the way she preempted me and named me... If she saw different futures, then that could be why. Alright, so that means, just maybe... She can’t see everything. My cuffed hands... I began to poke around them, quietly in the back. It’s a start anyway.

    Pick the lock, get these loose enough that I can let them slip off. We reentered the building, and I saw the cells, full of men beside me, shields around them, some in groups, others alone in a room. Keep walking. Act like nothing is wrong. Lots of different options for a potential escape, I willed myself to just let it pass by, another grate, a person coming by for me to take. She didn’t warn me against a single one. I wasn’t planning on aacting on them either....

    We walked a hallway, nowhere for me to really head even if I did. It’d be idiotic for me to try something here... But on the off chance.... If she can’t see all the future then I’m doomed anyway. But to hell if I go down without a fight. First... Get her attention on me on not future me. “If I tell you what we’re here for, will you let us go?” She stopped, turned around with an eye raised, and I leaped on her, fast as I could, in sight of cameras, I wasn’t even on her before the alarms started blaring. But better yet, she looked surprised, bringing up the remote too late, as I landed on her, one hand gripping her wrist while the other balled into a fist and slammed into her throat. As she almost choked from that, I wrested the remote and threw it off somewhere, before sipping my bonds off. “Didn’t see that one did you!?” I yelled out before picking her up, grabbing her by the neck, and extending my claws just enough to almost but not quite pierce her skin.

    “Let’s go on a trip seer!” I said, she barely had room to even speak as I began to practically drag her back across, the troops were already there. I had a hostage in my case, they couldn’t shoot me without killing her... And I’m willing to bet they place a lot more importance on her than on me, long as I have her, they don’t do anything.

    Slowly walk, I announced this “You shoot, she dies. Now back up.” I said, slowly walking forward with my new hostage, Kinikia Jackson. They were hesitant but they began to back up. “You’re an idiot if you think you’ll get far.” Kinikia muttered through clenched teeth. “Big words from an oracle that got jumped in her own base.” I responded as we walked out... “Where’s the nearest air vehicle?” Nothing. My claws extended just a bit, making her bleed out as it pierced the skin before retracting. “If I can’t escape, you can be sure I’m taking you with me.” Hesitantly she gave in, “Past the interrogation chamber there’s an elevator. The hanger is on the third floor down.” “Good girl.” I said to her, smirking all the while as we began to head out. Continue walking, guns all around us, but they knew not to shoot. We eventually got to the elevator, head it down to floor B3. Down we went, much as I wanted to get through... If there’s ever a point to get around me, it’s now. Kinikia was sweating, stress must be beginning to get to her. That’s fine. “We got a good twenty floors down, just what is down here Ms. Jackson?” She didn’t respond. “Don’t worry, maybe I’ll find out myself.” Before she could use that damn future sight, when we were at floor B2, I slammed her head into the wall, knocking her out.

    I cut through the ceiling of the elevator, and then cut the room. Enough time for them to start focusing on losing their seer instead of me. And hopefully she’d die once the elevator fell all the way to the bottom. I on the other hand leaped to the side, cutting the rope with a smooth swipe of my claws. Into the ducts I went, fast as I could, with the sirens blaring still, I could go fast as I could without worrying about sound. Out, into a plane on the bottom, I got in, hijacked it, and flew oft into the city...

    Rest of my team was dead or captured, and eventually they’d get an answer from them. No I had to be quick, I thought as I flew off, fast as this plane could, crashing it into the outskirts of the metropolis, our target... Nothing but my clothes and claws... Couldn’t just walk in and take it now either, but hopefully, I could sneak through... Now to find it, the core of this city’s power... A material, mineral C-7b, locally known... As the unobtanium core...

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