Much of the world has changed over the last several decades. People have received supernatural and superhuman abilities that have allowed them to do as much as they wanted, with no one being able to stop them for good. Or at least, not quick enough, before they ruined as much of the world as they did.

Areas surrounding the Americas have been contaminated beyond repair. Countless innocent lives have been taken and numerous species have been driven into extinction. Though around the Galápagos Islands, one creature could be said to remain alive, albeit endangered. Due to excessive poaching and the usual oil spill, marine iguanas soon became extinct or mutated into creatures that could not sustain themselves or even breathe or live properly. One individual, however, survived and grew in size to enormous proportions, becoming one of the first confirmed giant monsters on Earth.

Much of the world's nuclear stockpile was used to take care of this problem in these times where anxiety and cowardice took over most decisions. Many fatal choices were made, further angering the mutant, nicknamed Knucker by crazy US fanatics and Cipactli by south american locals, which drove it into a rampage that lasted over 5 years. The world's politicians and armies soon realized this wasn't an issue they should immediately deal with, as the creature had done plenty of good in all this harm, sealing dangerous active volcanoes, stepping on dangerous super criminals, etc. As simple minded as it was, it could be left alone and nothing would happen. It was just a large animal.

Few had survived the creature's onslaught, but those who'd had, claimed the monster was not just an animal, but one capable of human-like speech, something shrugged off by authorities as their fear speaking for them.

Despite having lost interest for the moment, they never lost track of the creature. It was last sighted near the seaboard of Sun City, passing by and ignoring the large populace, but driving a smaller but still relatively large shark-crocodile hybrid to shore through its sheer fearful presence.

Moving on up the coast, he finally stumbled upon a good place to rest... A small and respectably quiet town in the greater region of LA.