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Majin Nila's Audial Exhibition

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  • Majin Nila's Audial Exhibition

    For the people who remember Nila from 2013 on the original DBZF forum, they may also remember that Nila was interested in voice acting. While I've looked into the matter extensively, I just never pursued it professionally. However, I've been playing around with my voice for most of my life for fun. I began recording silly phrases, songs, and whatever else sprung to mind a few years ago. At some point I began compiling these recordings. Now, I have quite a few recordings amassed, and recently, began creating songs. These are purely intended for fun and are parodies. My knowledge has expanded since I first began compiling these audial instances, and quality has been improving ever since. Technically, the newest uploads should be the best in terms of quality. I primarily record on a phone, but I also have a couple of different tools at my disposal:

    1) Phone microphone
    2) Apogee MiC+
    3) Sennheiser MKH416
    4) Zoom H5 recorder, with Stereo Capsule and Shotgun Capsule


    If you care to listen, I hope you can enjoy and get a kick out of my work. I've done this primarily for myself because I found it to be very enjoyable, and am looking for ways to continually improve. If you have constructive criticism to offer, feel free to share!

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    Cool how many YouTube videos you have over that specific interest. I always thought it would be cool to be a voice actor in Funimation or something myself, even though I never followed through with the idea.