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Emmanuelle Santiago Ribas (OC, Roleplay Potential) Origin Story

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  • Emmanuelle Santiago Ribas (OC, Roleplay Potential) Origin Story

    An origin story of sorts of my original character Emmanuelle Santiago Ribas. I will continue this every once in a while as I have some ideas for what to do further into the story. The end of the origin story is already in place, but for now this is the start:

    Hello, you.

    The Collective sent me on another mission yesterday. A dangerous fugitive had escaped a prisoner transport in Section 55 and because of my experience in that area I was assigned to the mission. Hubris was getting restless on the farm and was happy to be on board the spaceship. It’s a bit unusual for my employers to send me on a real-time mission since I’ve recently been assigned to time correction tasks. I suppose I can consider it a nice change of pace though I’d prefer the time travel tasks.
    I’m currently 2 hours out from Section 55 currently traveling through Section 72. I considered visiting Charlie on my way to the mission but I figured The Collective would be annoyed at another deflection so I’ll visit her once I’ve caught the fugitive.
    I haven’t eaten well recently, I’ve been restless and worried for no apparent reason. Could it be connected to my history with precognitive abilities? I’ve been developing it for some time but I don’t feel any closer to knowing the future. Hopefully whatever is coming up isn’t too serious and I can go back to The Collective without having to worry about being reprimanded.
    Anyway, I should go eat something and feed Hubris before I start rambling too much. It was nice talking to you again.


    Emmanuelle Santiago Ribas was an agent for an organization called The Collective. She came to a planet named Thaestea, although it was only referred to as Planet D in it’s galaxy, around 12 years ago. She was only 11 years old at the time but she was deemed talented for the type of work The Collective required. She was different from them. She had learned while traveling in time and space that she was considered ’humanoid’ in appearance and function with a few deviations which might be attributed to her training. The thaesteans naturally cyborgs as they would call it, though what exactly they meant by ’natural’ was not known to Emmanuelle. Her work consisted of tracking down criminals, locating missing or stolen equipment and fixing machinery either on her planet or on outposts owned or contracted by The Collective. But what she enjoyed most of all was traveling in time to fix anomalies or track down theft bandits. While traveling in time she liked to study time within reason where The Collective would allow it. She had learned much about time in and around Section 5 where her planet was situated, though she’d love to find out more about her own background, where she came from, because that had always bothered her.
    Her current mission was to track down a fugitive named Ewan Racine. He was responsible for much destruction and sorrow in Section 23 which was a mostly peaceful galaxy. He was the most wanted criminal in that section and had recently been captured in a high effort operation by the section’s galaxial police. A lot of wealthy individuals had donated to the operation to get as much equipment and training as possible to catch the talented and terrible Ewan Racine. When Ewan Racine had escaped the highly secured prisoner transport that was enroute to the most secure prison planet in the entire universe they had desperately called The Collective for help. Emmanuelle had been sent on this mission which was considered of moderate importance. Emmanuelle was considered above average in skill but not nearly as experienced and talented as some other agents.
    She was actually not the first choice for this mission, strangely they had initially chosen an agent named Yishah which was considered by Emmanuelle and many other agents as less talented and skilled than Emmanuelle herself. While on his way home from a mission he was attacked by scavengers and been injured seriously enough that he had to spend some weeks at the hospital.
    The only reason Emmanuelle took the job was because of the money which was quite handsome.

    Soon enough she was approaching the borders of Section 55. The sections, also named galaxies, were separated by border controls where every private ship had to stop by to verify permissions and intentions. This would be a formality only for Emmanuelle considering she had permission to travel in pretty much every section to begin with. She also had an encrypted tablet which served as further permissions directly from The Collective explaining what business she had in that section. She stopped by one of the border boots and was hailed by the patroller in the boot.
    «Please show permission and state your intent.», the patroller said sternly. Emmanuelle had been through this thousands of times before. She placed her tablet in the socket on her dashboard and then spoke back. «Agent Emmanuelle Santiago Ribas, tracking a prisoner who escaped in this section.», she said matter-of-factly. A couple of seconds past, which was normal, before the patroller said something. «You are permitted to enter Section 55, please consider the rules and behave. Good luck in your endeavors, agent Ribas.», the patroller said almost flatly. Not surprising. This job must be pretty boring, thought Emmanuelle. As soon as she had docked next to the boot she was on her way into Section 55. Emmanuelle imagined it would still take a few hours before she caught up with the prisoner transport so she decided to meditate in that time. Hubris was sleeping in his bed next to the cockpit.


    italic text indicates diary entries.
    normal text is the story as it's happening.

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    In her meditation she always had the same place she imagined. Green pastures, a lone tree of some description that rose roughly 20 meters into the air. She had been to planets with rich plantation before, most of them thick luscious jungles, but never had she seen such a tree before and never alone on a meadow of grass. She figured it must be one of her few childhood memories from the planet she was born. The wind was blowing weakly, just the right amount to make Emmanuelle feel comfortable. Her precognition abilities sometimes played into her meditation unintentionally and often had messages she didn’t understand. Today was no exception as a woman that had visited her in her dreams before appeared before her. She never said anything, she just stood in front of her smiling proudly. Emmanuelle always imagined it was her mother despite not looking like her. Today like other times she disappeared after some time without anything new happening and Emmanuelle came out of meditation feeling refreshed and somehow disappointed at the same time.

    She stood up after her meditation and checked the time, she had been meditating for 2 hours which was decent for her. Hubris was at the window looking out which meant he was ready to eat so Emmanuelle got up and walked to the storage room which Hubris noticed and followed with anticipation. The storage room was full of various things but mostly food for herself and Hubris. A mysterious package she had had for some 2 years now was still sitting in storage even though Collective mandate says if nobody claims it within 2 months you should throw it out. Something inside told her she needed to keep a hold of it so she’s kept it and had not looked in it all this time. Once she was sufficiently distracted by the package she grabbed a can of ’Hubris’ food and exited the storage room. With Hubris following her excitedly she walked over to a counter with different tools and used a can opener to open the can of food. Then she poured it into Hubris’ bowl. He started eating impatiently as usual while Emmanuelle walked over to the cockpit and sat down in her pilot chair to check on how things were with the ship. Plenty of fuel since she filled the ship up when she left, all readings were normal aside from the hyperdrive which had been disabled for 6 months due to unauthorized use. She figured she would see the prison transport very soon.

    About 20 minutes later she saw the prison transport which was standing still over the prison planet which was it’s destination. As she came within range Emmanuelle turned on the communication device to contact the transport. «Agent Ribas contacting Prison Transport 10 on behalf of The Collective. Please respond.», she made her present clear. «Prison Transport 10 responding. This is Captain Bartlow.», a male voice responded. «Requesting transfer above your vessel, Captain», she said. «Please give us your ship designation and stand on transfer hub.», the Captain responded. «Designation number is D5CS732.», she complied. Then she got up and walked to the transfer hub. Hubris looked at Emmanuelle for confirmation whether he would come along or not. «Please stay here, Hubris. This shouldn’t take long», she said to him. He wimpered and laid down in his bed. «Ready to transfer», she said in her earpiece. Within seconds she was transferred onto the prison transport. Two people were there to greet her, a man with decorations on his uniform and another younger man with no decorations but a big hat. Emmanuelle walked over to the decorated man who was holding out his hand. «Welcome aboard, Agent. I’m Captain Virgil Bartlow.», he greeted her. She shook his hand. «Agent Emmanuelle Santiago Ribas», she responded. She looked at the young man which the Captain took notice of. «This is an intern here. He transferred here some months ago. He’s one of 4 people still left on the vessel, the rest of the crew is enjoying some well-earned comforts on the planet. Pay him no mind», the Captain said warmly. Emmanuelle got a good feeling from the Captain, he was an honest honorable man. She didn’t get anything from the intern. «Can I please see the prisoner’s cell?», she asked politely. «Of course, follow me», the captain said and walked out of the transfer room.

    As they walked through the corridors she noticed weary signs of battle; Dents, dirt marks and even some blood remaining even after they had tried to clean the place up. «Are these dents and marks from when the prisoner staged his escape?», she asked the Captain. «Most recently yes, but seeing as this is one of the older vessels there is also damage from long ago.», the Captain explained. The intern grunted and Emmanuelle took note of that. Soon they came into a more open area with some 40 cells. There was one cell in particular that was on it’s lonesome and it seemed to have more advanced locks and mechanisms, Emmanuelle presumed that was the one Ewan Racine was originally in. And indeed that was the cell she was being led to. «This is where the prisoner Ewan Racine resided during transport.», the Captain said matter-of-factly before he unlocked the cell door by putting in a code and a confirmation key. He stepped aside and reached out his arm as if to say enter. Emmanuelle walked into the cell and took a look around. Not too much of interest here. A less than comfortable looking bed, a run-down toilet, window with bars and impenetrable glass outside the bars and the most notable thing at first glance a deck of playing cards on the floor by the bed. She ignored the playing card for now and walked over to the window. For a ship this old the bars were predictably worn but still sturdy, the glass was dirty and there were distinct markings on the stone window frames, nothing worth remembering. She turned to the captain and intern. «You’ve checked the bed and the toilet?», she asked them. «Naturally. While we don’t get many breakouts we have mandatory checks of the beds and toilets every day.», the Captain responded. «What’s with the deck of cards?», she asked. «The prisoner was allowed one non-lethal item in the cell and he brought a deck of cards.», the Captain said. «Quite innocent, huh?», Emmanelle asked rhetorically as she picked up the deck of cards. She looked at it and didn’t see anything suspicious. Then she opened the pack and looked at the cards. She shuffled through them and noticed one card in particular seemed off. She felt it and noticed something was inside it. She looked at the top of the card and noticed a little cut. She tore the card and found a small lock pick inside. She showed it to the Captain and the intern. «What the Xar*?», the Captain said and approached Emmanuelle. He looked at the small pick. «That sneaky devil...», the Captain said with a low voice. «That would explain how he overcame the key aspect of the lock.», Emmanuelle said. «Indeed», the Captain agreed. Emmanuelle got up and inspected the locking mechanisms on the door. She looked at the code display. «Who has the code to this cell?», she asked. «Aside from me, the other Captain and the prison planet Warden.», the Captain answered. «Why the Warden?», Emmanuelle asked. «Part of the planetary agreement. He has access to all codes to all the cells on all the transports. I doubt he looks at them very often though.» the Captain explained. «Okay, I know enough from being in this room and investigating a little bit.», Emmanuelle said and walked back out of the cell. «Where to next?», the Captain asked. «I need some more information on the prisoner.», Emmanuelle said. «To my office then.», the Captain responded.


    * Xar is that galaxy’s equivalent of God.
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      Emmanuelle got a memory stick with information on the prisoner and decided to take it with her as she returned to her ship. The Captain had been very helpful, friendly and cooperative but she had mixed feelings about the intern. Hubris greeted her as she returned with his signature deep yips and she put the stick in the dashboard. A video came up explaining who Ewan Racine was, although Emmanuelle already knew most of the information the video would give. She went to the kitchen to get herself a cup of energy* while the video was playing. She wasn’t paying much attention to it since she already had a good idea where the prisoner was going; There was a part of the universe, a relatively small galaxy, which the Collective had designated ’Section 455*’ which Ewan Racine hailed from. Like Emmanuelle, Ewan Racine was once an agent for an intergalactic bureau which policed a different part of the universe. Also like Emmanuelle he came into agent through external means. Nobody really knows Ewan Racine’s motives for turning to crime and murder, that’s why Emmanuelle was attracted to this specific assignment. She could hear generic information on Racine from the tape as she poured energy into a cup. She walked back to see Racine’s mug on the screen. He wasn’t a particularily attractive man, although the fact that he looked like Emmanuelle had a certain appeal. He had brown shoulder-length hair, green eyes, big and small scars all over his neck and face and a very very large nose. His nose was absurdly big, almost like it didn’t belong on his face. Emmanuelle took a sip of her hot drink. Hubris was biting on a toy he had on the ship which indicates he was in need of high activity, but he’d have to wait.

      Section 455, unbeknownst to Emmanuelle at this time, had a planet called ’Earth’, universally known as Terra, where she was originally from. This also happened to be where Ewan Racine was from though his story was quite different. What Emmanuelle did know was that she somehow knew she had to go there, this based on a hunch because the two of them looked similar. She knew about Section 455 and had heard that it’s inhabitants were humanoids that looked like herself, and like Ewan Racine so it seemed like a logical place to go. The Collective hadn’t given her a timeframe to get this done in so she could theoretically take all the time she wanted. She put down her cup on the dashboard table and set in course for Section 455. The dashboard also had an ETA module which showed 12 hours, which meant she had time for chores around the ship she had postponed and then a nap. The Collective had installed a revitalization machine in the ship which refreshed you in shorter time than regular sleep but Emmanuelle preferred the old-fashioned way. She got up, Hubris looked at her as she stretched, then she decided to walk to the back of the ship to fix some faulty wiring and machinery. The ship was working fine so the broken machinery wasn’t super important, but over time it could be a problem so it would be a good idea to fix during downtime.

      After 3 hours of fixing mostly wiring Emmanuelle went back to the front of the ship. Hubris was snoring away in his bed which Emmanuelle probably also should be doing. Time was pointless when space travelling but the internal clock still knew when sleep was needed. She walked to the dashboard to check how things were going and to grab that cup of energy she left there. After confirming that everything was running as intended she grabbed the cup which still contained a sliver of energy left and took it to the kitchen area. She poured the remaining liquid into a machine that recycled pretty much any waste into renewable energy for the ship. She cleaned the cup and then put it back in the cupboard before heading off to bed. She never undressed when sleeping and rarely used her blankets. She fell asleep almost instantly.

      «Emma...». «Emmanuelle.». She could hear a womanly voice calling out to her. She was by that tree that sat among a field of green grass again. Familiar surroundings but eerily different just because of the voice. She looked to the right to see a small house with what Emmanuelle thought was a barn and a contraption that the wind moved (windmill). A woman, the same woman Emmanuelle had seen in her dreams before, was standing in front of the door. Emmanuelle walked over to her. The woman was smiling and had tears in her eyes. «What’s wrong?», Emmanuelle asked her. The woman didn’t answer, at first. She touched Emmanuelle’s face and stroked her chin. Emmanuelle had never felt such warmth before. «Look me up when you get here.», the woman said. «Look you- What do you mean?», Emmanuelle asked with confusion in her voice. «Two words. Lindsay, Oklahoma.», the woman said cryptically. Before Emmanuelle could ask another question the woman disappeared, then the house. She turned around and saw the entire surrounding disappear. Then everything became black.


      italic text indicates diary entries.
      normal text is the story as it's happening.
      Blue Verdana text indicates a dream sequence.


      * Essentially a cup of coffee, just a slight poorer quality all together.

      * The galaxies are sectioned after importance and scale:
      Section 1-10 = Most important. Section 1 is where the Collective has it’s planet and HQ.
      Section 11-150 = High priority. Based on wealth and development.
      Section 151-300 = Medium priority.
      Section 301-500 = Low priority.
      Section 501-??? = No priority based on development.

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        Emmanuelle woke up to the ship’s systems blaring and Hubris barking and growling. Her dream must’ve completely overshadowed her reflexes but she shot up very quickly and dashed to the cockpit. She had run into space pirates. She checked which section she was in and as she suspected it was a section between 250 and 300, which would have scavengers like these. Her ship wouldn’t be damaged much in the skirmish because their ships were much less technological, primitive would be an apt word. As they had lesser technology they also had no way to contact Emmanuelle on her ship so no actual communication was coming in, but they had wasted no time in attacking with their cannons. Plasma bombs were coming in hot and made direct impact, though despite that the ship’s hull intergrity was unchanged so still at 100%. «Damnit, I’ve been careless.», Emmanuelle said to herself. She didn’t want to return fire but likewise she couldn’t let other sections find out about superior beings existing somewhere, there was a natural progression to these things according to The Collective. «I suppose the section wouldn’t miss a bunch of pirating scavengers...», Emmanuelle said and looked at the firing button. She contemplated for a few seconds before sending a way several missiles that completely obliterated the 3 ships. Emmanuelle would come to regret that later, but for now she continued her journey to Section 455. Hubris had calmed down though he had been barking like mad and wimpering at the slight shaking the plasma bombs caused the ship. He laid back in his bed while Emmanuelle started a diagnostic run of the ship as it was normal procedure after an altercation like this. She knew nothing wrong would show up since the ships she fought were of such a lesser technology it really did nothing to her. Diagnostic came up squeaky clean and she also noticed they were only about 45 minutes away from section 455. She decided to set an alarm and take a nap.

        The alarm went off 38 minutes later as she had put it as and she had managed to get some sleep. She got up from her bed and decided to grab a box of provisions to eat before whatever may happen in section 455. She grabbed a fork from the drawer before walking to the cockpit to sit down and watch her approach to the section. As she opened the box the ship performed an automated search for lifeforms. It took the computer a few minutes so Emmanuelle was able to eat pretty much everything in the box. The automated search came up with lifeforms on only one planet called ’Terra’, with other names being ’Tellus’ and ’Earth’. Emmanuelle realized Earth means rock, which is found in abundance around all the sections. She smiled coyly and turned to Hubris. «We have our course, Hubris.», she said to the dog who had noticed her looking at him and raised his head. He responded to her by tilting his head. Emmanuelle manually took control of the ship and steered it towards the planet that was 3rd away from this section’s star. It didn’t take long before she turned around a red planet and saw the blue little dot in the distance. As she approached it she noticed how beautiful it was and she got a warm fuzzy feeling inside. The planet had one moon which was basically just a big rock. She stopped her ship and scanned the planet and moon. The scan estimated the planet had roughly 7.5 billion intelligent lifeforms. Curiously the moon had 1 lifeform despite not having an atmosphere. «Racine?», Emmanuelle said to herself. She felt this was bad news because if it was Ewan Racine he was on that moon for a reason. Did he anticipate her arriving here? Emmanuelle would get her answer almost instantly as she saw a small dot coming from the moon and approached her at high speed. The ship belonged to the technology of Section 23 and it fired torpedoes towards her. These ships were of high enough quality that it could do some serious damage to Emmanuelle’s ship if the torpedoes hit directly so she quickly reacted to this by making evasive manouveurs. The torpedoes narrowly missed but they served as distractions as Racine blasted past her to try to get away. Emmanuelle wasn’t gonna let that happen though and with superior speed she quickly pursued him. Racine realized how futile it was to try to get away so he performed his own evasive manouveur and headed straight back for ’Terra’. She quickly turned around and pursued him back towards the planet, but what she didn’t see coming was a 180 turn by Racine who fired another set of torpedoes towards her. She was in full speed which meant she couldn’t get away in time, but she tried to turn on instinct. The torpedoes did hit her ship in the side which caused massive damage. For reasons she couldn’t understand or explain the ship had lost all power and was sailing towards the planet. The shaking had thrown Emmanuelle to the floor and Hubris was yipping and barking nervously. She got up and headed to her equipment to grab what she could to save herself and Hubris. She had emergency teleporters which would teleport you to the nearest planet but she only had one left. She looked at Hubris and realized she had to give it to him since he didn’t have the intelligence to save himself in a situation like this. She grabbed it and placed it on Hubris’ collar. «Baby, you’re gonna be in a strange place once I press this button. Please don’t panic and try to stay hidden. I will find you!», she told him. While he didn’t have the intelligence to save himself in space, he did have the intelligence to understand her language and he appeared to be calming down. He licked her. «You big softy... I’ll see you on the other side, bud.», she said, looked him into the eyes one last time and clicked the button. He disappeared into thin air which was the purpose of the item. She grabbed herself a space-suit with jet-fuel propellers and weapons that were holstered at the side. She also grabbed an item that had short-range teleport capabilities which she had used in different situations and the time-travelling device which she had been assigned as an agent. After quickly suiting up she looked out the window and saw she was rapidly approaching the planet’s stratosphere. She ran to her bedroom and grabbed a few select sentimental items which included her diary and put it in the suit’s bag. She then ran to the end of the ship, clicked two buttons one of which opened the back of the ship. She jumped out into space towards the planet, turned around to see the effect of the second button which was to encase the ship in protective matter. She had done this hoping to save the vessel and she’d learn later if she had managed it because she had a ship tracking device on her person. In all of this chaos she hadn’t realized that Ewan Racine had piloted his ship down towards the planet. She heard a large pop as she entered the planet’s atmosphere and began falling more rapidly thanks to gravity. She kept falling for a bit while the suit told her it was protecting her from the heat the rapid speed at which she was falling was causing. She looked down and saw a lot of liquid on the planet’s surface, clear blue liquid. She also saw actual land which looked relatively green, which would have to be her landing target. She had no idea what the liquid was and even though she didn’t suspect it was dangerous she didn’t take any chances. She started the jet-fuelled propellers and tried to steer herself and reduce the speed at which she was falling. As she was getting closer to the surface she had been able to steer herself over the green land below. However because of the strained work the suit was asked to do it had a malfunction which made one of the two propellers stop working. Emmanuelle started spinning out of control and she intermittently saw herself coming closer and closer to the surface and before she could think of what to do she heard a big thud and she blacked out.
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