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Emmanuelle Santiago Ribas (OC, Roleplay Potential) Origin Story

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  • Emmanuelle Santiago Ribas (OC, Roleplay Potential) Origin Story

    An origin story of sorts of my original character Emmanuelle Santiago Ribas. I will continue this every once in a while as I have some ideas for what to do further into the story. The end of the origin story is already in place, but for now this is the start:

    Hello, you.

    The Collective sent me on another mission yesterday. A dangerous fugitive had escaped a prisoner transport in Section 55 and because of my experience in that area I was assigned to the mission. Hubris was getting restless on the farm and was happy to be on board the spaceship. It’s a bit unusual for my employers to send me on a real-time mission since I’ve recently been assigned to time correction tasks. I suppose I can consider it a nice change of pace though I’d prefer the time travel tasks.
    I’m currently 2 hours out from Section 55 currently traveling through Section 72. I considered visiting Charlie on my way to the mission but I figured The Collective would be annoyed at another deflection so I’ll visit her once I’ve caught the fugitive.
    I haven’t eaten well recently, I’ve been restless and worried for no apparent reason. Could it be connected to my history with precognitive abilities? I’ve been developing it for some time but I don’t feel any closer to knowing the future. Hopefully whatever is coming up isn’t too serious and I can go back to The Collective without having to worry about being reprimanded.
    Anyway, I should go eat something and feed Hubris before I start rambling too much. It was nice talking to you again.


    Emmanuelle Santiago Ribas was an agent for an organization called The Collective. She came to a planet named Thaestea, although it was only referred to as Planet D in it’s galaxy, around 12 years ago. She was only 11 years old at the time but she was deemed talented for the type of work The Collective required. She was different from them. She had learned while traveling in time and space that she was considered ’humanoid’ in appearance and function with a few deviations which might be attributed to her training. The thaesteans naturally cyborgs as they would call it, though what exactly they meant by ’natural’ was not known to Emmanuelle. Her work consisted of tracking down criminals, locating missing or stolen equipment and fixing machinery either on her planet or on outposts owned or contracted by The Collective. But what she enjoyed most of all was traveling in time to fix anomalies or track down theft bandits. While traveling in time she liked to study time within reason where The Collective would allow it. She had learned much about time in and around Section 5 where her planet was situated, though she’d love to find out more about her own background, where she came from, because that had always bothered her.
    Her current mission was to track down a fugitive named Ewan Racine. He was responsible for much destruction and sorrow in Section 23 which was a mostly peaceful galaxy. He was the most wanted criminal in that section and had recently been captured in a high effort operation by the section’s galaxial police. A lot of wealthy individuals had donated to the operation to get as much equipment and training as possible to catch the talented and terrible Ewan Racine. When Ewan Racine had escaped the highly secured prisoner transport that was enroute to the most secure prison planet in the entire universe they had desperately called The Collective for help. Emmanuelle had been sent on this mission which was considered of moderate importance. Emmanuelle was considered above average in skill but not nearly as experienced and talented as some other agents.
    She was actually not the first choice for this mission, strangely they had initially chosen an agent named Yishah which was considered by Emmanuelle and many other agents as less talented and skilled than Emmanuelle herself. While on his way home from a mission he was attacked by scavengers and been injured seriously enough that he had to spend some weeks at the hospital.
    The only reason Emmanuelle took the job was because of the money which was quite handsome.

    Soon enough she was approaching the borders of Section 55. The sections, also named galaxies, were separated by border controls where every private ship had to stop by to verify permissions and intentions. This would be a formality only for Emmanuelle considering she had permission to travel in pretty much every section to begin with. She also had an encrypted tablet which served as further permissions directly from The Collective explaining what business she had in that section. She stopped by one of the border boots and was hailed by the patroller in the boot.
    «Please show permission and state your intent.», the patroller said sternly. Emmanuelle had been through this thousands of times before. She placed her tablet in the socket on her dashboard and then spoke back. «Agent Emmanuelle Santiago Ribas, tracking a prisoner who escaped in this section.», she said matter-of-factly. A couple of seconds past, which was normal, before the patroller said something. «You are permitted to enter Section 55, please consider the rules and behave. Good luck in your endeavors, agent Ribas.», the patroller said almost flatly. Not surprising. This job must be pretty boring, thought Emmanuelle. As soon as she had docked next to the boot she was on her way into Section 55. Emmanuelle imagined it would still take a few hours before she caught up with the prisoner transport so she decided to meditate in that time. Hubris was sleeping in his bed next to the cockpit.


    italic text indicates diary entries.
    normal text is the story as it's happening.