This is a series of data packets from Spy Network Anasi. Led by Equilibrium agent Jay Starreta, the purpose of this operation was to spread into the Eternal Empire from known universes under their dominion and uncover as much information as possible. Primary goal was to uncover the Empress' identity, secondary is to map out the Eternal Empire's reach. The full collection of all data packets is in file #65983, these are a collection of particularly important packets.

Packet #3: beginning infiltration is difficult. This One has been lucky in that one of the aquatic planets within their universe is home to the Hanar, and even more so has remained remarkably unchanged. This One has taken the role of a citizen signing up to the bureaucracy. Conditions on planet and larger galaxy are similar to that of This One’s home universe. The Eternal Empire has a more or less hands off perspective, however it has been taking apart the Mass Relays of this universe, replacing them with relays of their own creation. Knowing what happened to my world when they activated, it could be that they are attempting to prevent its use as a weapon. Will give more information on particulars, but This One’s analysis of local history suggests that of economic domination and political subversion as opposed to military dominance as we assumed.

Packet #43: The fringes are barely connected to the rest of the Empire, throughout my studies and infiltration there has been little in the way of traffic in and out, Packet #32 suggested that the traffic in and out of the fringe universes are small, but when they do happen they bring enough material to form a galactic base and secure control over the realm in question. These can vary, in some this is entire navies, in my ownworld it is a collection of mages, knights, and martial artists meant to win the Mortal Kombat tournaments. However, I have found the portal being used, scanners indicate this universe is not catalogued by Equilibrium, the implication is rather unsettling.

Packet #82: It has been a year local time, and we’ve infiltrated the Eternal Empire’s bureaucracy beyond the strictly local level. We are essentially dealing with a colonial bureaucracy. The mission is to observe, but they have been moving massive amounts of people and resources into these fringe universes as they are called, as they end up further into the process they become fortified and absorbed into the Empire proper, as collected from a series of documents and handbooks, suggesting this is a common occurrence. Recommending second wave of spies, to infiltrate further within the Eternal Empire.

Packet # 111: The Eternal Empire is divided into several ‘regions.’ The term seems odd when dealing with multiverses, but due to how the multiverse has organized, with certain multiverses having easier access to others, yet more having one way directions, and so on, there is a way to map out the multiverse. Currently we are in the Expanse, a large amount of closely knit interconnected universes, but they funnel into the Corridor of Sunset. There is a Core at the center as well, it is likely the Empress resides there.

Packet #168: The deeper one goes into the expanse, the closer you go to the Core, the more the influence of the Eternal Empire is clear, whereas other worlds closer to the fringe reflected their home universe, the closer one gets, the more difficult it is to determine the original nature of the universe. I’ve only just figured out that this world’s nature is akin to my own world. I couldn’t even tell it was Gaea at first, the space stations and terraforming had transformed it so utterly, with what was once Gaea now being a city-wide metropolis. I only found this out idly looking at some old maps, only to see our landmarks. The people of Gaea are a minority within their own home here, with most of the planet being a host of a thousand thousand different species. It also means we will have less of a grounding for what to expect as we go deeper into it. Strangely enough despite the Empress being such a critical figure, I have yet to see any imagery of her, anywhere. I have reason to believe the Empress is entirely fictional. Will update as more is found.

Packet #199: Even nearer to the core in the Expanse, the worlds each have very different cultures to it despite the colonization and terraforming. It may be incorrect entirely to describe the Eternal Empire as one culture. Packet #168 pointed at an urban metropolis of a cosmopolitan sort, but this one has been a rigid society of warriors with an extensive slave race, dominated entirely by the Hanar. This One furthermore suggests that the Eternal Empress is not a figure of mythological significance, but more historical significance, bringing together disparate groups. How is unknown, history tends to be limited to the local or regional level, with little about the Empire as a whole.

Packet #543: I’ve managed to infiltrate their military, de-aging myself into a child and getting recruited into their barracks. This node in particular seems to prefer raising children from adolescence to adulthood to be soldiers. I’ve maintained cover for 20 years local time, and have become an aide to the military commander for the region. Unlikely to be noticed but privy to important information, I have sent information on several battalions, armies, navies, etc in this packet. With that said, these are only a fraction, and it is suggested there is far more. Caution regarding the Eternal Empire is recommended, we are looking at an administration more extensive than ours potentially, taking a similar scope of the multiverse but also working on smaller levels. I’ve been stuck with organizing papers regarding commercial goods delivered in particular universes, including coffee beans to worlds without trees.

Packet #647: The Corridor of Sunset is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful worlds I’ve seen. The Cosmos are alive with stars and nebula in such a manner that simply looking out provides an incredible view. Every planet as the name suggests seems perpetually in sunset, and space is travelled with ships of wood and fabric rather than metal. With that said, every so often you can see more conventional ships being dragged by these fabric ships across the cosmos to their destination in the expanse, fabric ships carry more conventional cargo. However, the fact that these fabric ships are how one sails here, suggests that our own fleet is not equipped for combat here, which presents a problem if we are ever needed to take more than strike times against the Eternal Empire.

Packet #1103: Cities than span entire multiverses. Not merely universes but multiverses, an urban center that is in of itself constantly shifting and expanding and changing is one of the first things one sees exiting the Corridor of Sunset. As far as I’m aware me and precious few have made it this far, and yet the enormity of the task is becoming more intimidating. We have significantly underestimated the size of the Eternal Empire. This particular city is larger than most multiversal clusters. Night and Day have no particular meaning here, as the sky is taken up by more urban sprawl. Striking here could mire us in urban warfare for millenia.

Packet #1111: Some spies have been uncovered in the Expanse. We do not know how, and as far as we are aware they have not cracked the network in its entirety. However they know they are being spied upon. Move with caution.

Packet #1523: An associate of mine has warned me that I am being watched. Since then I’ve been careful to appear normal, and find my tracker. Today I’ve found them. I tracked them down and figured out their identity. It was Abbey Keido. It is likely a clone, but that makes some disturbing implications, as they have been a citizen of the Endless Empire since Birth.

Packet #1743: I was eventually able to frame them for my own actions, they won’t be a problem for this infiltration anymore, but it needs to be remarked that they are still alive. If they are like the Abbey I’ve known, I should keep an extraction strategy on hand. Even with my Guardian Forces I can’t match Abbey in raw power, nor would I wish to exercise something like that during an infiltration.

Packet #1950: I have been asked by a high ranking official to accompany them after we saved a universe. I realize I was supposed to infiltrate, but a universe full of people was at stake. In any case I’ve ended up ingratiating myself with a high ranking official who has promised to take me to the core. There I should be able to finally find some information on the Empress, given they speak of them as an official, and with little respect that one would expect for a diety.

Packet # 1976: The Official is the Empress. The network has been compromised, and by their information has been since we passed the Corridor of Sunset. Begin Extraction strategies, do not send more data packets through here. They allowed me to send a message, but I can’t be certain about the rest.