Background: The Year is 2050. Peace on Earth is finally absolute. A vast majority agrees on cleaning up the contamination spread across the globe, but the governments in charge are still filthy. Though they agree on getting rid of all nuclear weapons, this is a lie, as suspected by many. Lesser countries go with this plan, and they dump all of their most dangerous weapons down the Mariana Trench. Even the United States and Russia toss some of their own nukes in there, but their carelessness results in all of the bombs going off at once. The initial fireball fries most creatures in the vacinity, but the radiation allows for life to continue, but this isn't particularly pretty life, and unfortunately for humanity, it's too smart for its own good.

A new species, a mutant, of something akin to a giant anglerfish with octopus-like tendrils, supposedly a forced hybrid between the Seadevil Anglerfish and the Dumbo Octopus, emerges from the depths. Not alone, but in packs of dozens. It has gained unnatural resilience and cognitive abilities, stalking humans while hidden in dark parts of beaches, so small disappearances are never suspected to have been done by them. Their combined strength is enough to tear through any and all submarines they detect in their range of vision, smell or potentially, sonar. In this respect, they're unmatched among marine life forms, being able to sense anything for tens of kilometers, similar to a whale. When they moved to the Arctics and cracked the poles to make the sea levels rise and cause a world wide catastrophe, it was too late, as very few humans had come to learn of their existence.

Much of Earth's land was entirely covered, and what remained of humanity was eaten by these monsters.

PS: Other backgrounds can be made up to better fit the RP.

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Description: They can measure up to 12 meters in length and weigh anywhere from 600 to 3000 kg, and as they have adapted to land and no longer require conventional breathing, can stand 4-5 meters tall. They're not particularly fast on land as they are underwater (65 kph/40 mph) but they can still catch a human by using all of their tendrils together as if it were a snake's body, slithering across the ground.

Behaviour: Unparalleled in intelligence, they act as overconfident pack hunters with a clear alpha but no beta or omega. Their desire to extinguish humans boils down to the pain they suffer given their mutations, but do not target any other species for consumption. There are countless humans and few of them, so by the time they are done reducing their numbers to zero, they will be old enough to allow death's sweet release.

Abilities: The first ability they gained through their mutation was a psychic link spreading across all of their kin, which they may be able to use offensively on humans but choose not to, rather they prefer to skewer and crush them with their jaws or constrict them with their tendrils. Though their skin is very tough, enough to survive the changes in pressure from the ocean's depths to the surface or take ordinary fire arms without much issue, they are not indestructible and must be careful when dealing with armed humans, and thankfully, they have the required cunning to survive even the most dangerous encounters.

PS: Inspired by the Jim Henson angler fish monster animatronic "The Fame Monster" for Lady Gaga's "The Monster Ball Tour" and this theme:

Darth Xeno

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Background: Upon discovery of the Xenomorph species, Darth Sidious began to experiment on them, fascinated by their strange and unique biology and genetic make-up. He knew an army of these creatures would be the most lethal force in the Universe, and Sidious wanted it for himself. However, even after reaching the species' homeworld, he could not force them to bow to their will. Though intelligent, these creatures remaind feral, and no amount of powerful telepathy would break their hivemind-like behaviour. That's when Sidious decided to betray his most powerful student at the time, Darth Vader, by experimenting their breeding method on him in order to make a stronger and smarter variant of the Xenomorph, dubbed Darth Xeno by Sidious himself. He would be the first of a new kind hell-bent on serving Sidious, and this process would be repeated millions of times through cloning. Unfortunately for him, this new apprentice of his was still under the Queen's influence, and approached his former master in his sleep. He had originally planned to let a facehugger lay a chestburster, but changed his mind and instead crushed the facehugger on top of Sidious' face, burning his head completely and killing him without the chance of transfering his essence.

Darth Xeno took control over the Galactic Empire and allowed his kind's population to grow, but without the Queen's leadership in mind. He claimed complete control over the hierarchy and became a new cast, a King. The other Xenomorphs would have to obey him, by force if necessary.

Moonstone Man a.k.a. Mr. Double M

A prideful entity that emerged from the Earth's Moon thousands of years ago, the self-called Moonstone Man travels throughout realms that tend to keep getting into trouble or be destroyed, acting as sort of a bad omen or warning sign for all life on the cosmos, which isn't really his fault, mostly a coincidence, unless he triggered the events incidentally. He himself isn't a threat unless provoked, but boasts incredible power of unknown limits. At first sight, he doesn't appear to be much, a humanoid of average height made out of a moonstone-like crystal, and his prideful yet jolly personality doesn't make him out to be a threatening being, just a tourist that enjoys seeing new things.

Gr'tozz - The Screaming Singer

An eldritch abomination of galactic proportions, Gr'tozz travels the multiverse, singing life forms to their sleep with horrific screams that can't be heard, but felt, and causing nightmares that, if they go on for too long, can drive anyone insane to the point of suicide at most, or at the very least, create a cult in honor of Gr'tozz. Its limbs spread across every cosmos he visits, becoming connected with every world inhabited by creatures that sleep at day or night, consuming the joy their good dreams produce to please its hunger. Gr'tozz is not on the same level as its brethren, and instead chooses to mind its own business and flee if it ever encounters another like it.

Creatures to use in some dangerous planet

Dicephalusaurus: Two-headed dinosaur-like amphibian creature. Lives in humid areas and is hard to miss as it towers over trees. Somewhat timid and lacks predators due to its size, thus it's not very aggressive.

Psychic Tetraclops: Multi-eyed simians with bad temper and a sick sense of humor, especially the psychic variant of the creature, which uses its power to torment any prey it catches in various ways, such as making it jump off high structures, wasting a perfectly good meal.

Scorpions of Dagon: Semi-sentient lion-sized scorpion-like mammals who believe themselves to be servants of an underwater demonic deity. Both mouths possess toxic saliva, and the front pincers on its jaws can allow it to keep pumping more and more if it gets a hold of something.

Skinbats from the Depths: Cephalopods that have developed flight over millennia of evolution. They normally live in the ocean's deepest parts but may occasionally rise to the surface and come onto land to skin and suck the blood of any unlucky prey. Once all blood has been extracted, they tear off the skin of the prey and make it their own, absorbing it into their pale "suit".

Slimanoids: A peaceful race of human-sized gooey beings who offer no real threat and move only slightly faster than a tortoise. They have slightly more solid skeletons inside but even those are no more sollid than jelly.

Cavern Ghouls: Ghostly creatures of unknown origin and the natural predator of the Slimanoids, though they require no substance and don't really eat them, they simply splatter them onto their bioluminescent layer of skin which absorbs them into it. Though their bodies are solid, these ghouls can alter their body's density to become able to phase through damn near anything. They are many times larger than the Slimanoids, thus, much bigger than a human.

Spirit Trees: The natural predator of the Cavern Ghouls, a hybrid creature born with both plant and animal cells. It is among the slowest beings on the planet movement-wise (due to the fact that it is rooted deep into the ground), but can strike quickly upon anything within its reach, and since it already towers over the ghouls, its range is fairly large. Unlike the ghouls, they consume their prey through their mouths, and digest them inside the bolbous yellow deformities they have on their backs for long periods of time, anywhere from decades to centuries. They may attack other creatures in their vacinity, and even kill them, but they only eat Cavern Ghouls.

Medusa Marauders: Close relatives of the Spirit Trees, but much smaller in size, the Marauders possess higher levels of intelligence and may even be sentient, as they are capable of setting up traps for humans and similarly intelligent creatures alike, not just animals. They sting through the jaws at the end of their tentacles and have the ability to fly at relatively slow speeds, though they have unrivaled stamina, being able to chase after something for hours and in some cases days without tiring out. Since they have no visible mouths on their faces, they use the mouths at the ends of their tentacles to eat small chunks of flesh, as they don't require much sustenance thanks to their naturally immense endurance.

Spitifos: A large insect-like creature with a tough red exo-skeleton covered almost entirely by hair. It's active during the night and sleeps in caverns, sinkholes and other dark places during the day. The light spheres at the end of their antennae are thought to be eyes, but some think they are a different creature altogether, living in symbiotic relationship with the rest of the body, protecting it from hunters and poachers by shooting bolts of electricity. Only one specimen has been and is thought to be the last of its kind, making it a protected species.

Sonnetacea: One of the largest creatures ever discovered, the Sonnetacea are often confused with shooting stars due to their size and speed, comparable to small suns traveling at relativistic speeds, with bodies so massive even their young may have planets orbiting around their bodies. They act similar to whales, traveling in packs but sometimes alone, and their mating seasons happen at the hearts of supernovas. They are thought to be the source of magic and perhaps of life as a whole, as the red steam-like energy emitted from their eyes seems to create new planets out of asteroids floating in space, which begin to combine into a larger celestial body.

Vulx is a maniacal warlord of great power and ambition. He is part of the long extinct species feuerkreus nayraa, creatures evolved from crustaceans built to withstand the intense heat of their volcanic surroundings, making them virtually immune to all manner of temperature, be it incredibly high (it is said they could've even withstood living at the heart of a sun) or low thanks to their body temperature (no matter where they stood, the ground melted), and even adapted further beyond by merging with modern technology that became part of their system. Vulx is the last of his kind, and has been for thousands of years, but only up until relatively recently did he find a way to bring back his race. So far only the first step of his plan is known: To turn the world's surface into the neverending ocean of lava and death it once was, destroying anything too weak to survive.

He has amassed an army of golems created by his own magical prowess.

He knows various spells, and always has an aura around him that protects his underlings of his body heat, though still letting the smoke flow through his shoulders, since that's how he "breathes" in a manner of speaking. His second-in-command keeps everything in line while Vulx is not around, a human Vulx mutated into his puppet long ago (burning his body and fusing what remained of his skin with his bones), one that once went by the name of Vero. Having been created via Vulx' machinery and sorcery, this minion, renamed "Seox" (meaning 'follower of the one') by Vulx, possesses enough power to act as a one-man army if the golems were ever destroyed, unlikely as it may be given their ability to put themselves back together.

Seox was also gifted with an enhanced intellect, modifying slimanoids into various vicious soldiers, among other inventions that would aid his master.

Though his golems are numerous and quite powerful, he has personally done most of the work, including capturing every Invictusaurus (meaning unconquered reptile) on the planet.

There are two subspecies of Invictusaurus:

I. ftero̱tós (the four-legged winged subspecies) and I. dýopódia (the two-legged subspecies armed with sharp claws), both being extremely ferocious and territorial. Very sought out by hunters but far too hard to kill thanks to their regenerative abilities and large size. Entire landscapes and forests have been burned to the ground or sliced into timber whenever these two animals were challenged by another.


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Nature-driven bad guy. Reincarnated burned down forest. That's all I got for him so far.

Also this giant thing.

Under the ice by PE-Travers