Background: The Year is 2050. Peace on Earth is finally absolute. A vast majority agrees on cleaning up the contamination spread across the globe, but the governments in charge are still filthy. Though they agree on getting rid of all nuclear weapons, this is a lie, as suspected by many. Lesser countries go with this plan, and they dump all of their most dangerous weapons down the Mariana Trench. Even the United States and Russia toss some of their own nukes in there, but their carelessness results in all of the bombs going off at once. The initial fireball fries most creatures in the vacinity, but the radiation allows for life to continue, but this isn't particularly pretty life, and unfortunately for humanity, it's too smart for its own good.

A new species, a mutant, of something akin to a giant anglerfish with octopus-like tendrils, supposedly a forced hybrid between the Seadevil Anglerfish and the Dumbo Octopus, emerges from the depths. Not alone, but in packs of dozens. It has gained unnatural resilience and cognitive abilities, stalking humans while hidden in dark parts of beaches, so small disappearances are never suspected to have been done by them. Their combined strength is enough to tear through any and all submarines they detect in their range of vision, smell or potentially, sonar. In this respect, they're unmatched among marine life forms, being able to sense anything for tens of kilometers, similar to a whale. When they moved to the Arctics and cracked the poles to make the sea levels rise and cause a world wide catastrophe, it was too late, as very few humans had come to learn of their existence.

Much of Earth's land was entirely covered, and what remained of humanity was eaten by these monsters.

PS: Other backgrounds can be made up to better fit the RP.

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Description: They can measure up to 12 meters in length and weigh anywhere from 600 to 3000 kg, and as they have adapted to land and no longer require conventional breathing, can stand 4-5 meters tall. They're not particularly fast on land as they are underwater (65 kph/40 mph) but they can still catch a human by using all of their tendrils together as if it were a snake's body, slithering across the ground.

Behaviour: Unparalleled in intelligence, they act as overconfident pack hunters with a clear alpha but no beta or omega. Their desire to extinguish humans boils down to the pain they suffer given their mutations, but do not target any other species for consumption. There are countless humans and few of them, so by the time they are done reducing their numbers to zero, they will be old enough to allow death's sweet release.

Abilities: The first ability they gained through their mutation was a psychic link spreading across all of their kin, which they may be able to use offensively on humans but choose not to, rather they prefer to skewer and crush them with their jaws or constrict them with their tendrils. Though their skin is very tough, enough to survive the changes in pressure from the ocean's depths to the surface or take ordinary fire arms without much issue, they are not indestructible and must be careful when dealing with armed humans, and thankfully, they have the required cunning to survive even the most dangerous encounters.

PS: Inspired by the Jim Henson angler fish monster animatronic "The Fame Monster" for Lady Gaga's "The Monster Ball Tour" and this theme:

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Darth Xeno

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Background: Upon discovery of the Xenomorph species, Darth Sidious began to experiment on them, fascinated by their strange and unique biology and genetic make-up. He knew an army of these creatures would be the most lethal force in the Universe, and Sidious wanted it for himself. However, even after reaching the species' homeworld, he could not force them to bow to their will. Though intelligent, these creatures remaind feral, and no amount of powerful telepathy would break their hivemind-like behaviour. That's when Sidious decided to betray his most powerful student at the time, Darth Vader, by experimenting their breeding method on him in order to make a stronger and smarter variant of the Xenomorph, dubbed Darth Xeno by Sidious himself. He would be the first of a new kind hell-bent on serving Sidious, and this process would be repeated millions of times through cloning. Unfortunately for him, this new apprentice of his was still under the Queen's influence, and approached his former master in his sleep. He had originally planned to let a facehugger lay a chestburster, but changed his mind and instead crushed the facehugger on top of Sidious' face, burning his head completely and killing him without the chance of transfering his essence.

Darth Xeno took control over the Galactic Empire and allowed his kind's population to grow, but without the Queen's leadership in mind. He claimed complete control over the hierarchy and became a new cast, a King. The other Xenomorphs would have to obey him, by force if necessary.