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This is not a Top 10, it's just a list of performances (which I'll probably keep updating in the future... maybe) from movies (and maybe shows) based on comic books, mainly live-action ones. These are the ones I liked the most and/or the ones I thought were most faithful.

Honorable mention goes to Thanos in Guardians of the Galaxy (and ONLY Guardians of the Galaxy).

Nick Nolte as David Banner - Hulk (2003)

While this character was more of an amalgamation of the Absorbing Man, Zzzax and Devil Hulk/Guilt Hulk/Brian Banner, I still found the performance to be pretty solid and the character to be really intimidating. He was constantly torturing Banner and Hulk at the same time, and that's a feat most Hulk villains in the comics haven't been able to achieve or even fathom. I've always found the scene where he murders that random guard to be pretty bone-chilling.

Tom Hardy as Bane - The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

Those who know me know that I don't like Bane. I think he's a stupid character with a stupid origin and just another one of Batman's rogues turned into a gary stu, or one that is wearing plot armor. Or both. Bane is nothing but a smarter and more competent version of Killer Croc, which means nothing to me since Bane's origin is ridiculous and that Croc is a far more interesting and sympathetic villain. Tom Hardy made TDKR more tolerable to watch, because I couldn't believe how f***ing boring the movie was.

Bane was the only redeemable thing about it, as this version wasn't a hispanic stereotype but a hammy traitor with a sense of humor and a little bit of badassery, until the end where Batman manages to take him out. Plot armor, people. Plot armor f***ing sucks.

Caesar Romero as The Joker - Batman (1966-1968) & Batman: The Movie (1966)

Despite not having shaved his moustache (since he didn't wanna, and I totally understand that) to play this character, Romero's performance is still one of the best in my opinion. This is the definitive Silver Age Joker. He's funny, entertaining and sometimes kinda menacing and creepy, but that's because he's a clown and clowns are the most threatening creatures in this planet. What puts him above the likes of TDKR Bane and David Banner is the fact that Caesar was more into this role than any of the previous actors, and gave one of the most faithful-to-comic-book interpretations ever.

R.I.P., you were the best thing about the 60s Batman.

Ian McKellen and Michael Fassbender as Magneto - X-Men series (2000- )

This is kind of cheating, but screw it. They're basically the same Magneto from the same X-Men series, they're just from different timelines. No biggie.

Both Ian and Michael were wonderful when playing one of Marvel's best villains, capturing everything that makes Magneto so great. They've got the presence, the sympathy, the look(and the costumes), and most importantly, the right to defend mutant-kind without any human telling them that they're doing something wrong. After what humans have done to mutants for so long, they deserve their punishment. Magneto is a character that, if played by a decent actor, can never be a disappointing or uninteresting character. Practically every interpretation of Magneto has been great so far.

Willem Dafoe as Green Goblin - Spider-Man (2002)

Even though I facepalm myself every time I look at this Super Sentai reject, the Power Rangers costume makes sense within the context of the movie, since it's a stolen military armor. What I don't like about this Gobby is the fact that they had a better design concept and a freaky animatronic mask that would've been better choices for this incarnation of Spidey's greatest foe.

HOWEVER, that doesn't mean I hate it, otherwise it wouldn't be here. On the contrary, this is one of my favourite performances of the character (mainly because most GG interpretations are either pretty bad or mediocre), and Dafoe nails this character down to the core. His rivarly with Peter is perfect, the creepyness is there, he is menacing as hell and above all else, he's got tons of funny moments that don't make his character look or seem stupid or ridiculous.

And Dafoe managed this while wearing that costume. Like a boss.

Oscar Isaac as Apocalypse - X-Men: Apocalypse (2016)

You know how Dafoe managed to nail every aspect of a character despite the silly costume? Oscar Isaac also triumphs in that regard, but his costume is not silly. The more surprising thing is, this performance isn't even a month old (as of when I first wrote this, of course), and it's already one of my favourites along with many that are much older in comparison.

Oscar, just like many others, captures the essence of Apocalypse's badassery, without me caring of his overall design. He might be a lot smaller and less "epic" than the original Apocalypse, but he still gets right what every single MCU villain doesn't. He is intimidating, ruthless and just like Magneto, aware of how right he is all the damn time. Not only that but he's also insanely powerful, taking down every X-Men and and most of the strongest mutants without breaking a sweat.

Thank you Oscar Isaac, I never expected to enjoy a character so much in a modern comic book movie.

Jack Nicholson as The Joker - Batman (1989)

Nevermind the other villains and other actors who nailed the performance.
Jack Nicholson PERFECTS this character, thanks to Tim Burton having a lot more creativity than most DC writers, but also because Jack is one of the best actors in Hollywood. He has been and shall always be one of my favourites.

This is the definitive Joker, in my opinion. His rivarly and contrast with Batman's character is done beautifully and in the best way possible. They're distinctive in every aspect, from the appearance to the designs to the personalities and the origins. OH MY GOD THE ORIGINS! It makes far more sense for this bloodthirsty (but still awesome) Batman to kill Joker so brutally after knowing what he did to his parents.

Something similar was done with Aku, from Samurai Jack, who is my absolute favourite villain from any cartoon, so it just goes to show how much I love this Joker. He's one of my favourite movie villains of all time, and Jack Nicholson made the character better. And for me, that's a FACT.

Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man - Spider-Man & Spider-Man 2 (2002-2004)

I would never describe Maguire's Spidey as a perfect performance, but I'm always inclined to say that it was rather "amazing". I don't enjoy Maguire's Peter Parker and Spider-Man as much as The Joker, and Jack's acting is way superior to Tobey's. Though here's the thing: Jack is an excellent actor. Tobey isn't an excellent actor, but to me, he became Spider-Man. He didn't simply play the character, or made it his own like other actors, but while acting in the first two movies (I'd rather not mention the third one), Tobey's honest performance sucked me into the playful and comic book-esque atmosphere of the movie. He captured everything that I think Spidey should be, and used the best of Spider-Man in every needed situation. He was emotional and sympathetic, he was legitimately funny and had several one-liners, he mocked the bad guys who were excellent archenemies for him.

And above all else, he was honest. He was Spider-Man.

Michael Keaton as Batman - Batman & Batman Returns (1989-1992)

...And he IS Batman. That joke got wasted on s***ty performances such as the ones prior to this one.

Keaton is the original Batman, he is a cold-blooded crazy murderer that doesn't talk smack like BatBale or Batfleck. He is the ideal Frank Miller Batman, a crazy man who is lost in sanity yet is still a normal human being, who tries to live his life despite the tragedy of his parents getting shot alongside him at a very young age, except obviously better done than Millerverse Batman.

This Batman, unlike others, does not f*** around. He kicks a*** and has always been kicking a***.
Oh, and he's also the only modern live-action Batman that doesn't have a stupid voice.

Christopher Reeve as Superman - Superman series (1978-1987)

This performance isn't like Keaton's or Maguire's. There won't be people in the future comparing the modern interpretations of Superman with this one. Because there is no contest. Every time someone looks up in the sky and they don't see either a bird or a plane, but Superman, they see no other than Christopher Reeve.

Everything Superman stands for and is ment to be is in Christopher Reeve's performance. And despite the latter two movies being among the worst superhero flicks, even Christopher manages to make a good performance.

You are still Superman.

J.K. Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson - Spider-Man series (2002-2008)

No reasons required.
Now bring me pictures of Spider-Man.