Here we go then, my favourite Jokers. The Joker is usually a very overrated and overhyped villain, he tends to be hardly that big of a threat, makes Batman look like a moron a lot, but worst of all, he makes other villains look bad, which is unacceptable in stories that shouldn't even involve him. However, when written well, Joker is a great villain, worthy of being called Batman's nemesis.

Starting off with some Honorable Mentions...

The Jokers from... Crisis on Two Earths and Earth-3, a.k.a. Jester and Jokester

Though essentially the same characters yet still different in design and universe, these two are the most remarkable Jokers who aren't Jokers to begin with. At least, not the clown prince of crime, but more like something along the lines of the clown prince of... heroism? You read it right, kids, these two right here are heroic versions of The Joker, and they are not badly written at all.

In one hand we've got Jester who we only see for a few minutes, helping Luthor steal a quantum trigger to travel to another universe in a building controled by the Crime Syndicate (evil JLA basically) and stays behind while Luthor makes his escape, sacrificing himself and blowing up Hawman and Martian Manhunter's evil counterparts along with himself.

On the other hand, Jokester had his life constantly ruined by crime and Owlman then happened, breaking him completely, and took Owlman as an inspiration to turn himself into a hero, with a design that mocked everything about Owlman. It is indeed a very sweet ironic counterpart of The Joker.

Both are great tbh.

The Joker from... Batman: Thrillkiller (Earth-37), a.k.a. Bianca Steeplechase

The first female Joker in the history of comic books, and easily one of the best. Essentially a Rule 63'd version of Golden Age Joker, Bianca is one heck of a hot crimelord, in more than one sense. Having ties with the mayor and being responsible for a lot of shady stuff, she never ceases to creep other people out around her, shedding a lot of innocent blood, some being close to the main heroes of the story.

Granted I'm not entirely sure why they turned Joker into a woman in this Earth, but it's an interesting change nevertheless, since it gives us one of the first legitimate loving relationships between Joker and Harley, which is in this case makes them a lesbian couple... Yay! Didn't get there before Poison Ivy took her in the hearts and minds of many fans but hooray on you, Jokerette.

The "Joker" from... The Amalgam Universe, a.k.a. Hyena (Joker/Sabertooth)

Do you like Joker? Do you like Sabertooth? Yes? No? Doesn't matter! Here's both in one!

Also known as the Cackling Canine, Creed Quinn (cute name Amalgam writers) was part of the Royal Canadian Air Force alongside his good pal Logan Wayne.

If you remember Wolverine and Sabretooth's origins, you probably know of their origins as well, since it's basically the same deal. Super soldier project though in this case both test subjects have their 'metamutant' genes triggered and mutate. They merge their skeletons with adamantium and become fierce badasses, though in Creed's case he doesn't grow a conscience like Logan and goes insane, becoming the monster he then went to become.

Admittedly most of what makes this guy cool is the fact that he's a fusion between Joker and Sabretooth, but that's good enough for me. It also makes the relationship a bit more personal since in this universe Batman and Joker used to be bros. Speaking of Logan, here he becomes Dark Claw, a fusion between Batman and Wolverine, and it's the SICKEST. But enough about that, back to the Jokers.

The Joker from... Mortal Kombat VS DC Universe, as portrayed by Richard Epcar

Similar to Christopher Corey Smith, who portrays Joker in the LEGO games, this Joker is a ton of fun to watch, even in the Injustice game, only that unlike Christopher and Troy Baker, who voiced Joker in Arkham Origins, he's not trying to do a Mark Hamill impression. I do enjoy how slimy he sounds, more easy to despise than other Jokers, and his stance while fighting in the game is hilarious, as well as the many moments he has with other characters, because, obviously enough, no one takes him seriously lol

Richard's got a great Joker voice and I'm glad he's still going strong portraying the character in the Injustice games, he's a delight to hear. His voice is like 80% of why I like this Joker.

The Joker from... Batman: Under the Red Hood, as portrayed by John DiMaggio

"Now, that was rude. The first boy blunder had some manners. I suppose I'm going to have to teach you a lesson so you can better follow in his footsteps. Nah, I'm just gonna keep beating you with this crowbar."

Partially inspired by Heath Ledger's Joker, who, at the same time is inspired by the Joker from the graphic novel simply titled 'Joker' (among others since Heath's had next to no original Joker traits other than his young voice and appearance), John DiMaggio succeeds here by virtue of being a very talented voice actor. He gets to portray Joker in one of Batman's more emotional arcs and he does it beautifully, with an even more competent and confident Joker than the ones other Red Hoods got to beat up in the comics. Though that story has been told a few times already, this one is one of the few Jokers who was welcoming death, even at the hands of Batman. This Joker does suffer from the invincibility trait I hate oh so very much in many other Jokers, and I absolutely despise the scene in which he makes a fool out of Black Mask.

Still, while DiMaggio's range may not be as impressive as some other VAs in this list, he certainly sounds menacing here, and is one of the movie's highlights.

The Joker from... Joker/Mask

This crossover is as nuts as you'd imagine. Two of the craziest characters in comic book history, united at last, and you better believe they're united because this Joker doesn't just team up with a guy wearing The Mask, he turns into 'Big Head', as The Mask is called in the comics after taking control of somebody, though in an amusing chain of events, he keeps correcting everyone that he is still The Joker.

It's absolute madness and I love it.

Of course, Joker, now possessing the powers of a wacky god does as he pleases across Gotham, cutting down buildings, making a fool out of the army, etc. I'm happy that, while this is the more censored version of The Mask, not being as graphic or as gory as the original comics, they still get away with 'Big Head' being extremely intimidating, threatening to brutally pummel both Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy after the two pull a stunt on him with the intention of taking the mask off as well as nuking the entire city. And no one can stop him.

He changes his mind in the end, because deep inside this Joker actually loves Harley, and the mask was just rendering him even more ruthless than usual. Some people say Jared Leto's Joker showing concern for Harley in the Suicide Squad movie is new... No it isn't.

Though this Joker also suffers from the invincibility trait I had mentioned, it's not done for as long or as painfully as the previous Joker. The Deus Ex Machina of him eventually resisting the mask's power is BS, but acceptable to an extent because we've never quite seen The Mask taking on an individual this crazy (except for that one time Lobo put it on, but that's another story), so I'll forgive it for that, since it's still a pleasing ending.

The comic ends in a very good note in fact, with Joker promising that he'll just try another day, as happy as you'd expect from him while being arrested (and being given a revenge wedgie from Bullock), and with what I consider the true death of The Mask, with Lieutenant Kellaway, one of The Mask franchise's supporting characters, digs up Stanley Ipkiss' grave (the first, and most popular, to become Big Head) and reburies him, leaving the mask to rot and be forgotten by his side.

Onto the promised Top 10.

10. The Joker from... Super Friends (1973-1986), as portrayed by Frank Welker

Frank Welker is a god among voice actors, it's unlikely you've watched an animated feature (show or movie) in which he hasn't voiced somebody or something.

His range is astronomical and VERY few approach his level.

Still, while his skills, fitting clownish voice and impressive rank as one of Darkseid's lieutenants in the Super Friends cartoon make him sound very imposing, his Joker doesn't have a whole lot going for him and only appears in one episode (plus a few issues of the tie-in comic which I have not read), thus I'm forced to put him at the bottom of this list, despite how much I adore Frank Welker and his portrayal as Joker.

9. The Joker from... Batman: The Brave & The Bold (2008-2012), as portrayed by Jeff Bennett

Ah, Jeff Bennett. You may not be Frank Welker but you're still a fantastic voice actor.

Now, the Silver Age wasn't exactly the best era for The Joker... He wasn't particularly threatening (until a certain point) or all that funny most of the time, but he had a charm, one that ran out every time a repetitive plot involving him occurred. The Silver Age overall is well-known, especially in DC, as its silliest and most humorous era, and despite the Joker's clownish nature, he didn't fare too well with this time period writing-wise.

In comes Batman: The Brave & The Bold, a tribute to the Silver Age bringing in tons of great voice actors, great animation and great stories. It's the Silver Age at its funniest and overall best. Not only that, but this Joker improves upon many things that were wrong with past Jokers (while merging a few traits from past Jokers in his design, being a combination of Jack Nicholson's Joker and the Golden Age Joker), having the right amount of balance between intimidating and funny, even if a bit more on the funny side. The episode in which he accidentally receives Bat-Mite's powers and becomes Emperor Joker is probably the most stand out Joker episode (with the exception of the one where he and Bats team up).

This episode improves upon the overly grim Emperor Joker storyline, making the concept muuuch funnier and more pleasing to watch. I mean, seriously, just watch and enjoy this greatness...

Also gotta mention that this Joker killed Batman a thousand times over using these godlike powers. That's a bodycount and a record no other Joker is ever gonna duplicate or break again.

8. The Joker from... The Flashpoint Timeline, a.k.a., Martha Kane

At first you're probably like "WAIT WOAH WTF DUDE BATMAN'S MOM IS THE JOKER???" and that was most people's reactions when they saw this, mine being no different. It's pretty badass.

Like... Holy crap. It's very messed up, just thinking about it... That, if Bruce had been shot by Joe Chill instead of them... They would've turned into this. Thomas would've turned vengeful like the very original Batman... And Martha would've snapped and turned into the best female Joker, and easily one of the scariest Jokers overall.

Yet, despite the threat she poses, she's also very easy to sympathize, understandably enough.

The movie 'Flashpoint Paradox' (different universe but same outcome, anyway) depicted the origin of this Joker really well.

This is all you need.

7. The Joker from... The Golden Age (Earth-Two)

The original.

All other Jokers will bow to him until the end of time, as well as the 1928 movie "The Man Who Laughs", based on Victor Hugo's novel of the same name, whose main character, Gwynplaine, as portrayed by Conrad Veidt, served as the main inspiration for the character, as well as plenty of other things at the time and even still to this day.

Completely original character or not, The Joker used to be a force to be reckon with, less smiley and more serious than he has been in the past few decades, and more of a crimelord than a true lunatic, though his insanity did help him out a lot in certain parts of the early comics. It was this serious take that made him so threatening to begin with, also the fact that he was one of Batman's earlier foes that didn't actually die like so many others did, and going by the Red Hood story from a past issue and how Batman: The Killing Joke connected the two only makes you realize... Joker didn't just survive once, but twice. Once from the acid bath and twice after Batman forced him to stab himself in the chest. Yeah, keep in mind, Batman didn't f*** around back then.

The only thing that keeps him from getting higher on this list was how he was later portrayed as more of a joke, the comic relief among Batman's rogues and nothing else, up until a certain point during the Silver Age where he returned to his maniacal roots, but by then it was too late, we'd already had waaay too many stories of him goofing around.

The change to him being a threat again was very welcome, however. We wouldn't be here without this fella.

6. The "Joker" from... Earth -22, a.k.a. Jokerized Bruce Wayne, "The Batman Who Laughs"

"Don't be the victim who drowns. Don't sink with the rest. Be active. Rise up, ... reclaim the light, ... and be the one who does the drowning."

The most recent entry in the Joker pantheon, first appearing in the Dark Nights storyline, alongside other nightmarish versions of Batman from the Dark Multiverse, though he is by far the freakiest of the bunch.

Let me summarize the whole deal for you: This Batman comes from an Earth where his Joker went too far and made him snap (like in so many other Earths) which lead to Joker's death after getting beat into a pulp by Batman and then having his neck broken. He talks to the Bat-Family about Joker's plan, on how if he ever died he would infect whoever killed him or was close to his body after death, and this results in Bruce going crazy at the worst moments, as he kills his children and best friends. All of them. The Bat-Family is gone, Alfred is gone, Gordon is gone, the Justice League are gone...

And we're left with one of the most intimidating foes DC has spawned in years.

A very manipulative and cunning version of The Joker, moreso than usual, but combined with Batman, in a way. He possesses everything within Batman and Joker's arsenal, including their charm and intellect, as well as the clown's twisted sense of humor, though having it coming out of Bruce's mouth makes it a lot more unsettling.

He's got plenty of great lines as well, as you can see.

"Stop. Just listen. You hear that? People think of birth as loud and death as silent. Things start with a bang, end with a whimper, but I'll tell you a secret. See, endings...endings are the loudest of all."

I haven't loved such a disgusting and despicable villain in... forever, really.

5. The Joker from... Batman: The Telltale Series, a.k.a. John Doe

The only rendition originating from a video game in this list, and for good reason... None compare to him. As far as reimaginings go, this is one of the best make-overs Joker's had period.

There's never really been a Joker quite like this.

He doesn't start out evil at all, quite the opposite really, he's the most neutral Joker of them all, up until Batman's choices eventually lead him towards two different paths, one of the most interesting and defining aspects of any Telltale game.

Batman's choices actually affect how he'll change in the end, and while there's some serious dementia in there, he's not really evil. It's his impressive knowledge on Gotham and his unpredictibility that make him so scary, because at first you're not sure if he's playing around or if he's actually friendly towards Bruce, who he rescues from some thugs in Arkham Asylum after he's put there by Harvey Dent, then Two-Face. Then you learn that he is indeed friendly, and asking for advice, considering Bruce a true friend and Batman as an inspiring symbol of fear.

It's quite endearing to see him evolve and interact with others, often times behaving no different than a confused child, which is really adorable. The fact that you can either turn him into a villain or a vigilante is fascinating to me, it's the stuff I appreciate from Telltale, never knowing what they'll do with some characters, even if the company's best writers left a while ago. What else can I say, this Joker is simply great, even with the voice actor, Anthony Ingruber, channeling Heath Ledger to an extent, though he sounds much better and his range from funny to scary is quite impressive.

4. The Joker from... The DCAU, as portrayed by Mark Hamill

The one and only, Mark Hamill, is practically synonymous with the character he portrays, not just because he was the first to voice him in the cartoon renaissance and kept going for over a decade, but because as many have pointed out, it's practically in his DNA and his name. Mark Hamill = M ARKHAM ill :P

Sorry... But, you gotta admit it's a pretty funny coincidence.

He is indeed a legendary voice actor, especially as far as The Joker is concerned, and luckily for most others he's still voicing him to this day after a long break when Troy Baker took over his role, returning for Arkham Knight and the mediocre animated adaptation of Batman: The Killing Joke.

Despite this, Mark was still great in both, especially in Arkham Knight where his ghost, or rather, an illusion concieved by Batman's mind, taunts him from time to time in the game. For that alone, I could've given him an honorable mention, as well as for being one of the few Jokers that kicks the bucket and stays dead, but decided not to because he's pretty boring in Arkham Asylum and barely improves in Arkham City with the whole sickness subplot. A glorious death no doubt but sorry Arkhamverse Joker, when you tried to copy Bane Joker with that horrendous final boss in Asylum turning into 'Titan Joker', you lost me.

Going back to DCAU Joker, now...

I have a lot of issues with the DCAU and Joker is one of them, however while his low points are pretty low, he's still a great cartoon villain, even if he steals the spotlight a little too much and is kind of invincible and unkillable until Batman: Return of The Joker when he's finally put down in an awesome manner. But like I was saying, despite his low points, there's a lot of great in him. Mark does an awesome job every time he has to play him and he's made me laugh a few times, which is something I tend to take into account with Joker because he's meant to be a funny lunatic crimelord. He still does plenty of unthinkable acts that his comic book peers have yet to top or replicate, one particular instance being the creation of Joker Junior where he tortured and twisted Robin into... this.

I put him outside of the podium (the Top 3) only out of respect, that's the closest he gets because even though there's a lot I don't like I still like this Joker at the core (his spanish VA was also epic so there's that for childhood goggles), especially in Batman: Mask of the Phantasm and Batman: Return of The Joker, where he is bone-chilling.

3. The Joker from... Batman (1966-1968) and the tie-in movie simply called Batman (1966), as portrayed by César Romero

You know how I said I always take humor into account when it comes to The Joker? Well, César here is the pinnacle of comedy when it comes to the many incarnations of the clown prince of crime. I don't think there's ever been an actor who enjoyed this role as much as César, and being one of my first few childhood Jokers helps him a lot here, as well as him being of hispanic origin :P I kid, of course, though César's acting is indeed why I place him in the podium. Even for a guy meant to be funny though, he could get eerily creepy sometimes.

He may have refused to shave his moustache, but César will forever remain as the best and without a doubt the most memorable Joker from the 60s, even with other legendary portrayals during that time period, such as Corey Burton (who portrayed the Joker that got punched by Shaggy in that crossover they had, btw). César was a kind and generous man, a great man and a legend, may he rest in piece, for he's left a legacy from which every Joker that came afterwards has been drawing inspiration from.

2. The Joker from... The Batman (2004-2008), as portrayed by Kevin Michael Richardson

One of the most distinct Jokers out there, and among the few who can take Batman head on and give him some trouble in hand-to-hand combat. That right there is another reason why I placed some of the other Jokers so high, though in the case of this one, he usually has a very monkey-like fighting style, very agile and jumping all over the place. Seeing Joker getting obliterated by Batman in one or two punches in other incarnations is cool, but it's nice to have Joker finally being able to put up a fight.

Not just by virtue of being the only Joker who fights like a demented donkey, but he's also the only Joker with a distinguishly deep voice, which makes him stand out among every other one. It's not distracting in the slightest, or poorly done, because thankfully this Joker is voiced by a very talented man, Kevin Michael Richardson, who, like many others in the list, has an impressive vocal range, the most impressive perhaps barring Frank Welker, though unlike Welker's Joker, this one is far more entertaining and waaay more threatening. Not just because he could beat up all the other Jokers on this list with one arm willingly tied behind his back, but because he's also one of the most nuts, and his freakish appearance says it all.

Combine that with his voice, and this Joker is downright monstrous compared with the others, despite his comedic anthics.

It's great to have a Joker that doesn't steal the spotlight from the other villains, probably because most of the major villains in The Batman were equally cool and menacing, all unique and memorable.

Lots of great stories are told with this Joker as well, the origin of Harley in this series (yet another Joker who cares more about Harley than the rest, probably because here she used to be the host of a talk show he loved), the one where he steals Bane's venom formula and goes around smashing everything, the one with his cybernetic duplicate who ends becoming too powerful for his own right, the one where he puts Batman, Batgirl and Catwoman in a maze and sets some giant creatures loose to eat them (in the same episode he also gets some albino hyenas as pets, and his reaction to them is glorious), the one where Batman is forced to enter his mind to learn of the location of where he keeps locked up one of his cop allies Detective Ellen Yin (who is also tied up on top of a huge bomb) and is constantly tormented by Joker who has all the power and toys around with him, and of course, the one where he injects a special kind of toxin on Batman so that he can become The Joker while he goes around acting all hero-like as the new Batman. Though of course, he causes plenty of mischief anyway.

I mean, for god's sake, the very first episode has him introduced as a huge threat by the simple fact that he enters Arkham Asylum and MAKES IT HIS HOME, bringing down the whole asylum on his own thanks to his wacky gadgets, agility and skill.

Aside from also being responsible for creating Clayface, who in this series was Ethan Bennett, Bruce Wayne's childhood friend, after torturing him and messing with his head, he also becomes the only vampire who doesn't become an ally of Batman's after Dracula awakens from his grave in Gotham, and if you thought he was menacing before, check him out now...

I could post tons of more videos about him but I think you've probably seen enough reasons as to why I love him so much.

1. The Joker from... Tim Burton's Batman (1989), as portrayed by Jack Nicholson

And we've finally reached the summit... Are you surprised in any way? This Joker is perfect, really. He accidentally created Batman, and Batman accidentally created him, that alone is brilliant. It messes with the mythos, sure, but really, no one cared about Joe Chill and no one bothers to remember him, he might as well be the same crook who killed Uncle Ben, who was smartly left without a name for a while. Having Joker being the one responsible for the death of his parents as Jack Napier, a common crook who rose up to be one of the top dogs in crime on Gotham, only makes their rivalry all the more delicious.

And who better to portray one of comic book's most well received villains of all time than with one of the most highly acclaimed actors of all time? Jack was practically born to play this role, he has so much fun and oozes life into the character the likes of which hadn't seen before (this being the first dark take on Batman on the big screen, which also introduced the Red Hoode-style death to everyone) and who later went to inspire every other Joker after him, including Mark Hamill'd, who boasts many similar attributes and mannerisms, though this Joker cannot be topped when it comes to his evil demeanor, childishness and over-the-top unpredictable nature.

Wether evil, creepy or funny, this Joker succeeds in all aspects.

He was my favourite the first time I saw him when I was younger and he still is. Both the way he's written and Jack's performance are what make it for me.

Seeing how this Batman actually kills without remorse like the original, you can tell Joker doesn't make it out alive, which makes it all the more brilliant in the end, because he WINS. He gets the last laugh, quite literally even, and not just because his smile is permanent which is both wonderful and unsettling, but also because he ends up proving in the finale of the movie that Bats is just as crazy as he is. And no, I'm not joking.

I won't post as much stuff as I've done with past Jokers, let's just say that every scene Jack's in, whether as Jack Napier or Joker, is gold.

Also, it's quite brilliant how Tim Burton thought about Jack Nicholson to play the clown after grabbing a newspaper photo of The Shining and painting Jack's face to turn him into The Joker.