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Chapter 7; Spoilers, obviously.
Topic Started: Dec 15 2015, 02:27 PM (28,381 Views)
+ ThePrinceOfSaiyans
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Welp, Chapter 7 is out, and well, you can at least be at rest that the Uni 6 Saiyan is original. He looks totally lame, but hey, at least he's original. Uni 6 also has a weird machine fighter, something that looks vaguely similar to a Namekian, a Freeza Clansmen, and I think a bear fighter? Also, the mysterious universe 7 fighter is some short goblin-like chump with huge puffy nipples. Like, I can't help but be disappointed here. Most of these character designs are just plain bad... Hopefully the universe 7 fighter can transform... No information on the dialogue yet, but I, or someone else, will post it when it comes.
EDIT: Here's an image of the Uni 6 fighters:
Spoiler: click to toggle
Edited by ThePrinceOfSaiyans, Dec 15 2015, 02:40 PM.
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Is Zarma like Kami or Evil dragons?
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I gotta say, this is the first I've read the manga before experiencing the series. At least for this 3rd saga of the TV series.

I haven't liked much of the first 2 parts of Super. Hoping the 3rd is better and while it does look better so far, it still doesn't look all that great. The enemies are all either rehashes of past enemies or dumb ideas. Hoping the tournament is at least exciting and the story with better plot twists than we've been getting...
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