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General Discussion on Battle Power; What exactly is "Battle Power"?
Topic Started: May 17 2015, 11:16 PM (636 Views)
Ketchup Revenge
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"If you come with me, you'll float too..."

This is the age old discussion. We know ki amount has a lot to do with power scaling, but the more we understand the series, the more it seems to only be the tip of the iceberg; and perhaps that's not the main factor at all.

For those who aren't in the loop, it is stated that ki isn't just one unit, but is actually made up of three components:

  • Genki (life energy)
  • Shoki (Courage)
  • Yuuki (Physical Condition)

Obviously amount has everything to do with battle power. I don't believe we need to establish anything about this other than that Scouters are designed to measure ki amount in order to determine battle power. Scouters as we understand it are only designed to read ki amount by detecting something along the lines of concentration or perhaps a rate of flow or emission. We know this because Raditz mentions that both Goku and Piccolo could alter their battle powers by focusing their ki into singular points.
Given his surprise at their ability to do this, it seems to play into the possibility that Scouters are designed to read battle power amount by measuring concentration. Alterations in concentration throws the readings off, but it doesn't necessarily make them wrong when determining how strong someone is, it just makes it wrong when determining how much ki they have.
However, there's also no evidence that everyone has an equal amount of the three components.

Concentration is seen to influence battle power as Goku and Piccolo could both increase the concentration of the ki in their attacks. Raditz's scouter read this as an increase in their ki, but he himself was smart enough to figure out that the increase in their numbers was a result of their ability to concentrate their ki into tight areas. Another attack that is seen to do an extreme version of this is Tenshinhan's Kikoho, which during the 22nd Tenkaichi Budokai, was mentioned by Roshi to take all the ki in the body and focus it into his hands. Given this clue, we've seen the devastating result of this focused attack.

Again with the fight with Raditz, Goku and Piccolo's powers both increased when they removed their weights. Since it doesn't make sense for their bodies to get more ki when weights are removed, it seems to make more sense that extra weight somehow inhibits the flow of it; or at least inhibits the person from using it fully. This concept also works with gravity.

Ki seems to decrease when someone is either injured or exhausted. 100% Freeza was mentioned by Goku to have "burned out his ki" so his battle power was dropping. Goku's battle power after launching his Kamehameha against Cell was stated to decrease as well.
However, in both cases, the battle powers of both were stated to be "declining" (present tense) after the action which caused the decline had already been performed. This leads us to believe that when someone launches something like a ki blast, the decline in battle power isn't simply a chunk of ki being chipped away from a reserve that they have. The actual battle power isn't the ki amount itself that's declining (since that's already declined), but somehow the ki being taken away or used up is what results in a gradual decline in battle power.

This is obviously one that influences ki and battle power. Since we're all familiar with Super Saiyan, I will use that as an example.
Super Saiyan tells us that a physical change in the body results in both the battle power and the ki increasing. However, it's already been established that ki and battle power aren't necessarily the same thing. This 50x increase could be explained by the ki changing as well.

Our primary clue about ki changing is from Gohan, who mistook Trunks for Goku, stating that Trunks's ki felt like "(Dad's) from that time". We know he was talking about Goku when Goku transformed on Namek.
Both Vegeta and Goku state that Super Saiyan gives them a restless feeling, or an ecstatic state. This is only a theory, but this could possibly be explained by a change in ki. We know that ki is not simply all the same, because characters are able to distinguish who is who by sensing their ki. On more than one occasion, people who have transformed or even simply changed have different ki because they are unrecognizable as that person.

For all we know, this could clear up the whole 50x vs 10x multiplier thing. If the concentration or the nature of ki changes when someone goes Super Saiyan, the actual increase in ki could only be 10x, but the battle power itself could increase 50x.

Obviously one can argue that the Artificial Humans have higher battle powers than anyone else at that time in the series, but we know they have no ki because it can't be sensed. We can ask the question of them being cyborgs, therefore they should at least have some level of ki, but something in their composition makes them have no ki.
On the contrary, we see Androids 8, 18 and 17 giving Genki to Goku's Genki Dama at the end of the manga series. This means that they have Genki, but possibly don't have the others, making their ki more "incomplete" than "non-existent". Toriyama later admitted that 17 was originally supposed to be Launch, but was changed at the last moment for unknown reasons. Either way, we still see 18 and Android 8 giving Genki to Goku.
We don't really know enough about Android 8 to really know if he has ki or not.

God ki is somehow different from regular ki, and can't be sensed by mortals. It also seems stronger than mortals. I have not seen Fukkatsu no F, so I can't elaborate on this.

What else can we draw from Battle Power and ki?
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The vengeance is her's for as long as she stands by Him.
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+ Solid Snake
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滅Are you frightened?

When you say the power increase is 50x but is separate from the ki increase which is 10x, does that regard physical ability?
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Ketchup Revenge
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"If you come with me, you'll float too..."

Yes it does. The physical ability increases 50x, but the ki only increases 10x.

This of course is a personal theory.
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The vengeance is her's for as long as she stands by Him.
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