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Pyrus vs SSJ2: Dragonball Debate
Topic Started: Apr 24 2015, 01:35 AM (3,620 Views)
Super Saiyan
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If a mod could move this into the debate section, that would be much appreciated. I no longer have the power to use that section.

This will work similar to the series power scaling thread, except it will be exclusively for part 1 of the series.

You can start with the BoDB, Pyrus.
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Quwrof Wrlccywrlir

We all have something we can learn from each other. Hopefully KP decides to drop by for the next arc. :D

I'm off for the night. That was fun, though.
Edited by FutureProtagonist, Apr 25 2015, 04:56 AM.
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Super Saiyan
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I can no longer learn. I have been dethroned. f***. You literally just f***ed me

Pyrus will likely f*** me here as well.. This is my last stand. If I lose, then I give up. I'm not good enough.
Edited by Super Saiyan, Apr 25 2015, 05:08 AM.
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+ Pyrus
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All right, so since someone had to go and rain on my blood bath by scratching out the first little arc, it looks like I'm forced to start out with the next one, which is the 21st Tenkaichi Budokai saga, right? Right?!

Goku > Discount Zangief

It should be obvious by Discount Zangief's inability to stand up to a gentle love tap from Goku. It was literally the slightest tap on the back of his gluteus maximus and he plopped out of the ring like he had been hit by a falling log. Pathetic.

Krillin > Elder Student of Oorin Temple

Even though Krillin was scared due to past experience with the skinny little punk, he showed in the actual battle that he was leagues above him. Another battle ended in a single blow.

Goku > Boxer

Same as above. Another OHKO.

Krillin > Kenpou Fighter

Krillin was so far above this guy, he took a barrage of attacks, stood up without a scratch on him, and the other guy quit out of fear. That's hype right there.

Goku > Kung-Fu Man

Goku easily tossed this dude out of the ring.

Krillin > Bear Man

Krillin dodged all of Bear Man's strikes and then kicked his a*** out of the ring. Nothing to gloat about.

Goku > Yamcha ~ Krillin > Kenpou Fighter >~ Bear Man ~ Kung-Fu Man ~ Boxer ~ Elder Student ~ Discount Zangief

Kenpou Fighter managed to at least knock Krillin around, albeit with a lack of any damage whatsoever, but it's more impressive than anything the others did, so I scaled them in the order they fought. They're 100% cannon fodder anyway.

Yamcha and Krillin are relatively on par with each other at this point due to Yamcha's contemplating that being runner-up would be "risky" after seeing Krillin knock out Bear Man. He previously admitted outright inferiority to Goku.

Spoiler: click to toggle

Krillin > Bacterian

Krillin only had trouble in the beginning because he underestimated himself again, like he did against his former rival the Oorin Temple stooge. Once he realized he didn't have a nose and therefore couldn't fall to Bacterian's tricks, he easily dodged the guy's attacks, knocked him silly with a single kick, and farted in his face to top it off.

Jackie Chun > Yamcha

Chun had no trouble with Yamcha. Only when Yamcha whipped out the Wolf Fang Fist did Chun feel the need to take notice and put some effort into evading, but he quickly retaliated with a half-assed slap to send Yamcha out of the ring.

Spoiler: click to toggle

Namu > Ran-Fan

Namu wasn't so out of Ran-Fan's league that he didn't take some damage from her assaults, but he did end up silencing her with a chop to the back of the neck...after a sexy display that should've been so much more. :toj:

Goku > Giran

Goku took Giran's initial hit without much damage, then proceeded to beat the piss out of him until Giran resorted to a Boo-like technique that Goku broke out of minutes later. Once that happened, Giran forfeited like a b***.

Jackie Chun > Krillin > Yamcha

It's evident by Chun's facial expressions early in the fight that he's already exerting more effort against Krillin than he did against Yamcha. Krillin is able to survive much more punishment, even a punch he literally couldn't see coming. The only time Krillin really connected with a move was when he surprised Chun, but Chun recovered with a Kamehameha to put himself back in the ring. Later in the fight it appears Chun is beginning to fool around with Krillin, performing dance moves and such. Krillin was simply no match for Chun's speed in the end, but he did put on a better show than Yamcha, so I must rank them as such. It's worth noting that Chun thought fighting Krillin for much longer would hinder his chances in the finals, giving praise to both Krillin and Goku simultaneously.

Goku > Namu

This was a much closer fight than any of Goku's beforehand. Goku is able to recover relatively quickly after taking a Tenku Pekeji-ken, and he's able to outsmart Namu during a second attempt, which wins him the match. I'd say Goku is definitely the stronger of the two after surviving Namu's special attack that easily, but I doubt it's a multifold gap.

Jackie Chun ~ Goku > Krillin ~ Namu > Yamcha > Giran > Bacterian ~ Ran-Fan > Kenpou Fighter >~ Bear Man ~ Kung-Fu Man ~ Boxer ~ Elder Student ~ Discount Zangief

Mostly based on how they ranked in the tournament. I'm not sure about Krillin and Namu since there isn't much to compare them, but Yamcha wasn't that impressive so I put him under Namu.

Goku >= Jackie Chun > Krillin ~ Namu > Yamcha > Giran > Bacterian ~ Ran-Fan > Kenpou Fighter >~ Bear Man ~ Kung-Fu Man ~ Boxer ~ Elder Student ~ Discount Zangief

Probably going to be debated the most out of this s***. Goku showed higher durability and tenaciousness, as Chun began to legitimately fear for his chances of victory after seeing Goku's match with Namu. Chun appeared the quicker of the two, though, at least in the beginning. He had to bring out all the stops to keep Goku down, and Goku still appeared to take the upper hand at times due to his sheer natural durability, if anything. The fact that Chun had to bring out the Bankoku-Bikkuri-Sho – a seemingly ultimate last resort move that's potentially fatal – speaks to his ability to firmly grip victory. Both Goku and Chun believe the other would have prevailed for one reason or another, so it's a tricky match to rate, but I believe Goku's durability would've come through in the end, despite his lack of energy from hunger.

Spoiler: click to toggle

That's all I got in this whirlwind of a day. Pepper your angus.
Edited by Pyrus, Apr 26 2015, 04:21 AM.
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Super Saiyan
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Great post. We have some disagreements, so I'l make my rebuttal soon.
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Super Saiyan
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I don't have much to argue about with the beginning of your post. That chain is very basic as all of the preliminary fights were one sided stomps. Now I'll pick apart what I believe to be incorrect.

Krillin ~ Namu

I believe that it is fairly clear that Krillin is a fair amount weaker than Namu.

Posted Image

If this doesn't look even, then I don't know what to tell you. And by the way Goku compliments Namu, he considers him to be a rival for sure. Does Goku consider Krillin to be a rival?

Chapter: 43, P12.2
Context: after Kuririn loses to Chun/Kame-sennin
Kame-sennin: “You need a lot more training.”

It's clear that Chun does not, and he is most likely weaker than Goku. When Namu was fighting Goku, Chun even thought that Namu had won the fight when Namu used his Tenku-Pekeji-Ken. Chun never had to worry about being knocked out by Krillin. They had a short skirmish which seemed impressive by Krillin, but in reality Krillin didn't ever pose a threat to Chun. Chun even mocks him by saying "You even made me use my hand" which goes to show how unimpressive Krillin is. I think Krillin is on the level of Giran to be honest. Now we'll move on to Giran-sama.

Yamcha > Giran

I compare Giran vs Goku to Chun vs Yamcha. From what it looked like in the fight, Goku is unable to knock Giran out of the ring through wind exclusively. If he could, why didn't he do so immediately? And when Giran locked Goku up with his gum, he did do damage to Goku. While Goku was defenceless, it's still an impressive feat nonetheless. But I think it's clear that Giran was more impressive than Yamcha despite quitting the fight.

I'm just going to skip the bulls*** and post my own chain.

Goku > Jackie Chun > Namu >/> Krillin >~ Giran = Ranfan > Yamcha > Bacterian

Ranfan above Yamcha? Yes sir. Doing any sort of damage to someone in Goku/Chun's tier is more impressive than not landing a hit, even with the amplified Wolf Fang Fist. While you can argue it was due to her seductiveness (it was), she still made Namu feel pain, something that Yamcha could not do to Chun.

That's all that I have for now.
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Namu >> Kuririn IMO. Namu would defeat Kuririn easily imo. Goku fought evenly with Namu and Son had his tail. Son, even without his tail, is a bit stronger than Kuririn. Son Goku ( W/ tail ) > Namu > Son Goku ( W/o tail ) > Kuririn is the most likely scenario. Namu has managed to avoid the sanzouken while Krillin failed. Roshi said that Goku did not stand up after receiving the air raid of Namu, and Roshi knew Goku was stronger than Krillin. So the bald guy couldn't get up certainly. Not to mention Namu made a much better fight against Goku than Krillin did against Chun, and Chun was suppressed.

My 21st TB numbers: *ignoring scouters*

Bacterian 56

Yamcha 60
~Rogafufuken 70

Giran 75

Ran Fuan 87

Kuririn 100

Son Goku ( W/o tail ) 110

Namu 145

Roshi 148

Son Goku ( W/ tail ) 150

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