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[Fall 2014 Budokai] Gohan against Dabura: Supa Pimp Fighta Unos or Electric Lt. Surge Ver. 2!; Brofist vs SSJ3Vegeta
Topic Started: Oct 14 2014, 08:34 PM (2,219 Views)
I Banged Sam
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I Banged Sam
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Brofist: Did a great job of differentiating between the auras and lightning in the manga. Also impressed me by going into non-canon territory to defend his argument.

SSJ3 Vegeta: I feel there were too many assumptions here, and you were reluctant to accept the consistency of the manga. Also here a quick tip showing why Dabra can't be Super Perfect Cell tier.

Here is a basic Boo arc chain: SSJ 2 Goku ~ Majin Vegeta >~ Kid Gohan SSJ 2 > SSJ 2 Goku burst > Pre Majin Vegeta

Considering we know that SPC is about equal to Gohan, Dabra needs to be way weaker than him, otherwise Vegeta wouldn't be calling him trash.

Brofist: 9
SSJ3 Vegeta: 6


Brofist: 26

SSJ3 Vegeta: 18

Congrats Brofist!

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Ssj3 Vegeta
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Good debate Brofist I'll learn from this and now you go win so I can say I lost to the best. :lol:
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