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[Summer 2014 Budokai] SSJ Gohan vs Dabura; Urameshi vs Kienzan
Topic Started: Jul 16 2014, 09:11 PM (3,549 Views)
+ Emmeth
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I Yoeri

Round 1, Match 2: Urameshi vs Kienzan

Topic: SSJ Gohan vs Dabura


1) Only the thread's participants are allowed to post.
2) Participants will be eliminated if they don't respond within 48 hours.
3) The debate must be concluded within 1 week.
4) Everybody is expected to be civil during the tournament.

Good luck and have fun!
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+ Emmeth
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I Yoeri

Jul 23 2014, 08:38 PM
I noticed Kienzan posting so I'm gonna update with this. This bracket has already gone over the time limit so any posts beyond this won't count towards your score.
Kienzan got in his post 8 minutes before the deadline if we are going to be technical. It counts, so judge from there.
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Kienzen: 7.6
Urameshi: 7.1

Alright. This one was pretty tight too. Not having an opinion originally (due to lack of knowledge) it was easier for me to judge. I came to the conclusion the Dabra would eventually come out on top this battle. Gohan may have had the power advantage, but Dabra's magic and superior skillset would overtake a rusty Gohan. I believe he eventually decided to go the Vegeta route since his current method wasn't going to contribute to his objective (energy for Boo) - mainly due to his projected win ultimately coming from magic which wouldn't supplement Boo's energy. Him only being able to win through magic was due to Gohan's power advantage.

Ironically enough I give Kienzan the advantage for the same reason. I think Urameshi was stronger as a debater, but Kienzan had the keys to the door of "correct answer" which is more important in this case.


Pros: Being able to portray the answer to the audience for them to understand themselves. Wasn't necessarily better at arguing points, but the portrayal and choosing key points was key
Cons: Taking a somewhat roundabout route instead of being precise and firm.

Pros: Was stronger overall as a debater. The counters were more sound and hard to respond to.
Cons: Same as Kienzan. Not very precise in thesis.

Yusuke: 7

Kienzan: 7

Before I get into the pros and cons I'd like to point out how I felt that there was a...underlying feeling that may not have been present to the both of you. A feeling of slight hostility, may just be me but eh. Onward we go.

Pros: Debate stayed on topic. Strong Opening, a lot of use of reliable sources.

Cons: Whilst there was a strong opening I felt that it was bumpy afterwards, sometimes the content within the responses tended to be one sentence or two. Not to say some weren't needed, but I felt some could be elaborated on with a little more finesse. There was apparent repeating of already made points multiple times, even though they had already been disputed beforehand and left alone.

alright good job guys, loved the topic its one of my favourites

Kienzan: 7
Urameshi: 8


Pros :brought up a lot of interesting/more points, good job of showing that dabura did more then gohan in the fight
Cons: wayy too many assumptions, lack of outside information, a bit of self contradictions


Pros: some good points, great counters, good analysis of the battle
Cons: could have taken different/more approaches to the battle(ex, daburas reliance on magic, lack of h2h ect....), lack of outside information

Urameshi Grand Total: 22.1
Kienzan Grand Total: 21.6

Note: I factored in changes for his latest post

Congrats Urameshi, and better luck next time to Kienzan!
Edited by Mihawk, Jul 24 2014, 12:45 AM.
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+ Havoc_Wreaker
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good job guys i enjoyed the debate :)
great topic as well
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Made a few decimal point errors. Edited although they really didn't make a difference.
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+ Yusuke
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Great debate Kienzan. You were a really tough opponent.

And i'm looking forward to facing the winner of Snake VS POOHEAD next round. Best of luck to the both of you in the voting process.
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Well done Yusuke, good luck for the rest of the tourney :)
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