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Dragon Ball Z: New Era And Adventures; By: Professor Gohan
Topic Started: Jul 14 2013, 07:31 PM (71,078 Views)
Professor Gohan
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Posted Image

NEAA Remastered (book version, for convenient reading): http://dbzf.co.uk/topic/8556585/1/?x=0#post9249634

Chapter 1: The New Age- Chapter I Table of Episodes

Chapter 2: Preparation for Space - Chapter II Table of Episodes

Chapter 3: The Universal Space Adventure - Chapter III Table of Episodes

Chapter 4: The Machine Militia- Chapter IV Table of Episodes

Chapter 5: The War Against The Machine Army- Chapter V Table of Episodes

Chapter 6: Preparation for Mato's confrontation- Chapter IV Table of Episodes

Chapter 7: The Saiyan-Tuffle War - Chapter VI Table of Episodes

Three years have passed since Goku took off from the Strongest Under the Heavens, for his latest training adventure with his newest student Oob – the reincarnation of the malicious Kid Boo, and gift from the kind King Yemma himself, to Goku, whose last respects to the monster were words of request for a new sparring partner, friendly rival, and better person in hope to become Earth’s new protector and savior one day. Everyone has been living in total peace for the past three years...

Chapter 1: The New Age
Episode 1: The 29th Tenkaichi Budoukai! Who will fight who?
May 7th, Age 787

“All right, ladies and gentlemen!” The Announcer excitedly hollered, while turning to face the crowd again, after catching his microphone up high in the air, nonchalantly catching it behind his back. "Here we are again for this year’s World’s Martial Arts Tournament! We have a bunch of tough competitors stacked against each other, who’ve all made it past the preliminary round, and await their lottery for their next opponent here in the tournament final of twelve--including your previous Champion of Earth, ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Satan! It looks like this is going to be a great tournament!” The Announcer faced the crowd, listening to them all cheer in excitement for the lottery session and tournament to get underway.

“!Mr. Satan! Mr. Satan! Mr. Satan!” the crowd screamed, calling for their champion.

“Oh, my..! There are some familiar faces around here, all in one. I really can’t believe all of these guys have decided to come back and fight here again!” The Announcer thought to himself, as he was walking back towards the fighters that were waiting by the giant bracket in the middle of the ring. “Even Goku has decided to get in the ring again. Haha. If I can just get him to stay and finish a tournament again, everything will be a blast!”

The competitors of the tournament were all standing in the ring and close by the bracket, as they watched the Announcer approach them.

“Shall we begin the lottery?” the Announcer asked.

One of the monk assistants held up the box that contained the lottery balls, with a number for each contestant to choose their opponent by blind drawing the randomized numbers.


“Psst. Hey, Goku, should Boo use his magic for the lottery again??” Mister Boo asked, staring at Goku with a curious look.

“Hmm... not this time, Boo. I don’t think that’ll be necessary,” Goku said, smiling while looking at Boo. "I think I want to see how everyone’s training paid off--no matter how the bracket turns out.”

“… Yeah!” Boo said joyfully, turning his attention in another direction.


Oob confidently walked before Goku. “Well, Goku, it looks like we’re here again. We’ve been waiting on this day for quite some time now.”

“I know, Oob!" Goku replied, as he smiled and looked down at Oob. "You’ve improved so much during your training these past few years. I can’t wait to see how you’ll do in the ring.”

Oob smiled big, and switched his attention over to the monk holding the box.


“Let’s see.. Our first contestant to draw will be our previous tournament’s runner-up, Mister Boo!” The crowd started cheering and applauding loudly.

“Come on up!” The Announcer yelled in his microphone.

“Yay!” Boo shouted, as he hopped over to the monk assistant #1. He then reached his hand inside and pulled out a ball that had his number written on it. He then showed it to the Announcer, with a huge smile and his tongue pointing out in a childish manner.

“Number 11!" The Announcer yelled. The crowd continuously yelled and cheered for Mister Boo as he ran back to his spot next to Goku.

The Monk Assistant #2 wrote Boo’s name on the bracket, and waited for more directions from the Announcer.


Goten and Trunks, also waiting patiently, were standing near a corner of the ring.

“How ya feelin’?” Trunks asked, crossing his arms and looking at Goten. “You look beat.”

“Uh-h a little.” Goten replied, yawning. "I stayed out a little late with Valese last night.”

“I figured that much. Good movie?” Trunks questioned.


“Goten!” The Announcer yelled looking over at Goten.

“Coming!” Goten responded as he hurried over to draw his number. “It looks like I have Number 2,” Goten said calmly, as he look at the bracket.
He turned around and made his way back to Trunks.

“It was good. We may go see another one later on tonight, after the tournament is over.” Goten answered, as he stood right in front of Trunks.

“Haha. ChiChi is not going to be very happy when she sees your grade card,” Trunks joked.

“Don’t remind me. I’d rather not think about that right now. I have to worry about my first round match first.” Goten said while laughing, closing his eyes with his hand on the back of his head.


“Next up will be our Champ’s granddaughter – 7 year old Pan!” The Announcer announced, pointing in Pan's direction as she sat in her own corner of the ring, meditating all by herself.

The crowd roared as if it was Mister Satan that the Announcer just called to draw his own number.

“My turn?!” Pan shouted, as she jumped to her feet. She ran towards the monk and the Announcer. The monk held the box out so it would be easier for Pan to reach her hand in. She drew her number. “Number 5,” Pan said, as she showed the ball to the Announcer.

*=The Upper Spectators' Box=*

“Hey look, there goes Pan,” Videl said in an excited tone, pointing out of the window of the spectators’ seats, up high above the ring and the regular crowd, for the best view.

“Yeah... There she goes,” Gohan said while smiling, sitting by Videl, as he looked upon Pan running back to her private corner in the ring. “Good luck, Pan!” Gohan wished. "Man, she has been focused and training so hard. I’m sure her grandpa is proud.”

“Which one?” Bulma asked, laughing in her seat on the other side of Gohan.

With their eyes closed, Gohan and Videl both laughed and faced each other.

“So, Gohan, are you going to be ready to take off for the trip here in a week or so?” Bulma asked.

“More ready than ever,” Gohan responded. "I think a space tour would be a nice alternative for all of these busy conferences I’ve been recently having."

“How long are you three going to be gone?” Videl asked.

“I’m thinking at least a year and a half, maybe two depending on how long we stay at each planet," Bulma informed, looking at Videl. "There are a few planets across the universes that have corporations, just like our own of Capsule Corp. I was contacted and asked if I’d like to travel and chat with them about buying over their businesses, so I can expand Capsule Corp. universal-wide. Well, me for the most part. That is, until Trunks can learn everything from me before he fully takes over for his own. And one of the planets that we’re going to has a main organization of Rocketry Science and Hospitalization. I’m sure Gohan would probably like to stay a little longer and learn more about that planet’s universal industries, knowledge to bring back here on Earth when we return."

“I see. It sounds like it’s going to be one heck of a trip!” Videl replied in excitement, smiling and waiting to hear more.

“For sure,” Gohan said. "I’m excited to see what life out in the deep reaches of space have in store. I bet Trunks will be excited, too. He’s really been working hard on taking over Capsule Corp, hasn’t he, Bulma?”

“Oh yeah,” Bulma replied, "especially after dad started getting too old to run the business for himself. I thought Trunks was best suited to take over, after seeing how determined he was to be part of the corporation. He loves fixing and inventing new things for us, so why not help turn him into the number one CEO and inventor in the entire universe?” Bulma said with a smile, as she looked back at the ring.

*=The Tournament Ring=*

“Number 7!” the Announcer shouted. “And one of our previous champs from about just three decades ago, ladies and lentlemen, you’ll love him, -- Tenshinhan!"

*=The Upper Spectators' Box=*

“There goes Ten,” Chaozu said to Launch, who sitting next to him in the spectators’ box as well. "I’ve never seen Ten so happy, since now with him returning here,” Chaozu said happily.

“Tenshinhan has been happier than usual here lately, hasn’t he? It actually makes me feel kinda tingly and happy myself for some reason,” Launch said while blushing.

“Ten...” Chaozu thought to himself as he smiled.

*=The Tournament Ring=*

“Back again, Tenshinhan?” Goku asked, as Ten approached the group.

“It’s been way too long. It’s really good to see you again, Goku,” Tenshinhan said, as he held his hands out to Goku.

“It’s good to see you too, Ten,” Goku said while putting his hands on top of Tenshinan’s. “This is going to be a great tournament."

“Why ,hey, Tenshinhan,” Krillin greeted, walking around Goku.

Tenshinhan smiled at Krillin. “Krillin! It’s good to see you, man! And you’ve aged... But I can tell you’ve definitely continued to get stronger.”

“He-he-he," Krillin chucked, "I do try when I get a chance. Though, I still have to care for my family, which is no easy task. I started training two boys, as my steppin’ stone to opening up a martial arts school one day -- something Eighteen and I have been talking about, so that’s what I’ve been goin’ for!"


“Hey Krillin, you’re up, ol’ bud," The Announcer said while smiling over at Krillin.

“Yeah!” Krillin returned, as he ran over to get his number. “I’m number 8!”

“Ah, it looks like you and Krillin have each other first round, Tenshinhan." Goku expressed. "It’s definitely going to be one to remember.”

“Of course, I absolutely cannot wait,” Tenshinhan said in a battle ready manner.

“It looks like we have each other first round,” Krillin informed, as he returned to Goku and Tenshinhan. “It should be a good one,” Krillin seriously expressed, while staring at Tenshinhan.

“Right,” Tenshinhan responded. “It should be good. I can’t wait for you to give me your all.” Tenshinhan put his serious game face on and sat quietly, as he continued listening to the Announcer.

“It looks like Number 4 will be Idasa! His last tournament appearance was in the Jr. Division at the 25th World’s Martial Arts Tournament. It looks like he’s been training and became one of the top fighters in the whole world, from being able to make it into the finals of this year’s tournament.”


“That’s one of my students,” Krillin said, as he pointed at Idasa. He and his brother have been coming to Master Roshi’s island to get private lessons from me. Their mother spends a lot of Zeni on their classes... So soon I should be able to open up my own school.” Krillin added, while he was smiling really big with one fist on his hip, and the other hand giving the peace sign.

“Knock!” The Announcer called.

Knock went and drew his number. “ 9!” He told the Announcer.

“Ikose, you’re number 12. It looks like you have Boo.”

“Goku! It’s your turn, ol’ friend!" The Announcer shouted.

“Right," Goku said, has he calmly walked to draw his number. “He-He, it looks like I have you, Goten! “Goku shouted, closing his eyes and smiling as he showed the Number 1 ball to both Goten and the Announcer.

“What! I have dad first round?!" Goten yelled surprisingly.

“Haha! Just your luck. You have Goku first round, and you still have to deal with your mom about that grade card like I was saying earlier, Goten. Hahaha."

“Shut up, Trunks,” Goten retorted, looking down at the ring.

“Your turn, Trunks.” The Announcer said.

“I think I have Pan.” Trunks stated in a serious manner. “I’m Number 6.”

“Let’s see. Oob, come draw your number, kiddo.” The Announcer said while fixing his shades.

Oob walked up to draw one of the last two balls inside the box.

“Been training hard, kid?” The Announcer asked.

“Intense for the past three years.” Oob replied politely.

“Training with Goku, I wouldn’t be surprise if you placed really high, if not win it here, Oob. Looking forward to seeing you in combat, buddy,” The Announcer said with a big smile, looking at Oob.

“I’ll do my best!” Oob confidently replied.

“And it looks like Vegeta will, for sure, be Number 10. It looks like he and Knock drew each other again for the first round.”

Knock looked over at Vegeta, while Vegeta was off in his own world. Knock was sweating like he had just seen a monster.

“Last time he got lucky. There’s no way I’ll let him catch me like he did last time," Knock thought to himself, sweating even more. "Err.. I’ll be the one to show everyone how much of a fake Mister Satan really is!”

“All right! We’ll take a 10 minute intermission before we start our first match. Remember to get your stadium Hot Dogs with the new Papaya sauce! You’ll love it!” The Announcer finished announcing, as he walked off the ring to take his break.

The whole ring cleared out to the same.

**==Dende's Lookout==**

“Well, here it goes,” Dende expressed, looking down from the Lookout. "I can’t believe everyone decided to gather up for another tournament. This should be good, no doubt.” Dende looked up at Piccolo, holding his staff in his serious guardian form.

“Everyone looks happy, Dende,” Piccolo responded with a serious smirk. “Everyone looks happy and stronger.”

“Goku’s new student, Oob, has gotten really strong,” Mister Popo said to Dende and Piccolo.

“Why yes he has,” Dende replied.

“I can feel that he has the greatest Ki of everyone entered. Goku must be pushing him hard,” Piccolo stated.

“They’ve done nothing but trained since they took off from the last tournament. And it’s no shock just from all of the endless expectations and abilities Oob can live up to: that of Majin Boo’s. There is no wonder he’s great," Dende responded.

“And he’s very polite, too.” Mister Popo proudly expressed.
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+ Pyrus
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Great story, as I've already told you. I just noticed a lot of this:

“Well, here it goes.” Dende said looking down from the Lookout. I can’t believe everyone has decided to gather up for another tournament. This should be good nonetheless.” Dende said looking over and up at Piccolo, holding his staff in his serious Guardian form.

There should be a beginning quotation mark for when Dende starts talking again about everyone being in the tournament.
“Well, here it goes.” Dende said looking down from the Lookout. "I can’t believe everyone has decided to gather up for another tournament. This should be good nonetheless.” Dende said looking over and up at Piccolo, holding his staff in his serious Guardian form.

Otherwise, very well done. I can't wait to see Krillin and Tenshinhan's fight.Posted Image
Posted Image
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Osz Karoly Szilard

Just for the fun of it, I will keep reading:))

But great writing by the way>10/10
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Professor Gohan
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Thank you very much. I'll post some more episodes soon.
Posted Image
Posted Image
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Alex D. Boss
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I like this. I never knew there would be a great storyteller just as me , Gohan is a boss. Keep it going , it looks promising.
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+ Solid Snake
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滅Are you frightened?

This is great and the ending brings back memories the ol' brackets just like in the manga and anime. Please updated this soon P. Gohan, you have the hidden potential to be as great as storyteller than even I.
Posted Image
Shinnozou tomete kureru! ~ Evil Ryu

SSJG and SSJ4 Goku Sig

Dragon Ball: Ultimate Road Story

Naruto and Goku's Adventure Story
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Professor Gohan
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For sure! I'm fixing to start on Ep. 2 here shortly.
Posted Image
Posted Image
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Super Saiyan
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I like, I like :)
Posted Image
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Professor Gohan
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Posted Image

Episode 2: The First Round Commences -- Son Goku vs. Son Goten!
May 7th, Age 787

“Whew, I’m stuffed,” Goku said, as finished scarfing down his last bowl of rice. “I think it’s almost time." Goku started stretching his arm by rotating it in a full circle, with his other hand on his shoulder for support.

Goten was also stretching off in his own corner of the hut, preparing for his next match against his father.

Everyone else in the hut were doing the same, as the minutes for their brief break almost expired.

*=Satan's Private Room=*

“Well, it appears the tournament is about to begin,” Mister Satan said, as he reached his wine glass out for a refill. One of his lady assistants refilled his glass. He took a sip, then sat the glass down to pick up his already lit cigar. He then put the cigar in his mouth, watching a giant screen that showed the ring, audience, and fighters from a clear ring-side view.

“Hey, Mister Satan!” Boo yelled from down the hall, before barging in the room.

**BAM!!** Boo barged into the room.

“Hey, Mister Satan. How’s it going? Boo cheerfully asked, excited to see Mister Satan for the first time in a couple hours.

“Hey, Boo!” Satan replied, running to greet him. Bee jumped up doing the same, as he too saw Boo enter into the room.

“Are you ready for your first match?” Mister Satan asked, as he looked up at Boo.

“Yep,” Boo answered.

“Let’s see who ya got,” Satan insisted, as he flipped to another channel to see the bracket. "!?Ugh?! It looks like you may have Vegeta after you beat that kid. Try your best, Boo. Remember: I may need you to make the finals...!"

“Yep.” Boo answered as he continued smiling.

“All right. Well, I think things are fixing to get started.”

*=The Tournament Ring=*

“All right, let’s begin!” The Announcer shouted, as he hooked the crowd’s attention. “Our first match is going to be father and son – Son Goku, a previous champion around the same time as Tenshinhan, versus Son Goten!"

The crowd cheered as they watched the two walk beside each other to enter the ring.

The two went to their own sides, and got in their form of combat stances while staring at each other.

“Are ya ready?” Goku asked, looking at his son.

“I guess as much as I’ll ever be,” Goten seriously replied.

"Begin!" The Announcer hollered, as one of the monk assistants slammed his hammer against the bell, to start them off.

Goten powered-up. He then dashed towards Goku and started throwing a series of punches, as Goku blocked them all. He elbowed Goten in his face, kicking him to a far edge and corner. Goten squealed in pain as he got up semi slowly, staring at Goku with a serious and angry look on his face.

“This is what happens when you don’t push your training to the fullest, tough guy,” Goku teased, as he sat waiting on Goten’s reaction.

“Hey... I’ve been training; you know that. I’ve just been a little busy as well. You know I’m going to school now,” Goten said, as he made a full recovery to stand straight up.

“He-he. That’s because you listened to your mother, and we both know that’s what you really wanted to do,” Goku stated.

“Are we done talking?” Goten returned, as he smirked.

“Sure. Come at me. Go ahead and do it, Goten," Goku instructed, as he gave Goten a serious smile and okay to do for what Goten was about to do next.

Goten’s face tightened up as he transformed into a Super Saiyan.

The crowd turned somewhat quiet as they all looked in confusion, for what was going on.

“That’s more like it,” Goku praised as he got in his battle-ready stance again, “let’s do this, son.”

“It looks like this is Round 2!” The Announcer expressed in excitement.

This time Goku charged at Goten, to start giving his own series of punches. Goten charged back to do the same again. Once they reached each other, Goku punched at Goten; Goten blocked the punch. Goku slightly tripped Goten... Goten then jumped back to retreat for a split second. **Vsh** Goten vanished from his spot, and appeared by Goku’s head, throwing a kick. Goku blocked the kick and threw a punch, as Goten blocked said kick with one of his legs. Goten shot a Ki blast at Goku while he was still in the air. Goku jumped a few steps back.

“Tackle!” Goten yelled as he darted from his spot in the air, to run into Goku’s body in attempt to tackle him out of the ring. Goten budged Goku a couple steps back, as Goku’s feet drew closer and closer to the edge. Goten started sweating when he saw that Goku wasn’t struggling in the push-struggle. Goten then formed two Ki blasts, and charged them as long as he could as he studied Goku’s facial expression. Goku’s face went into a shock as the blasts started forming bigger and bigger. Goten released the two blasts into Goku’s body; as Goku, inside the explosion, blocked with his arms, scooting back farther towards the edge. Goku kicked the blasts up in the sky; while, at the same, Goten vanished and appeared behind Goku, issuing a hammer dual-fists finisher for the ring out. Goku sensed Goten's presence as he vanished as well and appeared beside Goten, to give him a solid opened fist punch to the face, which sent Goten flying out of the ring, crashing into one of the umbrellas by the bleacher walls. With his head and back up against the wall, Goten looked surprised. Goku looked at him with his fists on his hips.

“Goku is your winner by ring out!” The Announcer shouted.

The crowd cheered for Goku, as they observed at him standing on the edge of the ring.

“You did well, Goten. That was some move right there. I didn’t see that comin’,” Goku said to Goten.

Goten smiled as he reverted back to base. He stood up and dusted himself off, as Goku glided down standing in front of him.

"You have definitely gotten stronger, I’m impressed. Just always remember that you can be even stronger,” Goku coached in a serious tone. Goten looked at him back.

"Go get her, tiger,” Goku said with a smile and wink.

“Right,” Goten returned, smiling as well. He made his way back to the hut thinking about his performance against Goku, just a couple moments prior. Goten entered the hut as he walked passed Trunks. Trunks gave him a wink. In return, Goten gave him a smile. Goten went to go take a shower in the contestants’ locker room station.


Goku entered the hut as well, sitting down.

“I see something has sparked your boy to step up in his training a little. I guess the more, the merrier, eh, Kakarrot?" Vegeta asked, as he approached with his arms crossed.

“Yeah, I’m very proud of him," Goku replied. "We’re in peace now; I don’t mind if he has a life. He’s had his share in combat already. I’m just glad to see he’s not giving it all up just yet, and still putting out a lot of effort into it, too. He’s strong and polished up, that’s for sure,” Goku said, as he wiped a little bead of sweat from forehead.

“Hmph-hmph,” Vegeta snickered, as he looked out of the entrance to see the ring. "Well, I guess Oob is next. Not much of a fight he has on his hands, does he?"

“Eh, not really... but it’s early.”


The Announcer stood in the middle of the ring clearing his throat.

“Okay. Next up will be 13 year old Oob vs. Idasa!” The Announcer announced to the crowd, looking over at Oob and Idasa, who were both walking on the tiles that lead to the ring. Idasa leaped over the stairs onto a nearby spot, making way to the center of the ring while Oob calmly walked up the stairs.


“Bummer,” Krillin said to himself, looking at the ring. “Maybe we should attend more international tournaments.”


Idasa looked at Oob in a serious manner, as Oob found his spot in the center of the ring.

“I swear brats are taking over these tournaments,” Idasa said to himself, continuing to look at Oob, "but I need to be careful…"

Oob patiently waited for Idasa to make his first move. Idasa charged in for a kick-boxing super kick to the head, but Oob used a Kiai Shockwave that sent Idasa flying in the air -- close to the surface of the ring. Idasa legs touched and got caught on the ring’s steps as he face planted on the tiles.

“...Uhh?? Oob is your next winner by another ring out, folks! There are more rounds to go, so don’t you go anywhere unless it’s for a Hot Dog, a Soda, or the best Papaya mix dr-"


“Keep your head up." Krillin coached, looking at Idasa. "I told you we were coming here because your brother and yourself have won everything, in everything else. You will have your chance one day,” Krillin promised with a serious.

“Thanks, Krillin-sensei,” Idasa replied in a grateful manner, standing. Idasa headed off to go chat with his brother and fellow classmate inside the hut.
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+ Pyrus
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Hah, I like the dynamic with Krillin and his school. It's neat.

Nice fight between Goku and Goten. Goku's strong as hell if he doesn't even have to transform or put out full effort to take down his Super Saiyan son. Very nice.

I can't wait for more fights!
Posted Image
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Professor Gohan
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Yeah, the fights are fun to write. The more interesting one's are coming up.
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No Avatar

Very cool progo. I wanted to do something like this but future trunks comes back from the future again with a new ally.. And a whole adventure unfolds. I'm just not a great dialogue writer.
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Alex D. Boss
Member Avatar

I liked the Goku vs Goten fight. Loved me some Tien Shinhan references as well as Hercule and Boo dialogues. Can't wait to see Vegeta and Oob doing something.
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Osz Karoly Szilard

More, more please!!!

Write one everyday:P
Offline Profile Quote Top
Professor Gohan
Member Avatar

Thanks, guys. An Episode a day would be really awesome. I'll try my best. I'm having fun writing this as much as you guys love reading. This is a for sure thing I'll continue. Stay tuned.
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