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Threads of Interest - Rules/Information; Check this out!
Topic Started: Jun 23 2013, 11:22 PM (4,769 Views)
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See for yourself the cruel, frozen void that lies beyond the margin of Azeroth's skies!

To reduce clutter and mainstream these sections, I've composed a "threads of interest" list. Please PM me to amend this list with any topics that have extremely useful information/you think should be on this list! I may organize the list more as time goes on. This has been done individually for each section. Please simply view these topics and do not post in them, as most are very old. However, if they are newer topics, you can use discretion and post in them. The DBZ Resources thread has stayed pinned due to its usefulness.


Topics of Interest:

http://dbzf.co.uk/topic/8420859/1/ - Battle Power Percentage Chart (useful information!!)

http://dbzf.co.uk/topic/8420591/1/ - Toriyama Interview Archive

http://dbzf.co.uk/topic/8394720/1/- P123's Guide to Battle Power Logic

http://dbzf.co.uk/topic/8339821/1/ - The DBZ Jargon

http://dbzf.co.uk/topic/8421630/1/#new - GT Strength Checker (ProGo)

http://dbzf.co.uk/topic/8276284/1/ - From the depths of Youtube.jp

http://dbzf.co.uk/topic/8400319/1/ - DBZ Resources Thread

http://dbzf.co.uk/topic/8328488/1/ - Dragonball AF and Hoshi Rumors

http://dbzf.co.uk/topic/8258338/1/ - Where do I go to download episodes?

http://dbzf.co.uk/topic/25853/1/ - How to Debate (Guide)

http://dbzf.co.uk/topic/24629/1/ - Thread Rule

http://dbzf.co.uk/topic/8432864/1/#new - Taking Power Level Feats and Putting Them in Powerscaling

http://dbzf.co.uk/topic/8493518/1/ - Definitive Guide on DB Speeds - Metaphors, Exaggerations, and Literalism

http://dbzf.co.uk/topic/8435216/1/ - Fake Interviews, Guides & Misconceptions

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Thanks to NinjaSushi for the art - and Darker for pestering me into changing it. Happy now? It's Logan! :p
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