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Create a Fusion
Topic Started: Mar 17 2011, 11:55 AM (6,206 Views)
Ussj Future Trunks
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God of Shinobi

potara fusion. babidis magic with friezas 100% final form look.

abilities: death beam, mind crush, telekenisis, mind control. parapa death ball (solar system buster instead of just a planet). ultimate mind crush (can enslave and destroy a planet.)

fusion dance. pan's personality mostly. bra's hair.

abilities: super saiyan, kamehameha, final flash, grapple lock, can fly, can use final self explosion.
ultimate move: final kamehameha.
Edited by Ussj Future Trunks, Mar 17 2011, 11:56 AM.
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Gohan and Vegeta, Potara.

After GT Gohan (My own look, will have concept art up for my fanfic soon, which this is based on) and GT Vegeta.

Abilities: Final Masenko, Kamehameha Shine Attack, Gyariku Ho, Ring Jyou no.
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Multien. fusion dance.
Tien does a multiform for 1 copy, and then fuses with himself.
appearance: four eyes and 4 arms, but otherwise looks like tien.
new abilities:
kaiofist: the arms gain a red aura, like a kaioken, and become much stronger and faster. since the kaioken is localized into the arms, no strain is put on the rest of the body, allowing him to boost higher and sustain longer.

drill cannon: a beam that, if used in a beam battle, pierces the opposing beam to hit the opponent.
list of canon sources:

the DB manga, and the Dr. Slump manga as it applies to the crossover during the rra saga.

list of non canon sources:

everything else, regardless of origin, format, or quality.

for those that blindly follow word of god
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Multi Tien would be uberly weak. Stronger than Tien himself of course, but Tien divides his power, and he divides his body...

Freeza and Cooler or Piccolo and Dabura would do it for me..
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Broly fused with Bojack: Brojack

Ultimate Warrior!!
Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image
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Broly fused with Ultimate Gohan.

Ultimate BroHan! That would be sick. And he can still turn SSJ and LSSJ!

Using my Fusion Formula, let's see how strong that would be under Potara Fusion...

It would result in Base Brohan ~ Ultimate Gohan, Broly is so weak compared to Gohan, he barely is able to strength him..

But it's basically giving Ultimate Gohan the ability to turn SSJ on top of that power, and then LSSJ. Similar to Goku's fusion with Gohan..

SSJ3 Vegetto > LSSJ Brohan > SSJ2 Vegetto based on my fusion formula..
Edited by p123, Mar 24 2011, 06:45 PM.
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Cell's Angel

rofl "brojack"

Cell and I
we fused in a different way Posted Image
Created a little girl named Sarah

Looks more human with brown hair, but pale skin, red eyes and black nails like Cell.
Abilities: All of Cell's, but a lot weaker

this totally counts (and you all should have been expecting it)
Edited by Seruphim, Mar 24 2011, 06:46 PM.
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Goken (Porta or Fusion Dance)
(It's Goku and my Made up charater Kenko .)

Attacks : Kamahamaha , Stardust Bracker , Spirit Bomb , Zenku Fist , Super Kamahamaha , Super Goken , Stardust Beam , Stardust Cannon , Stardust Energy , Stardust Explotion , and Dragon Fist.

( And yes I know I spellt Half this CRAP Wrong.) :gokudance: :gokudance: :gokudance: :gokudance: :gokudance: :gokudance: :gokudance: :gokudance: :gokudance: :gokudance: :gokudance: :gokudance:
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Bardock and Goku. Broku (LOL).

Posted Image

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No Avatar

Gokan: Potara fusion of Goku and Gohan, Gokan was born when Vegeta droped the earring and Gohan caught it.

Gogito: Potara and Fusion dance result of Gogeta and Vegito, Gogito was born when Bulma cloned a Vegito from his DNA that fell off him when he was fighting Buuhan.

I have heaps more but they are my favourites :D

Note: All the fusion names and storys I just shared are copyrighted by Vegeta_Rules. lol.
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Chulma - Chi Chi and Bulma

I'd like to see how Goku and Vegeta decides which one gets to sleep with her, lol
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Brolerot - Broly and Goku fusion
Bulchi - Chi Chi and Bulma fusion
Vidhan - Gohan and Videl fusion
Master Krishi - Krillin and Roshi fusion
Yamgeta - Vegeta and Yamcha fusion
Chiaopo - Mr. Popo and Chiaotzu fusion
Cellcule - Mr. Satan and Cell fusion
Edited by SirParagon, Nov 26 2011, 04:29 AM.
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+ Havoc_Wreaker
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super janbuu

janemba+ super buu
Posted Image
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+ KingOfAllSaiyans
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Potara - Tien and Vegeta - Vegien

Posted Image
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King Gattsu
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Yamcha and Tien
Makes: Worst fighter ever.
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Viva la Gattsule Corp

Wise words

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