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DBZF FAQ; Updated: February 2010
Topic Started: Feb 7 2010, 07:33 PM (2,663 Views)
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This should contain most of the relevent questions people ask, those missed can be asked in a new topic.

What is that picture under everybodyís name and how do I get one?

That picture under your name is called an avatar. You get one by going to Preferences > Change Avatar, you can select a gallary avatar, upload one of your own or use a URL to an image, currently it must be 100x100 or less.

Can I be a mod please!

We appreciate that everyone wants to help out, but the fact of the matter is that everybody cannot become one. If you are serious about becoming a mod, be an active member and show that you can follow the rules. If somebody has to warn you all the time about breaking the rules, your chances of becoming a mod are very slim. Stay active, and if the staff likes you, you might just become one.

Can I advertise with your forum?

Yes, PM Tim for information about this.

Can I have a link to an outside website in my signature?

Yes, this is fine. See rules for more details.

Can I suggest a new skin?

If you can find a skin with matching button set, then it will be considered, it might not make it to the default skin but because Zetaboards can have multiple skins, there is a chance it could be used and be avalible from the skin selector.

How do I become an Elite Member?

After being on the forum for three months and reaching 1000 posts you can apply to become an Elite. If you've make a good impression on the forum, the current elites will vote to have you promoted to elite. Don't feel bad if you aren't accepted the first time as it is a special position on the forum. You can try again later.

How do I become a Legend?

By being voted in by Legends, this is a step after Elite, so you won't become a Legend without being Elite. The voting process for this is held secretly and asking to become one is unlikely to help your position. This is for members who have actively and positively contributed to the forum for an extensive period of time and have earned this position.

Your forum rocks! Is there anything I can do to help?

Yes, follow the rules and stay an active member, you can also take part in the DBZF Parliament to help make decisions.
Edited by Tim, Oct 6 2013, 05:27 AM.
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