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Team Icons
Topic Started: Feb 20 2009, 06:39 PM (2,344 Views)
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I have added new team icons, the design was made by HustLa, though I added the bars, not sure how anyone likes my addition, anyway. I am going to explain the meaning of the bars here.

Three Bars

The three bars are for members of the Admin team, Retried Admins also have 3 bars as they remain a part of the Admin team, the retired icon looks like this.

Posted Image

The second bar showing the secondary rank, which shows as Administrator, the 1st and 3rd bar are the colour of the group.

Two Bars

Users with two bars are part of the main Moderation team who have Super Moderator powers, as with the 3 bars, the 2nd bar shows the secondary rank which is Super Moderator, as see on the GFX Captain icon.

Posted Image

One Bar

One bar is for users above who serve a direct role to the forum, like the Forum Rep or Forum Moderators as well as members who have been mods or affilates.

Half Bar

Half a bar shows that the user is ranked higher than member but doesn't contribute anything moderation wise or change wise except in the case of the assistant rep which is a half bar to tell it appart from the main forum rep.

No Bar

Where there is no bar, it means the rank is of a normal user, suspended users also show with no bar.


A horizontal bar shows that a user is unregisted or banned permanently, though you are unlikly to see a post by an unregisted user unless they have been deleted.

Feel free to post comments about the team icons now I've explained my own bar system, feel free to say it sucks as well, if you don't like it, I'll go and remove it.

Also, I've done this as .PNGs, it works better, so if you're using the light skin, jisdfuidfs to you.
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I Eat Chicken

If you do it as .png you can still make it transparent. You could have just taken out the BG layer that I had hidden in the PSD and it will look the same as it does now on the dark skin and still good on the light skin because of the transparency.
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Problem I have with it on the light skin like that is that it brings the scanlines out a little too much and the highlight effect doesn't show :(
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+ Byakko
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I once gave a Kangaroo a heart-attack just by staring at it

Nice, me likes
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* Mitas
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Wubba Lubba Dub-Dub!

I am also liking the new icons, very stylish.
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* Light
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very nice, they look great.
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Heeeey...this isn't my house! >_<

Finally! An explanation for the madness! ;) I'm joking, I genuinely was curious about what it all meant.
I like, muchly :)
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