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Wilful ignorance, shake your head and move on
Topic Started: Jul 9 2018, 03:13 PM (200 Views)
+ Steve
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Greetings. I will be your waifu this season.

I was about to post in that moon landing debunk topic before it was closed so I figured why not make a topic about the whole phenomenon?

**I will be talking about the mindset of people who believe in conspiracies and other stuff, not conspiracies themselves, I'll try not to directly reference them unless unavoidable

Wilful ignorance

Sometimes it's just not worth arguing with someone.
When it comes to conspiracy theories and all that, people double down on their beliefs the moment you challenge them, it can be tempting to engage in a debate over these things but honestly it's just not worth it. Even if you really just want to make the world a better place and stop the spread of misinformation.
Take it from someone who has spent many hours doing it. Time I could have spent growing a money tree and getting rich.

There are people out there that you can show absolute proof of something and 999 times out of 1000 they will completely ignore it unless they are proven wrong in an extreme way.
Pretty much the only people I notice that change their minds are those who are proven wrong in an extreme way.
Such as when their children catch diseases as a result of them not getting vaccines, this has been seen with the recent outbreaks of measles.
They can't claim this to be a lie because it is right in front of them, though there are certainly plenty who still would.

I wonder why people get like this? It's really weird. Does something trigger it or does it come naturally? We'll probably never know.

You can have a body of science, medical for instance.
Hundreds of thousands of doctors say something works, many many research papers concluding the same.
This thing works. Time and time again it's proven it does.
But then one doctor can say it doesn't work and write some smart sounding spiel about it, suddenly thousands and thousands of people flock to their knowledge like they're some messiah. They wrote lots of words about it so yeah, can't be wrong.
As if someone who goes against the norm can't be wrong because everyone else is a mindless sheep.

"But they're a doctor, of course they know what they're talking about" is generally the defence that comes with this...as if all the other people who disagree aren't also doctors or scientific researchers.
Doctors can be 100% correct and 100% wrong at the same time, entirely based on what you want to believe in.
Fascinating stuff. Stitches don't help wounds heal, the government uses it as a distraction to put microscopic cameras up your bum for surveillance purposes.
(I'm joking here but God I hope that isn't a legit theory, I'm scared to check)

That's not to say this can't ever be genuinely quite correct, sometimes the popular perception of things is actually false but some people dig themselves in a hole and no matter what information you present them with they will just keep digging and digging, making up magical solutions to what they think is the truth.
Sometimes people are right in their disbelief but there's a certain type of person out there who will never ever back down, who will sooner bring aliens, magic and time travel to the defence of their argument than say "Okay, I got it wrong" despite an insurmountable amount of real world evidence that proves them wrong.

I think this all stems from the general attitude people have, the "I can't be wrong!" mentality.
We see it on this very forum, so many debates start over things and go on for hundreds of replies but if you boil down the argument it's pretty much "I believe this" versus "No, you're wrong" which tends to go on until people get bored or the "debate" gets volatile and the topic closed.
But the difference between that and wilful ignorance is that debates about fictional characters and such are entirely subjective.
Any way you slice it we have to agree to be wrong which granted still doesn't happen often because who wants to be wrong but that is the process.

It's kinda scary how people in the real world will disagree with something that just is the truth, something which can lead to disastrous consequences.
Not to be edgy or anything, they genuinely refuse to believe something is the truth just because that opposing seed was planted in their head.


The moral of the story is, don't argue with these sorts of people. You won't convince them, they don't want to believe you.

All you will do is make them believe even harder and spread their mentality to more people, it's best to just leave them to their own devices. Don't feed their attitude with that nourishing attention.
Use your energy for something more productive, go learn something interesting.
Don't meddle with people who refuse to change their minds about things.
Edited by Steve, Jul 9 2018, 03:15 PM.
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Definitely not a succubus, fear not
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The same can be said about any belief. Especially one with several thousand years of history backing it.
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