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What is our reality?
Topic Started: Apr 14 2018, 12:00 AM (377 Views)
+ Pelador
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Crazy Awesome Legend

There's evidence to suggest that we are part of a computer program. Others believe that we are part of a collective dream. Maybe planet Earth is a tiny particle inside a Petri dish? Maybe South Park got it right with the revelation that Earth is a reality show where different aliens have been interbred with each other for the purposes of entertainment? Or maybe everything is exactly as it appears to be?

I believe in the simulation theory. I don't know if it's a game or an experiment. What I do believe is that the famous experiment where they discovered photons behave differently when you are observing them suggests that there is some kind of highly advanced rendering system in place.

What do you believe?

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+ Emmeth
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I Yoeri

I believe humans have too many theories that doesn't matter.
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Dankness Lava
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Dankness Forever

I believe whatever this life is, I'm treating it like it's mine to live how I want.
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Shadow Realm >

We play apart in a universal cycle that is beyond our comprehension as humans to understand. That doesnít subtract from the value we play in said cycle though.
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Shadow Realms Future
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+ Steve
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I'm not sure about being in a simulation but one thing has always struck me and made me thing "s***..."

"What are numbers and why can they explain everything?"

It's so weird how we can explain literally everything with numbers, why can such tiny petty creatures such as us break down such a complex universe and understand it, like there's some sort of code set out for us already?

Like, it's not as though we just attach numbers to things, we can literally understand things we've never seen or experienced by using numbers to calculate how it'll go.
That f***s me up.
there is no set
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+ Green
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Flashy Thing!

I believe that I have no clue of why we're here but I plan to enjoy my time while causing the least amount of damage (while being able to maintain my particular lifestyle) to the planet I live on and the organisms I share it with.
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