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SSj4 Frieza Saga Goku Runs the Gauntlet
Topic Started: Feb 13 2018, 05:00 AM (192 Views)
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How far does he make it, starting with:
Androids 19/20
Androids 17/18
Android 16
Imperfect Cell
Semi-Perfect Cell
Perfect Cell
Super Perfect Cell
Fat Buu
Super Buu

That's about as far as I go, because personally I say he conks out after all Cell forms. I doubt he could hold up against any of the Buu Saga villains but I gotta have them there for others.
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Dankness Flame
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The Dankest Of Flames

I'm gonna go with ssj4 being a potential unlock. And I see Goku's potential being perfect cell level.
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For argument sakes ima say 10x ssj3..


Id say he would be super perfect cell and ssj2 gohan teir.
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The numbers I'm using come out to 12 billion for Goku. I think he'd fall somewhere between Super Perfect Cell and Fat Buu while being closer to the former. Maybe he could put up a fight against Good Buu? I wouldn't go any higher than that.
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Yeah loses to Fat Boo.
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