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2017 DBZF Forum Award VOTING BEGINS!; Better late than never!
Topic Started: Jan 28 2018, 06:25 PM (808 Views)
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It takes a mere second for treasure to turn to trash.

Hey guys! :D

Sorry for the delay. We usually have this out at least a week or two before Christmas, but, we've had a few scheduling hiccups that have led to a delay. Special thanks to Rockman/Bryan for helping me out here in organizing the new voting page for 2017 and facilitating the process. Without him, I would not have been able to have the honour of hosting the awards this year. Also, special thanks to Tim for letting me do it in the first place. It's my first time and I hope I don't screw it up! Or rig all the votes in my favour.

Please click here to enter your submissions. In 2-3 weeks, I'll see where we're at in terms of votes and make a decision on when to close the voting and post the results. Again, apologies for the delay. I took recommendations given in December and added them to the list. In addition, I've also removed a few overly negative awards that have historically only serve as a passive aggressive way of taking shots at members anonymously. The awards shouldn't be a way to foster negativity and animosity nor designed to shame anyone.

They're strictly for fun and lols for the most part. Personally, I was pretty passionate about removing that variety of awards in the 2000s. While my fervor to have them eliminated largely dissipated in the last few years, there were multiple requests this time around to be rid of them; at least for the 2017 year. Also, the graphics-related awards have been removed due to the unfortunate stagnation of those areas. A few have been added in favour of the RP community as the DBRP topic was the biggest of 2017 w/ a total of 563 responses. The Roleplaying Lounge was also the most active non-Dragon Ball related area.

Since Worst Member is often a memetic joke or people simply voting for a banned member by nature, it was the exception. Besides, we all know Worst Staff would have gone to me anyway. :lol:

In any case, I think that's it. Thanks again everyone and I encourage you to vote or I'll know and find you I'll be a sad, sad Sam. :(

On behalf of the entire DBZF staff, I hope you all did have a very Merry Christmas/Happy New Years. Once more, I apologize for being tardy in getting this finalized.

With love,
Moderator Team Leader & Bristol Extraordinare

P.S. You can change your vote(s). Simply PM me with the subject line "Vote Change" and I'll amend your submission. Same thing applies if you forgot or chose to leave a certain category blank and want to fill the empty space between now and when the voting concludes. :D
Edited by Sam, Jan 28 2018, 07:21 PM.
WoW Legion Ending - Thank you Darker for making this into one, big incredible gif! <3
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Shadow Realm >

I voted. Thanks Sam :-)
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Shadow Realms Future
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Forum Royalty

Woop woop. Vote vote~~
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