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I don't get holocaust deniers
Topic Started: Dec 6 2017, 08:20 PM (198 Views)
+ Pelador
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Crazy Awesome Legend

I don't understand how people can deny the holocaust happened. The places are still there for people to visit. There are photographs of the survivors and of the many corpses, survivors, written records, video footage, people who worked at the death camps are still alive.

Of all the conspiracy theorists, these have to be the most ignorant.

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Doggo Champion 2k17
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I don't get how people can think that Bush did 9/11, that mass school shootings are all hoaxes, that the earth is flat, and that religion is legit. There are plenty of stupid people in the world, and plenty of things to be stupid about.
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* Mitas
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It truly was a Shawshank redemption

I totally get it. People are capable of extreme stupidity.
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"Then you've got the chance to do better next time."
"Next time?"
"Course. Doing better next time. That's what life is."
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+ Steve
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Give me naked ducks

I would love a TV show where it's just "Stupid conspiracy nuts meet people they don't think were in certain events or get told things that are absolute fact"
I'd love to watch some Holocaust survivor tell their story and see the idiot squirm as they try to think of a way to say it didn't actually happen.

Or for one to get sent in to space and taken around the whole curvature of the globe and still try to maintain that it's flat.

I think worse than this though are the actual genuine Nazi sympathisers, they are true abominations.

When you think it's easier to believe in magic than it is logical fact you should probably jump off a cliff before you procreate, lest we all suffer your ignorance.
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Does anyone truly deny the Holocaust? I was under the impression that some people were disputing the body count and whatnot, but I can't believe that someone would genuinely deny that it happened.
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