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Uub, Pan, Bulla? And the end of Z
Topic Started: Nov 10 2017, 09:59 PM (437 Views)
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So pan at the end of z was like 4 if i remember correctly and bulla was a year or 2 older. So we know super and end of Z dont match up with there ages. But then we have Uub who was like 8-12 years old i dont quite remember. He is being called a baby in the U6 saga which time wise is not that far away from now which bulla was just born and pan is 1 maybe 2. And id say if uub is a baby he is around 1 or 2 when pan is like 1 so he is not as old as he seems to be at the end of Z.

I see people talk about how EoZ not lining up with super because of pan and bulla but they dont talk or at least i haven't seen them talk about how uub should be older then he is being talked about in super.
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+ Kaboom
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Yeah, you've got the ages a little mixed up there.

Pan was 4 going on 5 at the end of Z, correct. But despite how they appeared in GT later, Bra is actually younger than her, being either 3 or 4 herself at the end of Z. Then Oob was 10, since he's Boo's reincarnation who I guess was born soon after Boo's defeat (which should actually make him still 9 but whatever).

Super kept Pan's birth year in line just fine (Videl's pregnancy is part of the Battle of Gods plot, 5 years right in-between Boo and the End of Z), but then they created a problem with Bra. The anime version dragged things out way too much and kept having extra Shenlong summonings (which require certain waiting periods between them) to the point that Bra could still barely be born in her proper year, if at all. Fortunately it just seems to be Toei effing things up as they usually do, since those extraneous Shenlong summonings aren't in the manga, suggesting they weren't in Toriyama's outlines either.

Also, they never said Oob was still "a baby" in Super. Just that he was still "too young" to take part in the U6 vs U7 tournament. At the time, he'd only be 5 or 6 years old and not have any fighting experience yet, so he was left out for basically the same reason as Goten and Trunks. There is a problem with that scene, though. But it's that Oob's entire existence is supposed to be a complete surprise to Vegeta at the 28th WT, whereas now in Super we've had Goku spill the beans about it to him and Piccolo already.

But the bigger issue within Super than Bra's age or Vegeta's awareness of Oob, though, is actually the ages of Trunks, Goten, and Marron. They should be roughly 15, 14, and 10-11 by now, respectively. Yet Super still portrays the boys unchanged from their Boo-arc selves (despite us already knowing what a 14-year-old Trunks should look like), and has Marron not just look but still ACT like a toddler.

So summing up...

- Pan's age.
- Bra's age (in the Super manga).
- Oob's age.

- Bra's age (in the Super anime)
- Trunks, Goten, and Marron's ages/appearances/behavior.
- Vegeta knowing about Oob.
Edited by Kaboom, Nov 15 2017, 03:25 AM.
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Thala na Gethu!


EoZ is non-canon~as per Super fans

Hell, wouldnt be suprised if Z itself is considered non-canon to justify whatever Super is doin
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Vegeta could have easily just forgotten that Goku told him about Oob years ago because he barely cares about it.

Boo is irrelevant to Vegeta's power now so Oob is too. Infact with what's happened since the Boo arc now at the EOZ tournament when Goku tells Vegeta about Oob, the saiyan prince should just be like "yeah?...so what? How will anybody on Boo's level be a good fight for you now Kakarotto?"
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