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Conquest (My Fanfic)
Topic Started: Sep 18 2017, 05:32 AM (318 Views)
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Wasn't sure where to put this but here goes...

In an alternate timeline, at the time of Nappa and Vegeta's arrival, a devestatingly powerful villain has emerged. It is up to Earth's mighteist warrior's to stand up to the threat.

Piccolo and Gohan sense an immediate threat and decide to meet up with the other Z Fighters. Just as everyone arrives a strange spaceship (designed much like Babidi's) lands on Earth. What emerged from the Spaceship were two rows of footsoldiers; adorned with scouters and Saiyan armor. A short figure, of the same race as Garlic Jr walks out after them - also wearing a red colored scouter, Saiyan armor and a grey colored cape covering his back. Two more soldiers walk beside and join him, one looking almost identical in appearance to Cui except with dark green skin and two small horns on his head and the other looking like Doore but with human colored skin.

"Can't you smell the fresh air, Zorve?" said the Garlic Jr like figure.
"Lord Mercon, I don't think it matters so long as we beat Vegeta to.." replied the Cui like figure.

The conversation was cut short due to them noticing the Z Fighters.

"I want those pests dealt with, they're not worth my time".
"Yes, sir" replied 6 footsoldiers as they took on and were eventually deafeated with relative ease by the Z Fighters.

"Lord Mercon - my assistance in the battle may be needed".

"Nonsense, those were just weak soldiers".

"They're the best we have".

Mercon is furious at this realization.


Zorve begins to fly toward the Z Fighters, but Piccolo cuts him off midair, and he lands on a cliff-face. Piccolo lands opposed to him on the same cliff.

"So you wanna go, huh? Let's see what you've got".

Zorve clicks his scouter and is shocked by the reading.

"Over... 3,000... That can't be right".

"Whatever it reads you're finished", said Piccolo as he smashed Zorve into the cliff.

Zorve powered up and blew away the boulders.

"Too bad my powerlevel is even higher than that".

Zorve begins to center all his power into one point and then begins to smirk.

"This is the end for you, kid".


Meanwhile, several other goons fly up and fight the Z Fighters and are defeated as more begin to swarm them.

"Paron; assist me in collecting the Dragon Balls" mused Mercon as he and the tall, muscular alien began to take off and fly away.

Krillin turns his attention to them and throws a Destructo Disc at Mercon; which he proceeds to catch and break the disc in his hands.

"Weakling, you really believed something so trivial could stop me" smirked Mercon as he sent out an eye laser beam which decimated Krillin.

He then turned around and sped off with Paron.

Back to the battle with Zorve - Piccolo is losing the battle until he removes his weighted clothing and blasts a hole through Zorve; killing him.

"You're trash" commented Piccolo as he sped off after Paron and Mercon.

Paron and Mercer stop midair, turn around and examine Piccolo.

"He's at 4,000.. Nothing I can't handle" exclaimed Paron as he began to power up.

"Alright big guy, you and me. Over at that island".

Both Paron and Piccolo powered up and flew over to the island.

Meanwhile, Gohan and Krillin have managed to defeat the last of the footsoldiers when they notice a small power building around the area of the spaceship.. Both go out to investigate what they feel.

A small ladder leads down to a bunker.. with a scientist, resembling Garlic Jr/Mercer with a long, white beard is lurking.. looking over a small creature, resembling infant Cell growing in an orange liquid. The small creature has a tail, and two protruding horns on his head.. much like first form Frieza.

"Soon.. You will be ready. If only Mercer can get back in time to donate more of his energy"
exclaimed the scientist as he pressed his fingers up against the glass.

Gohan and Krillin made their presence known by blasting through the laboratory. In return, the scientist blasted back.

A huge explosion took place and the scientist took off in the aftermath with the creature into the mountains, where he smashed the container and released him.

"Made of Frieza's Cells entirely.. You will inherit his full powers soon enough". With that the scientist blasted a hole through his chest and perished.

The creature.. Named Nam "Project N. A. M". powered up into a small red ball and flew at the speed of light into outer space, powering up significantly. He's now entered the second stage of his development. He begins pulsating and gestating in outer space, slowly growing to look more like Frieza's first form.. But with darker skin and longer horns. Nam also now has horns protruding from his shoulders and legs. He opens his eyes to reveal they are red in color.

Meanwhile on the battlefield, Paron defeats Piccolo and puts him into the restoration chamber on his ship for questioning about the Dragon Balls. Mercer returns too but is quite unhappy when he finds out Nam is missing.


Goku makes it back to the battlefield and defeats an off-guard Paron in 2 hits. Paron, now incapacitated on the ground falls unconcious. Goku powers up and heads for the ship.


Meanwhile, Mercer manages to obtain Nam again and contains him after donating some of his energy. Nam falls asleep and curls up into a ball once more. Mercer shuts and locks the chamber behind him when Goku shows up.

In the meantime Piccolo recovers and lands on the battlefield.. where he kills Paron with a ki-blast to the face.

Piccolo then flies off and confronts Mercer with Goku.. who takes them both on at once defeating them both.

Mercer powers up and blasts a hole through Piccolo. He then tosses him aside and lunges at Goku, who uses the Kaioken technique to double his power and defeat Mercer in two blows.

Goku then revives Piccolo with a senzu bean.

Gohan and Krillin meet up with Goku and Piccolo as Mercer regains conciousness and fuses with Nam to create an incredibly big, muscular and powerful-super being.

The rest of the Z Fighters meet up and stand their ground as they are easily swatted aside. Piccolo and Goku power up to their maximums and charge at the new powerful Mercer, who grabs them both simultaneously, slamming their heads into each other.

"It's hopeless, you're finished".


"Haha, wrong answer".

Mercer then turns his arm into a slashing-ki blade and swipes at Goku and Piccolo.. who only just get away unscathed.

Yamcha jump kicks Mercer, who proceeds to break his neck - instantly killing him and bringing Goku to turm into a False Super Saiyan - blindly attacking Mercer until he blows a hole through his chest - seemingly killing him.

Goku powers down and falls down unconcious on the ground from the overbearing battle.

Later on the Z Fighters meet up and decide looking for the Dragon Balls to revive Yamcha should be their first priority.

They search for the Dragon Balls for days, defeating many minor villains until they encounter General Tao who proclaims the arrival of powerful Androids - who will seek revenge for what's happened.

The Z Fighters begin training but it's too late - Android 19 and 20 arrive. Goku, Piccolo and Gohan now with short hair arrive to meet the Androids. Goku powers up to the stage he used against Mercer and puts up an even fight against Android 19 until he begins getting the upper hand, draining Goku's power.

Piccolo smashes 19 off Goku and gets two shotted by the Android in return.

Suddenly, Future Gohan appears and defeats 19. He transforms into a Super Saiyan, much to the amazement of the Z Fighters who have never seen the form before. He and the other Z Fighters track Gero down and Gohan blasts him out of existence.
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Shadow Realm >

I liked the part about decimating krillin
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Shadow Realms Future
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