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Why did piccolo let gero hurt him?
Topic Started: Jan 9 2017, 07:55 PM (331 Views)
+ Ssj3vegito96
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I was reading the manga and I can't find where exactly piccolo implies that he allowed himself to get hit by gero in order to gauge how strong he was. Only that he pretended to be really hurt so that he could do a sneak attack

Maybe it was the translation I'm reading
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Piccolo said he "had them distracted" and that he wouldn't be beaten by what Gero just did to him.

EDIT: This is from my digital Viz volumes.
Edited by Paladin, Jan 9 2017, 08:06 PM.
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I Yoeri

In-universe explanation was that he wanted to get in a sneak attack on Android 19, out-of-universe it's was a distraction-excuse by AT to re-introduce Vegeta into the manga.
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