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Sick goku, piccolo, android 19 and 20
Topic Started: Jan 8 2017, 08:47 PM (769 Views)
+ Pyrus
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Jan 10 2017, 06:05 AM
Why not?
Because Yardrat Goku is already noticeably above Mecha saga Trunks, making Sick Goku considerably stronger than the boy from the future, if we were to follow Sick > Yardrat implications.
And I've always quantified Gero's confidence as him believing Goku failed solely because of #19's absorption, and not in conjunction with the heart virus. He figured #19, now even more powerful than before, would be able to take on another Super Saiyan since he just beat one.
I find unlikely Gero wasn't considering 19's power level on this when he was pretty surprised after Vegeta beating him:

It's also worthy note that #20 made note of Vegeta being no match for them AFTER Vegeta mentioned he watched the fight with Goku and that he should take care of their absorptions. While #20 would obviously not buy Veggie saying they weren't as bad as the rumors, he'd already be expecting a certain cautiousness by the Prince's part.

Chapter 340 (DBZ 146), P14.1
Context: after Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan
No.20: “However, this isn’t anything great enough to give us reason to fear. It’s still within a level which even No.19 is more than capable of defeating, and naturally that goes for myself as well…”

Chapter 343 (DBZ 149), P12,1
Context: after Vegeta goes on and on about his Super Saiyan form
No.20: “Let’s stop the nonsense at that. Just changing like that naturally won’t make you a match for us androids. Just like Son Goku earlier…”

#20 seems to think transforming won't change anything for either Saiyan, but if he knows Vegeta would be cautious of the absorption, I suppose he'd have to be considering #19's current power, which wouldn't be too much of a threat if it was only on par with initial Trunks' power.

Jan 10 2017, 06:38 PM
As far as piccolo goes...

Chapter: 346 (DBZ 152), P12.4
Kuririn: “He’s st-strong…! What kind of training did Piccolo do…And he’s not even a Su-Super Saiyan…”

Since krillin had already sensed goku isn't this is practically a direct comparison between goku and piccolo? I know I complained about humans' power level sensing not being very precise but it at least puts piccolo around the same league as a super saiyan no?

His statement would indicate Piccolo had at least reached a tier of power that would seem unnatural to a regular guy, so yeah, basically Super Saiyan mode.
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