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A dbz reboot?
Topic Started: Jan 7 2017, 06:01 PM (619 Views)
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The Lord of the Dark

Jan 9 2017, 03:05 AM
and have the last screen be Goku and Frieza clashing in other world, and have Goku have this big grin on his face as he's gained a powerful opponent to fight until the end of time.
I really like this idea for an ending.

Though I'd personally choose somebody else over Freeza. Although as far as Dragon Ball is concerned, it could totally end there, and then it could move on into another series where Gohan is the main character.
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Thoughts and opinions on having a "Game of Thrones"-esque release schedule? 10'ish 1 hour episodes a year... maybe covering an arc each season...

More production time. Longer series life.

Of course, decisions would have to be made regarding the longer arcs and where to cut them in half (or thirds)... but it would likely stick closer to the manga script and shorten a lot of fluff (no one needs 4 hours+ of Goku vs Freeza).
Edited by Vertical, Jan 9 2017, 05:47 AM.
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Agent Dark
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-Abolish the concept of power levels

-Make Super Sayain a difficult and rewarding achievement (ie. Not have the kids transform so easily)

-Keep the human characters and Piccolo a little more relevant

-Not make planet busting so easy
Edited by Agent Dark, Jan 9 2017, 08:10 AM.
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The Lord of the Dark

Jan 9 2017, 05:18 AM
Thoughts and opinions on having a "Game of Thrones"-esque release schedule? 10'ish 1 hour episodes a year... maybe covering an arc each season...
1 hour episodes seem like a bit much, not a lot of people are used to that.

Abolish the concept of power levels

Or maybe make some sense out of it.

Like, perhaps X power level is the amount of chi a person requires to destroy a village or a country.
Only that Freeza's empire wouldn't call it chi, since they're not part of the same world.

And speaking of making sense, make Freeza explain his forms prior to the original one. Perhaps they're evolutionary stages his race once went through, and each stage compensates in something. The first one has the better armor, the second one mainly focuses on brute strength, and the third one is based around speed and swift movements.

And with Cell, make it so that the semi-perfect form is a middle stage between the imperfect and perfect forms, and it has elements from each form, mostly imperfect since it's still not perfect. Not to mention that they shouldn't be too different from each other if the evolution is going to make sense. And just like with Freeza, each form of Cell's means something or is good at something the other isn't, up until we reach the perfect form which has all the elements of the previous two. That's why, for example, in Super Vegeta's fight, Semi-Perfect Cell would probably be too dimwitted to win, so he'd have to use his Imperfect form to have either better control and less short temper over his techniques or could make up strategies in mid fight, and maybe run somewhere else to steal more energy if necessary.

Heck just explain everything in general. The existence of chi, why dinosaurs are still alive on Earth, why some species have grown to be antropomorphic and be intelligent enough to live with humans, etc.
Edited by Darker, Jan 9 2017, 08:41 AM.
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