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Kami/Piccolo's Original Power Level
Topic Started: Jan 7 2017, 04:29 AM (298 Views)
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Was it ever discussed. Guru and Nail said he was stronger than Frieza, but by how much? And were they only referring to his first form level cause they didn't know he had other forms unless they could sense it being all knowing green nameks. When they fused in the Android saga Piccolo got stronger through training and his union with Nail, so that had to be taken into account.
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The Elder Namek said that Piccolo's power would double if he merged with Kami, and Nail told Piccolo he might have been able to defeat Freeza (First Form) had he been merged at the time. So merged Piccolo should be somewhere around First Form Freeza's level based off that. So between 500,000 and 550,000 seems reasonable since Nail only said he "might have been able to defeat even Freeza".
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I Yoeri

I don't think their original powerlevel was more than 600-700 at most.

As for the power level they would've been if they merged before Piccolo went on to fight Freeza, it would probably be around 600,000 maybe a bit more. However, the way Nail is speaking you'd think they would be 3-4 million, considering Piccolo and Nail's fusion granted them a power of 2,500,000 approx.
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+ ThePrinceOfSaiyans
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The way I see it, as God's and Piccolo's power moved further and further apart, the increase they'd receive if they fused decreased. The Grand Elder did suggest that Katats could have beaten Vegeta and Nappa, so I'd imagine his battle power was close to Nail's.
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Thanks for the replies everybody.

I just thought maybe originally he was stronger than the Androids which would've been nuts.
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